Class 10th English Poem Word Meanings

Chapter 5 The Ball Poem

1Griefsorrowशोक weeds, lament, mourning
2Rigid fixedदृढ़tenacious, resolute, rigid
3Tremblingshakingदृढ़vibration, oscillation, vibrancy
4Harbourdock, portबंदरगाहanchorage ground, harbour
5Intrudeinvaderघुसेड़नाshove, push into, drive in
6Dime10 cents (U.S)डॉलर का दसवाँ भागcopper, pennies, pin money
7Worthlessvalueless, uselessबेकार in vain, gimcracky, hooey
8Bouncingjumping overउछलता हुआvigorous, thriving, flourishing
9Streetnarrow pathगलीalley, lane, alleyway
10Merrilyhappilyख़ुशी से pleasantly, with pleasure, rejoicingly
11Ultimate finalअन्तिमultimate, grand, ultima
12Shakingtremblingकंपनoscillation, vibrancy, pulse
13Fixesoverpowersपक्का करना decrepitate, torrefy, coat with
14Staringlooking keenlyएकटकscreechy, screamy, shrill
15Young dayschildhood daysनवयुवकbloom, flower of life, school days