Some solved examples of Short Story Writing for Class 10 CBSE Board are given here- Short Story Writing Class 10 1. Seema decided to write a story for her school magazine, but after some time, she could not complete the story as she had to go out for some urgent work. Complete the story on the basis of the beginning given below, in about 150¬-200 words. “An old man had two daughters. He loved both of them. Once, he asked them…” Answer. SALT AND SUGAR An old man had two daughters. He loved both of them. Once, he asked them, “what is the sweetest thing in the world?” “sugar,” said the older girl. “salt, “said the younger girl. The old man thought the younger daughter was mocking him. He said, “if salt is sweeter than sugar, you had better find another home where the cooking is more to your taste”. And he pushed her out of the house. It was a beautiful summer night. The pretty maiden sat singing in the forest near her father’s cottage when a young prince, who had lost his way hunting, came to her. Struck by her beauty and gaiety, he fell in love with her and took her to his palace and married her. The bride invited her father to the wedding banquet without telling him who she was. All the dishes were prepared without salt. The guests began to murmur. “Oh”, said the bride’s father, “salt is truly the sweetest thing in the world. But when my daughter said so, I threw her out of the house. If only I could see her again and tell her how sorry I was!” Drawing the veil from her face, the happy girl went to him and hugged him. Then, the properly salted dishes were brought in and all the guests ate their fill. 2. Knowledge is power. Based on the following visual, along with your ideas, develop a story based on the theme of helping children from economically weaker sections of society (EWS) and below poverty line (BPL), in about 100-150 words. (10 marks) Answer. THE KHUSBOO IN MY LIFE For the past few days. I had been observing a thin, frail girl coming and sitting on the bench and looking continuously for hours together at the passers-by without playing or talking to anyone. From her appearance, I concluded that she was from the economically weaker section of society. That day, I could not control myself and went to talk to the sweet girl. After talking to her, I found that her father had died in a clash during a street violence and that her mother had gone out to work. Her name was Khushboo. When I talked to her, she replied with ‘jee’ every time which showed that she was a cultured girl. I pointed towards a house and told her that I stayed there and asked her if she wanted to come along with me. The girl thought for a while and then held my finger. I was elated. I offered her something to eat which she ate after washing her hands. All my family members were impressed with that sweet girl. I showed her some storybooks with illustrations that she looked at very carefully. I asked her if she went to school. She told that her mother could not send her to school as they were very poor. Tears filled her large innocent eyes. So, I decided to teach her. As soon as I reached home from my college, she would run to me. This became a routine. I was glad to find that she was a book-lover. For hours together, she would turn pages of storybooks and enquire in detail about what was being spoken by the characters. Her desire to learn led me to ponder if I could ever teach her. And one day, I held her tender fingers to teach her to write. Since that day, there has been no looking back. We both share a wonderful relation with each other. My mother says that she looks like my sister. And I have pledged to educate khushboo. Short Story Writing Class 10 3. Write a story, in about 150-200 words. Use the clues provided to begin the story. Provide a suitable title. Aman – sixteen years old – returns after school – next door building – thick smoke from window – old couple lives there – a man must take immediate action Answer. AMAN SAVES THE OLD COUPLE Aman said bye to his friends Nikhil and Nysa, and got down from the bus. It had been a hectic day. Exam were round the corner and his teachers had started taking regular tests. On Monday was the dreaded subject, mathematics. Aman knew he had to work hard to get good marks. His parents were working hard, so that he could secure admission in a good school. He reached home and opened the door with his key. He was just about to drink water when he noticed thick smoke bellowing from the window of the adjacent building. Mr and Mrs sikand lived there. They were old. Aman often visited them. They also loced him and had gifted him a bat on his sixteenth birthday. Aman ran to the building and alerted the watchman. Both of them rushed upstairs and knocked on the door. After repeated knocks, when there was no response, they broke it open along with the other neighbours, who had gathered there by then. They found Mr and Mrs sikand on the floor. Aman found the source of the smoke –a short circuijt. He informed his parents and took the old couple along with another neighbor to the hospital. The doctor examined them and said that they were fine and would be discharged soon. Aman went to meet them. He told them what had happened and asked them to be careful in the future. The sikands thanked Aman and promised to be carefull in the future. Short Story Writing Class 10 4. Write a short story, in about 150-200 words, on the basis of the hints provided. (10 marks) Branches of huge banyan tree-parents-starvation-problems-trend setters Answer. NEVER SAY DIE The sun shone through the branches of the huge banyan tree in the front yard of the yadav household, ushering in another wonderful day. Time had not been very kind to manic and Hariyali. They were only in their teens when they lost their parents to starvation. The village headman shastriji said, “what will happen to these orphans? How will they live? God knows!!” The listeners sighed in response. No one cares to offer any help. Manik, the elder child was fighter. He refused to fall prey to any problems. Along with 10-year-old hariyali, he began cultivating vegetables in the backyard of their small house. “where there is a will there is a way”. The yadav siblings, blessed with green fingers, gradually began to taste the fruits of success. They moved into a bigger house that had a huge terrace. They revolutionized the process of vegetable and fruit farming, developed simple indigenous farming machinery, set up vermicompost pits, propagated using discarded plastic to grow plants, and extended support to anyone who sought their experience and expertise. They became trendsetters. A few years later, they were in for a huge surprise. The village headman came visiting along with some local elders. “come here, dear children”, he said. With folded hands, manik and Hariyali stood at a distance. “No no, not so far away. Come close to me.” He said loudly, “these two yadav children have made our village famous”. Everyone was surprised. “They have been selected by the municipality as green warriors,” said the headman. They continued their efforts and gradually began crossing the seas. Short Story Writing Class 10 5. Write a short story on the basis of the hints provided, in about 150-200 words. (10 marks) Loved reading about life on other planets-one day-walking in the school, suddenly heard a noise-strange man, no creature-an alien saying something-then more come-abducted me. Begin the story with: I loved reading about life on other planets……… Answer. AN ENCOUNTER WITH AN ALIEN I loved reading about life on other planets. Well, that is what I loved to do, of course the only other thing was watching movies like ET, Alien, men in black, etc. the commonality being the aliens. My friends and parents laughed at me and said that I was moving away from the real world. I was also told that I might end up looking like an alien, if I do not pay attention to other things in life. But my love for aliens was beyond all this. Whatever anyone said, I loved anything and everything about them. One day, I was walking in the school all alone thinking about the new alien fiction that someone had told me about I wanted to check if our librarian had ordered it. How I would have loved to lay my hands on it! Suddenly, I heard a strange whirring noise. I turned around and saw some strange creatures. It was in fact like one of those alien creatures that I had seen in the movies—-big eyes, green in colour, two pairs of heads and arms with multiple tentacles on their heads. Thinking it to be a figment of my imagination, I pinched myself hard, only to realize that they were in fact there. One of the aliens said something to the other. Some more aliens joined him. They abducted me and took me to their planet. When I came about I could see people in white coats standing all around me with needles and various other instruments in their hands. scared I tried to push away their hands. Suddenly, I heard one of them speaking in English. The voice seemed to be quite like that of someone whom I knew. The person was asking me to be given an injection. I tried to resist but couldn’t and slept off. Next day, when I woke up, I was in my bed with my parents near me. It seems I had high fever and had fainted in the school. Now the truth, what was the truth, was that really the case? Did I just imagine because of my sickness or did all that happen? Only God knows! Short Story Writing Class 10 6. Write a story, in about 150-200 words, based on the input given below. The parent-teacher meeting was scheduled for tomorrow – scared of informing them – had been scolded for missing school – no way out – cooked a story…… Answer. FORGIVENESS: A GREAT VIRTUE It was late at night. Rahul was wondering what to tell his parents. The parent- teacher meeting was scheduled for tomorrow. But he was scared of informing them. He had forgotten to finish his homework and therefore, bunked