Class 12 English (Hornbill) Prose Word Meanings

Chapter 4 The Rattrap

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Sunken loweredडुबोया हुआdrowned, sunk
2Gleamed Shoneकिरण डालनाglance
3Monotonousboringउबानेवालाdull, uninteresting, unexciting
4Vagabondwandererपर्यटकtourist, hobo, camper
5Plodswalks heavilyथके क़दमों से चलनाtramp, drag oneself, stomp
6Tempted convincedप्रयत्न करनाto try, entice, persuade
7Cherishedto love, protectप्यार करनाadore, admire, appreciate
8Dreary dullसुस्तdrab, lax, inactive
9Dejectedsadउदासcrestfallen, cast down, depressed
10Snaretrapजालmesh, net, toils
11Trudgingwalking slowlyथकाऊ भ्रमणplod, tramp
12Carved off to divide something into partsखुदी हुईthrash
13Generous liberalउदार benevolent, lenient, magnanimous
14ConfidencesSecretsरहस्यconfidential matter
15Prosperityrichesसमृद्धिaffluence, flourishing, welfare
16Crofter A person who works on a rented farmव्यक्ति जो किराए के खेत में काम करता हैpeasant farmer, metayer.
17CreameryA factory that produces cheese and creamमक्खन घी आदि बनाने का कारखानाdairy farm, buttery
18KronorCurrency of Swedenस्वीडन की मुद्रा…………
19Incredulousunbelievingविश्वास न होनाdoubtful, unconvinced
20Stuffedto fill up with somethingभरवांfill, pack
21Impenetrable impassableअभेद्यimpregnable, invulnerable, unassailable
22Gloomdarkअन्धकारblackness, shade
23Despair hopelessnessनिराशाdisappointment, frustration, discouragement,
24Thumpingthe sound of some heavy object beatingज़बरदस्तblatant, persevering, dogged
25Summonedgatheredबटोरना pick, mass, rally
26Stagger To walk with difficultyलड़खड़ाहटstumble, wobble
27ForgeA shop where metal is heatedलुहारखानाhammer out, mould
28SmelterA machine in which metal is melted to form into a shapeधातु गलानेवालाfoundry, brickworks
29Rolling millmachine to roll metal into sheetsबेलन मिल………..
30Bellowsair bag that emits a stream of air used for blowing air into a fire.हवा का थैला…………..
32Maw jawsजबड़ेjaw
33Clatterbangधमाकेclang, blatter
34Whippedbeaten with a whip, here to hit somethingमार पड़ी हैthrash, beat
35Haughty arrogantघमंडी cavalier, lordly, supercilious
36Amazementwonderआश्चर्यsurprise, crimine, gracious
37Boundlesslimitlessअसीमinfinite, unbounded, unending
38Deigneddo something that one considers to be beneath one's dignityकृपा दिखानाcondescend
39Slouch hathat bend on one side of the head.टोपी पहनना…………
40Acquaintanceassociateपरिचित व्यक्तिcontact, colleague
41Undeceiveto tell someone that his belief is mistakenसन्मार्ग पर लानाdisenchant, disillusion.
42Downhill worstनीचे जानेवालाdipping, dropping.
43Regimentunit in the army or defence forcesसैन्य-दलpatrol, picket
44Manor houseA large country houseहवेलीmansion, main house.
45ComradeA fellow soldierसाथीpartner, companion
46AlarmedFrightenशंकितapprehensive, distrustful, suspicious
47Inconspicuously invisible or which is not noticeableअस्पष्टimplicit, dubious, Enigmatic
48Valetpersonal attendantव्यक्तिगत परिचरretainer, menial
49Modesthumbleनरमsoft, malleable, tender
50Compassionatelyshowing sympathy for othersदयापूर्वकbenevolently, commiseratively, relentingly
51Astonishedgreatly surprisedआश्चर्यचकितsurprise, startle
52Forebodingsa foretellingपूर्वाभासadumbration, anticipation, premonition
53Queerstrangeविचित्रodd, unusual, funny
54Preachadviceधर्म का उपदेश देनाsermonize, evangelize, address
55Groomed readyतैयारprepare, make ready
56Puckered wrinkleसिकुड़नcrinkle, crumple
57Dissimulatepretendबहाना करनाfeign, dissimulate
58Splendor luxuryवैभवmajesty, pomp, assets
59Thunderedmake a loud noiseगरजाhowl, growl, brattle
60Hesitating to be reluctantदुविधा में पड़ा हुआundecided, unconvincing, indeterminate,
61Wretchmiserable personअभागाunfortunate
62Interceded intervenedमध्यस्थताmediate, intermediate

