Class 10th English Poem Word Meanings

Chapter 6 Amanda

1Hunchbendकूबड़arch, bow, curl
2Slouchingsitting in a lazy wayखिसकनाslump, droop, stoop
3Languidrelaxedसुस्तlingering, lethargic, slow
4Emeraldhere, green colorपन्ना leaf, leaflet, Emerald
5Inhabitantresidentनिवासीoccupant, denizen, population
6Driftingcarried slowly by the waterबहती हुईfloat, accumulate, coast
7Blissfullyhappilyआनंद से blithely, exultantly,jubilantly
8AcnePimplesमुँहासा papula, wart, spot
9RapunzelA girl in the fairy tale by Brothers Grimmब्रदर्स ग्रिम की परी कथा में एक लड़कीgoldilocks, bluebell, liilly
10Tranquilcalm, quietशांतtranquil, serene, sober
11Rareuncommonअसामान्यabnormal, strange, unwonted
12Sulkingbe in a bad moodउदास होनाyearn, sadden, be cast down
13Moody unstableउदासीनdisinterested, frigid, apathetic
14Naggedharassपरेशान करनाdisquiet, Bother, Cark
15Biteusing teeth to cut somethingकाटनाreap, chop, dissect
16Straightupright, erectठीकaright, sharp, straight
17Soleonly oneएकमात्रexclusive, alone, mere
18Mermaida maid with a tail of a fishमत्स्यांगनाdryad, fairy, goddess
19Tidycleanस्वच्छcrystalline, jemmy, pellucid
20Orphanwho has no one to look after him/herअनाथfoundling, ragamuffin, stray
21Roamingwanderingघूमनेवालाswivel, rotary, circulating
22Patterndesignनमूनाsampler, cam, model
23Soft dustsoft sandमुलायम धूलgrime, cinders, loess
24Hushedsilentचुप रहनाkeep mum, hold one's peace
25Bare feetwithout shoesनंगे पैरshoeless, unshod, barefooted
26Freedomindependenceस्वतंत्रताliberty, liberties, independency
27Towerminaretमीनारpillar, steeple, mount
28Vital RareunusualअसाधारणExtra, abnormal, odd
29Certainlydefinitelyनिश्चित रूप से doubtless, evidently, necessarily
30Brightshiningचमकदारglossy, lucid, blazing