Class 12 English (Hornbill) Prose Word Meanings

Chapter 7 The Interview

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Commonplace not unusual; ordinaryसामान्यgeneral, common, generic
2Extravagantexcessive or elaborateअसाधारणextraordinary, exceptional, remarkable
3Despisehate, dislikeघृणा pish, nauseate, abhor
4Unwarranted not justified or authorisedअनुचितunfair, inappropriate, improper
5Intrusionthe action of intruding; interventionअतिक्रमणEncroachment, violation
6Seminalinfluentialप्रभावशालीeffective, powerful, efficacious
7Lionizedgive a lot of public attention and approvalबहुत महत्व देनाprise, celebrate
8Repeldrive or force backपीछे हटानाpush back, repulse
9Petitionersa person who asks for somethingनिवेदकapplicant, supplicant, petitioner
10Amusement the provision or enjoyment of entertainmentमनोरंजनentertainment, recreation, holiday
11Condemnatoryexpressing strong disapprovalनिंदात्मकblasphemous, disapprobatory, scornful
12Wreckeddestroyed or severely damagedबर्बादdemolish, crash
13Assault make a physical attack onआक्रमणraid, inroad, Irruption
14Vile extremely unpleasantनीचतापूर्णmeanspirited, hangdog, dastardly
15Perpetratedcommitedकरनाto do, performed
16Ordeala very unpleasant and prolonged experienceपरखtest, examination, probation
17Serviceable fulfilling its function adequately; usableफ़ायदेमंदexpedient, serviceable, plummy
18Vividproducing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.उज्ज्वलradiant, orient, splendent
19Unprecedentednever done or known beforeअद्वितीयunique, peerless, masterly
20Medievalrelating to the Middle Agesमध्यकालीनmiddle age, Gothic, early
21Aestheticsa branch of philosophy that deals with nature and appreciation of beautyसौंदर्यशास्रattractiveness, beauty
22Staggeringly to an astonishing or shocking degreeलड़खड़ाते हुएwaveringly, falteringly, reelingly
23Philosophical relating study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.दार्शनिकphilosophic
24Pursue followपीछा करनाensue, chase, chevy
25Ethical relating to moral principlesनैतिकmoral
26Eliminate removeहटानाdelete, dislodge, repel
27Interstices space, gapअन्तरालinterval
28Elevator a liftलिफ़्टescalator, hoist
29Hypotheses theoryपरिकल्पनाspeculation
30Narration the action or process of narrating a storyवर्णनdescription, representation

Chapter 8 Going Places

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Earmarkedset aside, reservedनिर्धारितlay aside, allocate
2Melancholysadउदासीflatness, melancholy, gloom
3Sophisticated worldlyदुनियादारCosmopolitan
4Decentadequateउचितproper, reasonable, advisable
5Scooping here, eatingस्कूपिंगspooning.
6Grimydirty, soiledकीचड़दारslushy, smeary, squashy
7Sighed breathe outगहरी सांसexhale, groan
8Stoopedshoulder bent forwardझुकनाslouch, crouch, bow
9Incongruityinappropriateअयोग्यताdisqualification, ineptitude
10Crooked bentझुका हुआbent, curved, twisted
11Cluttered untidy, litterअव्यवस्थित करनाdisarrange, dislocate
12Kneeling be in a position in which body is supported by knees.घुटना टेककरbow, genuflect
13Tinkering repairingसंवारताrestore, set right
14Apprentice learnerशिक्षुfresher, greener, neophyte
15Suspectedguess, thinkसंदिग्धdubious, Doubtful, implausible
16Outlyingdistant place, an out of the way corner,दूरस्थoutlying, Distal
17Fascinationcaptivationसम्मोहनfascination, spell, suggestion
18Perhaps maybeशायदconceivably, feasibly
19Exotic foreign, non nativeविदेशीexternal, outlandish, strange
20Longedwishअत्यन्त अभिलाषा करनाbe desperate
21Affections fondness, loveप्यारdearness, devotion, mash
22Forbade ban, prohibitमना कियाrefuse, inhibit, keep out
23Instinctivelywithout conscious thoughtसहज-ज्ञान सेimpulsive, inherent.
24Cape wrap, stoleओढ़नीtippet
25Applauseclappingवाहवाही bravo, cheer
26Frowningannoyedक्रोधित gloom, irritate, anger
27Componentpart, pieceअवयव ingredient, organ, limb
29AbruptlysuddenlyअचानकCircumstantial, unexpectedly
30Arcade Galleryवीथिकाalley
31Chastened subdue, humbleअधीन करनाsubdue, humble
32ApprobationApproval, acceptanceस्वीकृतिadoption, Admission, compliance
33Wriggled twist, turnछुटकाराrelief
34Disdainscorn, disrespectतिरस्कार reproach, spurn, mock
35Reverentlywith deep respectसादरadorably, respectfully
36Distractionsdiversion, disturbanceव्याकुलताdismay
37Grimaced angryमुंह बनानाwince, scowl
38Inaudibleunheardन सुनाई पड़नेवालाmuted
39Prodigya young person with exceptional qualitiesअद्भुत वस्तुgenius, mastermind
40Stringshere, groupश्रृंखलाset
41Jeeredtease someoneचिढ़ानाprovoke, irritate
42Apparently seeminglyजाहिर तौर परobviously, evidently
43Draggedpullघसीटाtug, haul
44Unlikeliest unexpected, doubtfulअप्रत्याशितstrange, unbelievable.
45Pilgrimage religious journey, but here their devotion towards football matchतीर्थ यात्राcrusade, trip
46Mates friendsसाथीcompanion, helpmate
47Hesitantundecidedदुविधा में पड़ा हुआunconvincing, indecisive, indeterminate
48Ecstatic joyful excitementउन्मत्तfrenetic, mad, ecstatic,
49Noseycuriousजिज्ञासुinquisitive, inquisitorial, inquisitional
50Startledsudden shockचौंक पड़नाbe amazed, give a start, tremble
51Exultantoverjoyedख़ुशियां मनानेवालाpleased, happy, blissful
52Glaredstare angrilyगुस्से से घूरनाglower, blaze
53Gawky gracelessठिठोलियाfacetious, joky, derisive
54Rowhere, so much noiseपंक्तिline, rank, range
55Chuffedpleased as Punchअत्यधिक प्रसन्नcheerful
56Miserydiscomfortकष्टsuffering, pain, gripe
57Hushed quietशांतcalm, tranquil, serene
58Canal waterwayनहर, नालीdrain, groove, gully
59Wharf dockघाटpier, mooring, jetty
60Muffedmessed upगड़बड़ा देनाconfuse, scramble
61Solitary elm single tree (elm is a tall tree)एकांत इलाdecidious and semi decidous tree
62Elapsed go byगुजर चुकेpass
63Pangssharp painकष्टsuffering, pain, gripe
64Despondent disheartenedहताशdisappointed, hopeless, desperate
65Resignation departureइस्तीफाleaving letter
66Envisage predictसामना करना confront, stand up
67Eruptionexplosionविस्फोटblast, eruption, detonation
68Reddening blushलाल होनाblooming, coloring
69Freckledpale/brown spot on skinझाइयां पड़ गयाsprinkle.
70Exposing uncoverउजागरreveal, unmask
71GazelleAn Asian-African antelopeछोटा सुन्दर बारहसिंघanteater, antelope
72Melodiousmusicalमधुरsweet, sonorous, pleasant
73Lumbering moving in awkward wayअजीब तरीके से आगे बढ़नाbumbling. halting
74Hovered flyउड़नाhover, flit, sail up
75Momentarily brieflyक्षण भर के लिये momently, awhile

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