the school. He had played in the park the whole time and returned home only in the evening. He had been scolded for missing school. There was no way out. His father was very strict and his mother would also get angry if she come to know. His teacher was sure to inform his parents. He decided to cook up a story. By night he thought of a story, mustered up courag, and after dinner, went to his parents’ bedroom. He knocked on the door lightly. His parents asked him to come inside. He went inside, opened his mouth to speak, but then no words came out. He decided to try once again but the same thing happened. Finally, he tried time, but failed again. Tears started rolling down his eyes. Concerned, his mother rushed to him and asked him why he was crying. Slowly, Rahul told his parents the full incident. His parents were angry at first, but then when they saw that Rahul was feeling really guilty and was apologetic, they pardoned him. Rahul promised to be regular in going to school and in doing his homework every day. Since that day, Rahul’s grades began improving, everyone was amazed, but no one knew the real reason. 7. Write a story, in about 150-200 words, based on the input given below. They started a trek to the peak of the mountain-supposed to be a very hard journey-a five-day long trek-when they started….. Answer. AN ADVENTUROUS TRIP They started a trek to the peak of the mountain. It was supposed to be a very hard journey, but all the friends were enthusiastic about it. They had prepared well and now wanted to enjoy. They had a very hectic semester and wanted to have a blast before the next semester began. It was a five-day long trek and they had informed their parents about their plans. They promised to call their parents before starting the trek. But then when they reached, they forgot all about about it. Next day, when they started the climb, they heard people calling their names. Taking it to be the enthusiasm of the people, they did not pay any attention and moved on. Suddenly, it started snowing. They were in a predicament and realised that the people might have been warning them. Somehow, they reached the first camp and decided to take a break there. They also got to know how some parents had come looking for their kids. Though they made fun of the idea that time, it was only later that they realized it was none other their parents. Their parents scolded them and told them how worried they were after hearing about the impending heavy snowfall and the lack of communication on their part. The boys apologized and promised to be more careful in future. Short Story Writing Class 10 8. Write a story, in about 150-200 words, based on the input given below. She finally had it – the key to the treasure – the map – she trembled – excitement – anticipation Ans. THE TREASURE HUNT It had been a long way up. Radhika was tired, but she did not want to give up. She was determined to win the competition. After all, she had prepared very long for it. Moreover, she could not lose to Ravi. He was always after her and wanted to prove that girls could not do anything right. Radhika was determined to prove him wrong. After a few more steps, she checked the route map, given by the organizers. She was near the location. Now, she started looking carefully for the markers. Finally, she found it, the key to the treasure, the final map. Trembling with excitement and anticipation, she slowly opened it, only to find a blank page. She threw it away in anger. A minute later, she realized her folly. The organizers would have put the information secretly. They would not make it so easy. She ran to get it before anyone else found it. She finally found it and bought it back to the large tree. She slowly opened it again and tried to look at it closely. Suddenly, she saw some letters. She held the sheet to the sun and looked closely again. There it was—-the secret code for reaching the treasure point. She checked her compass, she was moving in the right direction. Trying to keep her cool, she made some calculation using the information in the map. She was just 500 meters away from the place. She ran and started digging at the specified spot. She pushed the mud hard with a stick. Suddenly, there was a sound. Slowly she peeped in. it was a small tin. Taking it out, she checked it. There lay the final treasure—a cheque for Rs. 10,000. She could not contain her joy and shouted loudly. She had finally won. 9. write a story, in about 150—200 words, based in the input given below. Learning to swim—enjoy—not fully trained—pushed inside—started drowning…. Answer. NEVER GIVE UP! The summer vacation had begun. I had finally got the opportunity to learn swimming. I know this wasn’t an age to learn such activities, but then being alone in this world now, I needed something to keep myself busy. All the children were settled and I had a lot of time to spare. At my age, it is necessary to keep oneself active, and to