Class 10th English Poem Word Meanings

Chapter 1 Dust Of Snow

1Shookshakeहिल गया vibrate, tremble, quiver
2 Ruedheld in regretपछतानाdepreciate, repent, pity
3Change to become differentपरिवर्तन transfer, realignment, reconstruction
4Crowa birdकौआsquawk, screech, hoot
5Day a period of 24 hoursदिन period, time, era
6Dust very small pieces of dry dirtधूल dirt, mullock
7Heartthe organ inside your chestहृदयBosom, cardia, cordis
8Hemlocka poisonous tree with small white flowersहेमलॉक…..........
9Mood the way that you are feeling at a particular timeमिजाज humour, temper, disposition
10Part one of the pieces, areas, periods, things, etc अंश portion, section, piece
11Saved to keep somebody/something safe from death, harm, loss, etc.बचाया liberate, deliver, extricate
12Snow white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky बर्फflakes, snowdrift, snowfield