Class 10th English Poem Word Meanings

Chapter 7 Animals

1Placidcalm, peacefulशांतtranquil, serene, sober
2Containedkeep up controlनिहितContained, implied acceptance
3Whinecryकराहनाwail, cry, mewl, moan
4Sinswrongdoingगुनाहfault, gilt, crime
5Dementedmad, disturbedपागलraving, demented, wild
6Kneelsbow downघुटना टेकनाfall to one's knees, genuflect, crouch
7Evince show, revealप्रकट करनाdisplay, exhibit, reveal
8Possessionownership of somethingअधिकारauthority, the right, power
9Tokenshere, the qualitiesउपलक्ष्यsalvo, stalking horse
10Turnchange intoबदलनाcommute, switch, alter
11Self containedself satisfied, not dependent on othersआत्मनिर्भरcomplete, independent, self-reliant
12Sweatsweat after working hardपरिश्रमdiligence, struggle, industry
13Awakedon't sleepजागनाwakefulness, awake, waken
14Maniaobsession, madnessपागलपनlunacy, psychosis, paranoia
15Huge times agolong- long agoबहुत पहलेfar, remote, long
16Negligentlycarelesslyलापरवाही सेinadequately, badly, sloppily