learn swimming had been my dream. And before I die, I wanted to fulfill all my long wished. So here I was with my instructor who had told me the starting steps and asked me to get into the pool and start kicking water as the first step. For some time, I did that. But knowing that I did not have a long time left (just like the others there), made me restless. I had taken some basic training earlier too, so when the instructor went to the office, I decided to test myself. I managed to swim. I came out and decided to take a break. Suddenly, one of the kids decided to play a trick on me. He pushed me into the water. Being not fully trained, I started gasping for breath. I started seeing stars, I was drowning. Suddenly, I felt two hands pulling me. I did not want to die and somehow, the hands pulled me. By the time I came out, I was tired. I saw the same boy and another boy near me. The instructor was also nearby. Everyone was trying to talk to me. I just said that I was fine. The instructor started shouting at the young boy who had pushed me. I felt bad for the boy who looked really repentant and on the verge of tears. I told sir how the boy had just accidentally pushed me and just left at that. That is how, my adventure with swimming ended, but that was only for that day. I am determined to swim again tomorrow. 10. Complete the following story. Some inputs are given to help you start. A merchant riding home from fair. always negative thinking …….. had earned lot of money money got wet …………… cursed god thanked god for rain realised whatever happens, happens alright. attacked saved life sudden rainfall got fired at but due to wet gun powder not hit by robbers Answer. There was a merchant called Salim. He was a money-minded person and usurer and always thought only about money and nothing else. Though he had a lot of money but he was never satisfied. He could be very often heard complaining about the lack of money with him. One day he went to the fair where he did brisk business and earned plenty of money. But instead of being grateful for the money earned he fretted over the fact that others made more money than him. It suddenly rained on the way home and all his money got wet unfortunately. He cursed God in his anger. Little did he know that his negative thinking had a bearing on his destiny. His plight for the day wasn’t over as he was attacked by the gang of robbers. The robbers demanded money from him but he refused to part with them. Livid with anger the leader of the robbers shot at him but the gunpowder being wet did not explode. Salim, relieved, thanked God for the rain. The robbers heard some voices approaching. They decided to let go of Salim. Salim learnt that day that whatever happens, it happens alright. He also pondered and said to himself, “Man is the architect of his own fate. But nobody can deny the outcome of his deed.” Henceforth, he never remain a parsonious person. Salim became a philanthropist. Short Story Writing Class 10 11. write a story, in about 150—200 words, based in the input given below. While strolling in the park near my house, I spotted a cobra. I panicked but stood there like a statue. Frightening thoughts were arising in my mind and then……. Answer. THE KING COBRA It was a very pleasant evening. The pre-monsoon showers had lowered the temperature. The cool south-west winds brought in a cool breeze. Just back from school, around 4 p.m., I stepped out to stroll in the park near my house. There were very few people in the park at that time. I had run three times around the track and decided to rest for a while, and walked towards a bench. All of a sudden, I spotted a cobra under the bench on which an elderly gentleman was sitting with his grandson. I was in a state of panic as I was petrified of snakes. I tried to shout out to them but no sound emerged. I stood still like a statue. I was so frightened, with various thoughts flooding in my mind, that I suddenly fell down in a faint. The watchman came running with a bottle of water which he sprinkled on my pale face and woke up with a start. “snake, snake”, I shouted. The visitors in the park came running towards me. Suddenly, a little boy named Arjun, crowled under the bench and picked up ‘the cobra’, and said, “Are you speaking about this one?” Everyone started laughing. I was embarrassed. It was a toy snake that belonged to Arjun. Short Story Writing Class 10 12. Develop a story with the help of hints provided, in about 150—200 words. It was my first exam. I was already late. I dashed towards my scooty and put the key in the ignition. But it wouldn’t start. Panic-stricken, I rushed towards the main road……. Answer. IMPORTANCE OF TIME The first day of the exams and the subject was the most dreaded, Maths. Mind you, they were the Boards. I woke up late, blissfully unaware of the alarm that rang obediently at the scheduled time of 5a.m. I had to rush with my morning ablutions. No time for breakfast. The