Chapter 5 Indigo

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Conventionagreementसमझौताcompromise, deal, settlement
2DelegatesRepresentativesप्रतिनिधियोंenvoy, spokesperson
3Peasant small farmerकिसान husbandman, agriculturalist, swain
4Emaciatedthinदुर्बलlean, weak, svelte
5Champaran A place in Biharचंपारण………….
6Resolutedeterminedदृढ़firm, steadfast, tenacious
7Committeddedicatedप्रतिबद्धdevoted, Faithful, pledged.
9Haunches thighsहांचeam, support, stay
10Boardedget on, enterचढ़नाascend, climb
11Pesteredbother, harassकष्ट देनाpall, incommode, harm
12Permitted allowedअनुमति है acceptable, approved, authorised
13Impartingpass on, givingप्रदानgrant, pass, put
14Extraordinary exceptional, remarkableअसाधारणextravagant, rare, special
15Harbour here, entertainविचार करनाconsider, ponder, think
16Sympathysupport, pityसहानुभूतिempathy, compassion, feeling
17Advocatesupporter, protectorसमर्थकproponent, champion, adherent
18Adventarrivalआगमनbeginning, commencement, start
19Conveyancetransportationवाहनvehicle, carriage
20Chided criticize, scoldडांटनाchastise
21Conclusion result, end of somethingनिष्कर्ष inference, gist, chief point
22Fear strickenafraidभयाकुलterrified, horrified
23Arableland suitable for farmingकृषि योग्यtillable
24Tenants occupants paying rent in cash or kindकिरायेदारोंoccupant, resident
25Estate propertyजायदादground, land
26Compelledforcedमजबूरconstrained, helpless, obliged
27Surrendered to give inआत्मसमर्पण कर दियाabandon, relinquish
28Contractagreementअनुबंधannexure, bond, appendage
29Indigoplant that produces a blue colorनीलshiners, blueing, bruise
30Learned come to knowसीखाgrasp, master
31Synthetic Chemical based, artificialकृत्रिमmock, false, labored
32Compensationpaymentsमुआवजाquid proquo, smart money
33Arrangement Processव्यवस्थाsystem, order, dispensation
34Irksome irritatingकष्टप्रदbothersome, tedious.
35Resisted opposed, to be against somethingविरोध gainsay, interfere, protest
36Thugscheatsठगgangster, terrorist
37Illiterateuneducatedअनपढ़analphabetic, anpadh, non-literate
38Proceededbegin a course of actionबढ़ती करनाsteepen, enlarge, deepen
39Bully trying to harm others considering them to be weakतंग करनाpinch
40Forthwithimmediately, at onceतुरंतinstantly, directly
41Accompanied go along with someoneसाथgo along with
42Multitude a large number of peopleभीड़horde, Legion, myriad.
43Investigations inquiriesजांचexamination, inspection
44Maltreatedill treatदुर्व्यवहार करनाmisbehave, ill-use
45Superintendent Manager, supervisorप्रबंधकsteward, warden, director
46Overtookwent ahead of himआगे निकल जानाpass, outstrip
47Complied followed or obeyedअनुपालनobserve, obey
48Consequence resultपरिणामoutcome, effect, sequel
49Influential powerfulप्रभावशाली powerful, efficacious, imposing
50WiredTelegraphedतार देनाcable, line, coil
51Merelyonlyकेवलjust, simply, exclusively
52Authoritiesofficials, powerप्राधिकारीcommand, control
53Spontaneousvoluntary, unforcedस्वाभाविकnatural, Flowing, Inartificial
54Demonstrationsprotestप्रदर्शनोंpresentation, proof
55Courthousecourt buildingअदालत…………..
56Liberationreleaseमुक्तिdischarge, emancipation, deliverance
57Concretesolidठोसsolid, real
58HithertoEarlier, Previouslyअब तकbefore
59Dreaded regarded with great fear or apprehensionखूंखारfear, terror
