Class 12 English Vistas (Supplementary Reader) Word Meanings

Chapter 6 On the Face of It

1RustlingSound when tree leaves moveसरसराहटmurmur, scuffling
2Walk tentativelyWalk aimlessly or hesitantlyअस्थायी रूप से चलेंmove cautiously
3Screen of bushesGroup of bushesझाड़ियों की स्क्रीनcurtain of bushes
4Close at Handvery nearबहुत निकटclose, nearby, not far away
5Startledsurprisedचौंकाamazed, tremble
6Empty placeplace where nobody livesखाली जगहspace, vacuum, gap
7Lad boyबालकchild, tad
8ScrumpSteal a fruitबगीचे या बाग़ से फल चुरानाwhip, steal, pilfer
9UnderneathActually, in your thoughtsअंदर सेinside
10Whole of youyour complete personalityआप का पूरा collectively, jointly
11Magic fruitVery good fruitजादू का फलmiracle fruit, miracle berry
12Give me a handhelp meसहायता करनाredound, relieve
13BesideNearपास मेंbeside, hereabout
14WeedUnwanted grassजंगली घासtrash
15Tin legArtificial leg of metalटिन पैर…………
16Blown offcut in a bomb blastस्फोट पृथकनbroken off, ditched, dumped,
17Silken ladderweb of a spiderमकड़ी का जालाcobweb, spiderweb, gossamer.
18Monstroushorribleराक्षसीtribble, demonic, infernal
19Now and thenOccasionallyअब और तबSometimes, periodically
20Wet seasonRainy Seasonबारिश का मौसमmonsoon season.
21Draft in your headMentally sickमानसिक रूप से बीमारderanged, insane.
22DribbleWater coming out of mouthलार बहानाslobber, ooze
23Went byCrossed, Went aheadगुज़रनाundergo, wend, pass off
24WhisperedSpoke in low voiceफुसफुसाएgossip, hearsay, scuttlebutt
25PeculiarStrangeअजीबUnusual, weird, odd
26HiveHouse of beesमधुमुखी का छत्ताbeehive, swarm.
27BuzzSound of beesभनभनाना hum, ping
28TrespassingEntering without permissionघुसनाpenetration, infiltration
29SwishMove quickly in air with a soundसर-सरrustle, sough, susurration
30Get on betterbecome betterबेहतर हो जानाboost, Develop, grow.
31SignifyTo be importantमहत्त्वपूर्ण होनाcount, signify, weigh
32Make outAssessपता लगानाFind out, Determine
33To make fussworry or get angry without causeबेचैन होनाthink too much of, undulate
34Nobody caresnobody bothersकिसी को परवाह नहींno one is interested, no one minds
35Dafymadपागलstupid, unreasonable, crazy
36ThumpSound of fallingमार की आवाज़slap, pummel, punch
37CreakSound of bendingचरमराहटsound of breaking or grinding
38Devilbad personशैतान Lucifer, Beelzebub

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