clock struck 8.30. The reporting time at the centre was 9 a.m. and I needed 40 minutes to reach. Cursing my stars, and shutting my ears to mummy’s admonitions, I dashed towards my scooty. As fate would have it, the ‘fellow’ refused to comply. Panic-stricken, I rushed towards the main road to find some other means of commuting. The auto-rickshaws were on strike, and no taxi was available. I began sweating profusely and tears welled up in my eyes. Suddenly, a car stopped in front of me. I was shocked to see the occupant. It was none other than my English teacher. “Hop in”, he said. Taking a detour from his route to our school, my most favourite teacher, calmed me down all through the journey, wished me luck, and reached me at my centre, exactly at 9 a.m. I secured 98% for Maths for the first time in my life, thanks to the good wishes of a great teacher. A wonderful teacher and a great human being, I hold him in great esteem even today and try to replicate his outlook towards life and relationship with students. 13. Write a story in 150-200 words with the help of the following outline: Tortoise and hare – good friends – tortoise — known for his slow speed – hare has fast speed – makes fun of tortoise-challenges him – referee selected – race starts – hare overconfident – takes a nap – tortoise wins. Answer. Once there lived a tortoise and a hare in a forest. They were good friends. The tortoise was known for his slow speed. The hare was proud of his speed and he often made fun of the tortoise’s slow speed. One day the tortoise challenged the hare to a race. The hare agreed and a horse was selected as the referee. The race started and the overconfident hare ran fast and attained a lead in the initial stage. The hare now felt like taking a short nap as he believed that he could overtake the slow tortoise any time and reach the target. The hare slept. When the hare woke up he realized that he had overslept. He began to run fast to overtake the tortoise who slowly and steadily was reaching the target. The Tortoise reached the target before the hare could do so and won the race. The moral of the story: ‘Slow and steady wins the race.! 14. Write a story in 150-200 words based on the following outline: two cats – hungry — a loaf of bread – can’t divide – each greedy – wants more – a clever monkey – offered to help – bit by bit – ate the bread his fee – bread finished – cats foolish – still hungry. Answer. Equal Share Once upon a time there lived two cats in a village. One day they were hungry; they searched for food but could not find anything to eat. Soon they spotted a loaf of bread on the road. Each of them was greedy and wanted to eat the bigger portion of the bread leaving the smaller portion to the other. They were arguing as to who should get the bigger share of the bread. A monkey who was passing by was amused when he heard the two cats fighting with each other. He was clever. He offered to help the cats solve their problem and the cats also agreed to it. He bit a small portion of the bread and ate it. He then bit a portion of the larger portion to equalize it. He kept on repeating this act till only a small portion was left behind. He ate that piece also saying that it was his fees. The two cats stood dumbstruck having realized their folly and remained hungry that day. 15. You are Jyoti/Jaydeep. Your younger brother was badly hurt on the evening of Diwali and had to be hospitalized. Narrate your experience in the form of a story, with an appropriate title Answer. Diwali Evening Fiasco Diwali is a festival of lights. Diwali evening glitters the autumn with delights of young children. It brings joys and happiness with the blessings of Goodess Lakshmi. Children burst crackers on this day. Elders also keep themselves busy to decorate their houses for Diwali celebration. My younger brother Jaydeep’s joy knew no bounds on the evening of Diwali last October. Diwali is a festival of lights. Children burst crackers on this day. So, Jaydeep bought a lot of crackers. Many friends came to meet him. Everybody asked him to accompany them. He said, “I am waiting for Tiku and Monu. They will bring two baskets full of crackers. We will enjoy bursting crackers on the Diwali evening in our parlour.” Tiku and Monu reached in time with two big baskets full of crackers. Some crazy boys were bursting chemical bomb-crackers. They started bursting bomb-crackers incessantly. The atmosphere got so much smoky that nothing was visible. Suddenly, one cried loudly, “I can’t see anything, I am almost blind, Who’s there? Save me, save me,” Tiku and Monu found it’s my brother terribly injured. They informed me instantly. I took him by an ambulance to the emergency department in the nearest hospital. The hospital authorities were very cooperative. They admitted my brother then and there. My brother’s life was saved, but Jaydeep lost his one eye for ever 16. Complete the following story in 150-200 words. Give a suitable