Class 12 Reading Comprehension Chapter 4 The Song of a Blue Mountain Stream

The Song of a Blue Mountain Stream
In a cleft remote
Where white mists float
Around Blue Mountain’s Peak,
I rise unseen
Beneath a screen
Of fog-clouds dank and bleak;
I trickle, I flow
To the hills below
And vales that lie far under,
From babblings low
I louder grow,
I shout I roar, I thunder.

I fall with a rush
In the morning hush
While the mountain sleeping lies,
There swift I sweep –
Here slow I creep,
Till the sound of my motion dies:
Oh! I rejoice
In the night wind’s voice
As soft it kisses my stream,
And dance and glimmer
And glance and shimmer
Where moonlit reaches gleam.

With ice-cold wave
I gently lay
The flowers as I wander,
I gleam and glide
‘Neath Mountain Pride,
I murmur and meander
Thro’ fern-arched dells
Where fairy-bells
And violets scent the air,
While calls above
The soft blue dove
Or lone-voiced Solitaire.

And here I crash
With silver flash
Over a mighty crag,
And the echoes ring
As I headlong fling
The trees I downward drag –
Till last I pour
With a deafening roar,
A mountain stream no longer,
O’er plains below,
And seawards flow
A river was broad and stronger.
Reginald M. Murray

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