Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 2 : Poem – Wind

1Poking funmaking fun of somethingहँसी उड़ाना scoff, mock, spoof
2Weaklingsa person who is weak कमज़ोर दिल का आदमी effete, frail, nerveless
3Crumblingfalling or to cause something to break ढहती disintegrate, fall down, collapse
4Raftersloping beam which support the roof of the building कड़ी nexus, purlin, shackle
5Steadfast firm दृढ़ strong, tenacious, resolute
6Flourishgrow विकास development, evolution, rise
7Winnowsto broke grain free of chaff, separate grain from husk by blowing on it. जीतता है jettison, throw away, throw out.
8Softlyslowly नरमी से gently, quietly, smoothly.
9Scatterspread, move in difffirent directions बिखराव disperse, break up, disband
10Shelfbookshelf शेल्फ ledge, sill, rack
11Cleverhaving sharp mind चतुर smart, astute, deft