title to the story. Bunya was a foolish boy, who liked to be given plenty of attention and was always seeking it. He was a woodcutter and would go deep into the jungle to cut trees. One day he wanted to do an act of mischief. He shouted at the top of his voice, “There’s a tiger, there’s a tiger.” …. Answer. A Foolish Woodcutter Boy Once there lived a poor woodcutter boy, named Bunya, near a wood. He lost his father in his childhood. As he was foolish enough to do his duty, so he liked to be given plenty of attention as to perform his duties. As he was an orphan he was always at his wits’ end and did foolish things. He was a woodcutter and would go deep into the jungle to cut trees. One day he wanted to do a mischief. He shouted at the top of his voice, “There’s a tiger, there’s a tiger.” Many villagers came rushing to his aid. But on reaching they found Bunya laughing at how easily they got duped. It amused Bunya very much and he repeated his act. The villagers once again turned up to his aid but found out that Bunya was joking again. The villagers got irritated and vowed never to be made fun of by Bunya again. After a few days Bunya was cutting woods when he saw a tiger. He screamed and screamed for help but no one turned up for his help. Everybody thought that he was trying to fool them again but when Bunya’s mother raised the alarm that it was 8 at night and he hadn’t returned, they set out in his search only to find Bunya’s bones. The tiger roared, “Never tell a lie”. 17. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. Lala, the grocer, was very greedy. He would mix stones in pulses and coloured sand in spices and sell them to the poor villagers. The villagers complained to him but he turned a deaf ear as his was the only grocery store in the village. Answer. Greedy Grocer There lived a greedy grocer in Lalarampura village in Madhya Pradesh. His name was Lala Prasad. In the whole village it was the only grocery shop. So, poor villagers had to buy all the daily necessaries such as pulses, spices, rice, etc. from his shop. But Lala was a dishonest grocer. He would mix stones in pulses and rice, and coloured sand in spices and sell them with unfair prices to the poor villagers. The poor villagers lived from hand to mouth. All the villagers complained to him but he turned a deaf ear to their pleas. The villagers decided to take action against him and complained to the village panchayat. The panchayat asked him to serve good quality items to the people which he did for a few days but soon fell back to his old ways. One day his son fell very ill and he was compelled to go to the next village to buy medicine. He brought medicine from the next village unaware that the man who sold the medicine was just as dishonest. He gave his son the medicine and found him getting worse. All the villagers prayed for the young boy and one of the villagers telegrammed his brother in town for the required medicine. His son soon recovered and Lala learnt that the medicine was tampered with by the seller. He understood the gravity of his sin and vowed to be honest from then on. 18. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. Suraj was a very foolish man. He had no common sense and was often seen doing the silliest of things. He earned his livelihood by cutting wood. Answer. A Great Fool’s foolishness Once there lived a young woodcutter on the outskirts of a forest. His name was Suraj Gandiv. The villagers, dearly called him Suraj. He earned his living by cutting wood from the nearest forest. He had no common sense. He was often involved in doing the silliest of things. He earned his livelihood by cutting wood. He cut wood from the nearby forest and was often tired of carrying it from the forest to the village. So he decided to cut the banyan tree at the edge of the forest. He wanted to save money so that he could get married to his beloved Chanda. Lost in dreams, he began to cutthe tree. He cut all the branches of the tree save one, the one on whose edge he was sitting. So he decided to cut off the last branch too and merrily began sawing the branch. He thought the villagers were jealous of him. So when he had given the final blow to the branch he fell down and broke his ribs. His marriage was postponed by a year. After his recovery, during this time he worked very hard and amassed a lot of money. The next year all the villagers attended his wedding. Suraj is no more foolish after that mishap. 19. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. Mr. Shah lived in a posh residential complex. The residential complex had a huge tree at the centre of it. It was a peepal tree. The residents hung swings on it, fed the birds and the squirrels that resided in it. One day a builder decided to chop it off and build a swimming pool in its place. The residents protested but the builder convinced them that the swimming pool would look better. Only Mr. Shah was not convinced………………………………………… