Class 12 English (Hornbill) Prose Word Meanings

Chapter 1 The Last Lesson

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Sawmilla factory for cutting woodयंत्र से लकड़ी चीरने का कारख़ानाlumber mill
2Drillingexercisingअभ्यासpractice, training
3Temptingattractingआकर्षकseductive, absorbing, nice looking
4Resist to stay awayअप्रभावित रहनाbypass, escape
5bulletin-boarda notice board for putting up the latest news and communicationबुलेटिन बोर्डnotice board, ebb
6Apprenticetraineeशिक्षुlearner, probationer, novice
7a great bustlea lot of noise created by many peopleएक बड़ी हलचलrush, scuttle
8in unisonat the same timeएक सुर मेंsimultaneously
9rappingstrikingमारनाkill, hit, pummel
10counted ondepended uponभरोसा करनाremain, bank on, confide in
11commotionnoise and confusionहल्ला गुल्लाballyhoo, blaring, clamour
12Blushedface turned red in colour due to shameशरमानाabash, scruple, be shy
13Solemnserious.गंभीरgrave, deep, sedate
14Primerbasic reader of any languageप्रथम पुस्तकheader, inlet
15Thumbedtorn and damagedबिगड़ा हुआdefaced, deteriorated, rusty
16Gesture a signalइशाराpointing, steer, sign
17Thunderclapused in comparison to refer to something startling or unexpectedवज्रपातthunderbolt, wallop
18Wretcheshere, it refers to an unfortunate happeningबेचाराunblessed, unhappy, unlucky
19Saara river which passes through Franceसार…………
20Nuisanceproblem, burdenबाधाobstacle, handicap, obstruction
21Crankystrange, short – temperedचिड़चिड़ाill-tempered, nervous, irritable
22Sunday clothesthe best dress that a person has.रविवार के कपड़े……………
23Dreadfulfrighteningभयानकterrible, eerie, dire
24mixed upconfusedमिश्रितmuddled, perplexed
25Pretendshowto ढोंग करनाprofess, dissimulate
26reproachblameदोषारोपणdenunciation, diatribe, incrimination
27beetles a large sized insectबीट्लसscurry, rush
28Cooed the sound made by the pigeonsगुटरगूँ………..
29Gazinglooking intentlyदेखते हुएstare, ogle, gloat
30twinedtwistedलिपटा हुआwrapped, clad
31Trumpetsa musical instrument.तुरहियांbugle, brass wind
32Chokedbecame unable to speak due to strong emotionsसांस रुकने की स्थितिgasp, block

Chapter 2 Lost Spring

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Scrounging searching forमुफ़्त का सामान ढूंढनाlook around
2Amidstin the middle ofबीच मेंbetwixt, mid.
3Mutters to speak in a low voiceधीरे से कहनाspeak in hushed tones
4Gliblyspeaking in a confident way, but without careful thought वाचाल्ता सेably, neatly
5Hollowmeaninglessनिरर्थकpreposterous, futile, insignificant
6Embarrassed feeling ashamedशर्मिंदाsheepish, abashed, apologetic
7aboundexist in large numbersअधिकता से उत्पन्न होनाproliferate, superabound
8bleakemptyखालीopen, windswept
9barefootwearing nothing in the feetनंगे पाँवshoeless, unshod.
10Shuffles slides them over each otherघसीटनाstumble, lumber, stagger
11excusea reason to justify a faultबहानाdefend, pretext, diffuse,
12perpetual state of povertynever ending condition of being poorगरीबी की सतत स्थितिhardship, penury
13Desolation the state of being emptyवीरानीaloneness, loneliness, private
14Pantingtaking short and quick breathesहांफनाgasp, pant, puff
15Acquaintance contactपरिचयintroduction, familiarization, knowledge,
16peripheryouter areaबाहरी क्षेत्रexterior, boundary, border
17metaphoricallysymbolicallyलाक्षणिकfiguratively, illustratively, analogously
18squattersa person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building landअतिक्रमणकारीhomesteader, trespasser, illegal tenant
19To daredo something courageousसाहस करनाpresumably, presume, venture
20tarpaulinheavy-duty waterproof clothतिरपालawning, canvas, tarp
21Permits legal documentsअनुज्ञापत्रlicence
22Tattered tornफटा हुआmusty, raw-boned
23Transit homes a temporary homeएक अस्थायी घरkaccha house
24Lighting up show joy and happinessप्रकाशित करनाbrighten, flash
25Content satisfiedसंतुष्टcontented, acquiescent
26Discarded thrown awayबाहर किया हुआthrow out, get rid of, abandon
27Botherworryपरेशानीtension, harassment, ado
28Baggageburdenबोझ लादनाencumber, load
29glass-blowing industryindustry related to making glassकांच का उद्योग…………..
30furnacesa closed room or container where heat is producedभट्टियांboiler, heater.
31weldingthe process of joining metal or glass pieces by heating themवेल्डिंग, जोड़ाईjoin, attach
32Dingydark, dimकाला somber, dusky, unlit, ebon
33Slogwork hardकठिन परिश्रम करना labour, struggle, effort
34Daylight hours hours of the day when there is sunlightदिन के उजालेlight of day, sunshine, sunrise
35Brightness of their eyeshere, refers to the power to seeदेखने की शक्तिvision, sight
36Beam shine brightlyचमकनाsparkle, glister, glow
37Volunteersfreely offers to do somethingस्वयंसेवकparticipant
38Stinkingbad smellबदबूदार noisome, nifty, ramose
39Hovels slumsक्षुद्राश्रय often dirty house, hut.
40Crumbling falling downगिर पड़नाtopple, fall apart
41Wobblyunsteadyअस्थिरunstable, shaky, changeable
42Coexistingpresent at the same time and placeसमकालीन होनाcohabit, coincide
43Primevalprehistoricअतिप्राचीनancient, earliest, antediluvian
44Bangshitsपीटनाbeat, thump
45Shack a roughly built hutझोंपड़ी, कुटियाcottage, shebang, shanty
46Thatchedcovered with dry grassछप्परbooth, roof
47Vesselcontainer for cooking foodपतीलाdishes, kitchen utensil, pots
48Sizzlingmake a hissing sound when frying or cookingचटाके कीflaming, blazing
49Platterslarge platesथालीsalver, server, tray
50Choppedcut finelyकाटा हुआsliced, shredded
51Frail thin, weakदुर्बलlean, svelte, emaciated
52Withdraws goes backहट जानाstand out, stray, draw off
53Impoverishedvery poor गरीबneedy, poverty-stricken
54Imposedforced uponथोपा हुआfoist, force, thrust
55Renovaterepairसुधारनाimprove, retouch, ameliorate
56Destiny fateभाग्यluck, fortune, destination
57Yardthe open area at the back of the houseयार्डworkshop, factory
58Moundsheapsढेरpile, stack, mass
59Unkemptnot taken care ofअसावधानcareless, neglectful
60Piled kept one on top of the otherनुकीलाpeaked, edgy, spiked
61Shanty towna town that is full of small, roughly built hutsगरीबों की बस्तीblighted area.
62Drab faded, colourlessफीकाdim, tame, tasteless
63Solderingjoiningजोड़नाadjoin, unify, affix
64Tongs an instrument with two moveable arms joined at one endचिमटाextractor, pliers, pincers,
65Sanctitythe state of being sacred or holyपवित्रताpurity inviolability, sainthood
66Auspiciousnessgood omenशुभ good fortune, welfare
67Bureaucrats government officialsदफ्तरशाहmandarin
68Reaped received as a benefitप्राप्त करनाgain
69Rings a sound which is repeatedघण्टी बजानाtoll
70Echo repeatपुनरावृत्तिencore, gemination, iteration
71Lament complaintफ़रियादentreaty, plight
72Toil physical hard work done to earn a livingकठिन परिश्रमexertion, Diligence, assiduousness
73Vicious cruelशातिरcunning, roguish, mischievous
74Hauled updragged, taken awayज़ोर लगाकर खींचनाfetch up.
75Spiral here, a never-ending continuous processकभी न खत्म होने वाली सतत प्रक्रियाcoil, twist
76Apathylack of concernउदासीनताdumps, disinterest, unconcern
78Greed intense and selfish desire for somethingलालचseduction, gluttony, allurement
79Distinctseparateअलगisolated, detached, aloof
80Stigma dishonorअपमानinsult, disgrace, offense

Chapter 3 Deep Water

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Treacherous dangerousकपटीfaker, traitor
2Drop slope from the shallow area to the deep areaलोलकflap, pendant
3Skinny thinपतलाdiluted, slender, dilute
4Subdued to overcomeवशीभूतsubjugated, addicted
5Pride self-respectगौरवdignity, honour
6Aversion dislikeघृणा hate, disgust, scorn
7Surf wave of the seaलहरswell, wave.
8Knocked me downthrew him downमुझे नीचे गिराया……….
9Revived brought back to mindपुनर्जीवितbring to life, bring back, rescue
10Aping copyingनकल करनाmimic, simulate
11To feel at ease to feel comfortableआराम से महसूस करने के लिएcosy, pleasant
12Specimenexampleनमूनाsample, cam, model
13Miniature small sizeलघुmini, little, short,
14Ducked push or plunge someone under waterपानी में गोता लगानाdouse
15Tossed threwफेंक दियाemit, shove, plunk
16Wits intelligenceबुद्धिwisdom, brainpower
17Summoned gatheredबटोरनाpick, mass, rally
18Spring pushधक्काimpact, put, blow
19Bob jumpहिलनाtremble, dodder
20Tinge touch of colourरंग coloring, hue, spatula
21Suffocating unable to breathe due to lack of airघुटना-संबंधीasphyxiate, strangle, throttle
22Yell screamचीखshriek, screech, bellow
23Rigid hardकठोरdrastic, stiff, tough
24Expending losing, giving outव्यय करनाconsume, deplete, diffuse
25Ached painedपीड़ा होनाhurt, be in pain
felt pain in a series of beatsस्फूर्तvibrated, dynamic, shaken
27Dizzy faint, unsteadyचक्‍कर लानेवालाgiddy, light-headed
28Strategy plan of actionरणनीतिmaster plan, game plan
29Strike out extendजल्दी से चलनाpike, skitter
30Thrash hit with forceपीटनाbeat, flog, whip
31Stark severeकड़ाSpartan, inflexible
32Seized grippedजब्तclutch, grasp, snatch
34Vestigestracesअवशेषmark, trail, notch
35Paralysed incapable of movementलक़वा मारा हुआparalytic, palsied, paralysed
36Commandorderआदेशmandate, injunction, testament
37Ceased endedसमाप्तcompleted, Dismissed
38Limp lifelessनिष्प्राणInanimate, defunct, Exanimate
39Curtain of life fell life came to an endजीवन समाप्त हो गयाdying, extinction
40Cascades waterfallझरनेfalls, water chute, cataract
41Handicap a circumstance that makes progress or success difficultअपंगताobstacle
42Canoes small boatsडोंगियों paddle, dinghy
43Ruined destroyedतबाह undone, down-and-out
44Deprived to take awayवंचितdisadvantaged, underprivileged
45Cable thick ropeकेबलcord, rope ,wire
46Slack to reduceकम करनाslow, detract
47Shed removedनिकालनाeject, take out, deport
48Panic fearसंत्रासintimidation, dismay, terror

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