Class 10th English Poem Word Meanings

Chapter 3 A Tiger in the Zoo

1Stalksfollowsपीछा करनाkeek, espial, red baiting
2Vividbright coloredउज्ज्वलorient, splendent, flamboyant
3Padspaws of tigerगद्दीदार बनानाpadding, wadding, stuffing
4Rage angerग़ुस्साrabidity, dander, virulence
5LurkingTo be hidden as to wait for your preyछिपाlie low, hide, take cover
6Snarlingwarning sounds made by animalsगरजनाroll, thunder, brattle
7Baringuncoveredखोलनाunzip, unscrew, unpack
8FangsSharp tooth of animalsनुकीला अथवा विषैला दांतnipper, grapnel, pincer
9Concretebuilding made of bricks, cement, sand and waterठोस रूप देनाfirm, substantial, hard
10Patrollingto guard, to vigilपहरा करनाwatch over, patrol, guard
11Plumpfatमोटाthick, bold, voluminous