60Unquestionednot examined or inquired intoनिर्विवादundeniable, indisputable, watertight
61Baffledconfusedविस्मित करpuzzle
62Self Relianceself sufficiency, self supportआत्मनिर्भरताautarky, self-help
63Postpone delayस्थगित करनाstave off, adjourn, protract
64Apparentlyseemingly, evidentlyजाहिरा तौर परobviously, clearly
65Guiltyat faultदोषीblameable, at fault
66Conflict to be against someoneटकरावdispute, quarrel
67HumanitarianConcerned with human welfareमानवीयhumane, generous
68Consciencesense of right and wrongअंतःकरणmoral sense, inner voice
69Magistratecivil officer who administers lawमजिस्ट्रेटbailiff, judge
70Pronouncedeclare or announceनिर्णय सुनानाjudge, proclaim
71recess breakअवकाशleisure, vacation, leave
72Reconvenedto start again after a small breakफिर इकट्ठा हुआreconcile, rejoin.
73Libertyfreeस्वतंत्रताindependence, freedom
74Vehemently in an intense mannerआवेगपूर्णaffectional, gusty
75Conferredgrantedप्रदत्तpaid, conferred, delivered
76Injusticeunfairnessअन्यायinequity, vicissitude
77Withdrew leftहट जानाremove, extract, takeaway
78Upshotresult, conclusionपरिणामconsequence, end result
79Consultations discussionविचार-विमर्शadvice, counsel, conference
80Desertion action of leaving a place, organization etcपरित्याग repudiation, evacuation, resignation
81LieutenantGovernor: deputy governorलेफ्टिनेंटdeputy, assistant
82Province region, territoryभूमिखंडground, area, sector
83Civil Disobediencepeaceful form of political protestसविनय अवज्ञाpassive resistance, satyagraha
84Triumphedwon विजयsucceed, gain a victory
86Depositionsa formal written statementबयानdeposit
87Evidenceproofसबूतwitness, confirmation, indorsement
88PacifistPeace makerशांतिवादीpeacemonger
89Investigators the inspectorsजांचकर्ताexaminer, inquirer, analyst
90Vehement showing strong feeling; forceful,passionate, or intense.जोशीलाrapturous, spirited, unctuous
91Leadingprominent, popularप्रमुखmain, chief
92Associatessupportersसहयोगीpartner, colleague, co-worker
93Protractedlasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual.फैला हुआoutspread, scattered, expanded
94Abstractionssomething which exists only as an ideaकपोल-कल्पनाidea, image
95Initial at the startप्रारंभिकpreparatory, opening, rudimentary
96Uninterruptedcontinuousनिरंतरcontinuous, sustained, continued
97Entreatyan earnest or humble requestविनतीentreaty, prayer, suit
98Assembledgatheredइकट्ठेget together, collect
99Deceitfullydishonestlyछल सेdeceptively, deviously, falsely.
100Extortedtook forciblyजबरन वसूलीobtain by force
101Adamant firmअटलetermined, rigid
102Amazementsurpriseविस्मयdaze, wonder
103Obligedrequired, made legally bound to do somethingआभारीgrateful
104Deadlocka situation in which no progress can be madeगतिरोधimpasse, stalemate, stand-off
105Unanimously without oppositionसर्वसम्मति सेas one
106Prestigehonour, esteemप्रतिष्ठा status, dignity, respectability
107Defendersprotectorरक्षकkeeper, savior, life saver
108Justifiedmarked by a good or legitimate reasonउचितappropriate, justified, admittable
109Intertwined knittedगुंथा twisted, braided,
110Alleviateupliftकम करनाreduce, detract, lower
111Reverted returnedवापस लाया गयाgo back
112Contentedwilling to accept something, satisfiedसंतुष्टcontented, acquiescent
113Residentslocalsनिवासीhouseowner, citizen
114Volunteera person who offers his service free of costस्वयंसेवकparticipant, client

Chapter 6 Poets and Pancakes

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Truck- loads large amounts that could fill a truckट्रक- भारbundle, bushel
2Stablesa building set apart and adapted for keeping horsesअस्तबलstud, mews
3Remote cornersa place that is located away from the populated areasदूर के कोनेfar corner
4Maidena young woman or an unmarried girlअविवाहिताunwedded, single
5Incandescentemitting light as a result of being heated; burningगरमागरमon fire, blazing, aflame
6Forbiddennot allowed; banned.निषिद्ध taboo, unaccredited, undistinguished
7Miserya state or feeling of great physical or mental distress or discomfortकष्टsuffering, pain, gripe
8Integration unificationएकीकरणunification, coalescence, interflow
9Broadcastingthe transmission of programmes or information by radio or televisionप्रसारणpropagation, circulation, radiation
10Hideousextremely uglyभयंकरmonstrous, dreadful
11Crimson hue deep red colourक्रिमसन ह्यू…………
12Potionsa liquid mixtureमिश्रित औषधिdrink, tonic
13Cubicle a small partitioned-off area of a roomकक्षcompartment, chamber
14Barge into walk into a room quickly, without being invitedटाँग अडानाCollide, incroach
15Enlightenedhaving or showing a rational, modern and well-informed outlookचमकानाbringing up, brushup
16Perverts a person whose sexual behaviour is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.गुमराह आदमीdeviant
17Epicsan exceptionally long and arduous task or activityमहाकाव्यlengthy, extended
18Covertlysecretlyछिपकरprivately, slyly.
19Woesdistressसंकटsadness, unhappiness
20Ignominy public shame or disgraceबदनामीslander, notoriety, infamy
21Contraryopposite in nature, direction or meaningविपरीतcontrary, against, adverse
22Virtuebehaviour showing high moral standards; here, good luckसदाचारmorality, good behavior, decorum
23Affluenthaving a great deal of money; wealthy धनी wealthy, blessed
24Having a hand in to be involved with somethingहाथ होने काengrossed, engaged
25Loyaltya strong feeling of support for someoneविश्वसनीयताfaithfulness, reasonableness
26Deliberatelyon purposeजान - बूझकर consciously, meaningly, politically
27Dwarfedcause to seem small or insignificant in comparisonनाटाshort, Pygmy
28Literary associated with literary works or other formal writingसाहित्यिकartistic, dramatic
29Critic a person who judges the merits of literary or artistic worksसमीक्षकcommentator, detractor, observer
30Refrain lines that are repeated in poetryराग में दोहराने के शब्दabstain, withhold
31Dictionthe style of enunciation in speaking or singing; articulationउच्चारणaccent, pronouncing, enunciation
32Sprawlingspreading over a large area, detailedविशालextending.
33Deftly effortlesslyनिपुणgenius
34Etched here, defined, describedवर्णन करना characterize, represent
35Lead mainप्रमुखMajor
36Subsidiarysecondary, supportingसहायकhelpful, auxiliary, accessory
37Main players actors performing the main rolesमुख्य खिलाड़ीprotagonist
38Genuine1वास्तविकreal, actual, original
39Conscious awareजागरूकsentient
40Improvidenta person who does not plan his expenses and ends up wasting moneyअदूरदर्शीshort sighted, indiscrect, scapegrace
41Demeanourmanner; attitudeआचरणbehavior, demeanor, bearing
42Direstterrible खतरनाकdangerous, desperate
43Tempramental liable to unreasonable changes of mood.तेज़-मिज़ाजchangeable
44Blew overto pass by or to endगायब हो जानाfinish, vanish.
45Incriminatingmaking someone appear guilty of a crime or wrongdoing.दोषी ठहराना impeach, inculpate
46Foul badबहुत खराबnasty, awful, grim
47Tirade a long, angry speech of criticism or accusationटाइरैडattack, diatribe
48Struck dumb shockedहक्का - बक्काstunned, upset.
49Sneaking intodoing something in a secretive or stealthy wayचुपके सेsecretly
50Catapulted move suddenly or at great speedकटपुलटpropel, send
51Literati well-educated people who are interested in literature.शिष्ट सम्मत वाक्रयbest, ellite
52Haunt frequently visited byअड्डाbase, perch, stand
53Leisuretime when one is not working or occupied; free timeअवकाशleave, recess time
54Messa building or room providing mealsगड़बड़ hoopla, fuss, muddle
55Drudge a person made to do hard menial or dull work.परिश्रम से काम करनाmenial worker, labourer
56Aversehaving a strong dislike of or opposition to somethingप्रतिकूलunfavorable, repugnant, disadvantageous
57Communism collectivismसाम्यवादsocialism, Sovietism
58Filial relating to or due from a son or daughter.संतानीयdevoted, faithful
59Conjugal relating to marriage or the relationship between a married coupleवैवाहिकmatrimonial, married
60Compunction reluctanceमलालcompunction, anguish, grief
61Pursuit hobbyपेशा activity
62Forthcoming about to happen or appearआगामी ensuing, future, subsequent
63Homiliessermon; lectureउपदेशadvice, preaching
64Bare emptyख़ालीunfilled, vacant
65Hues complexionरंगतtone
66Surmiseguess; suspectअनुमानconjecture, presumption, inference
67Bafflement confusion, bewildermentउलझनconfusion, perplexity

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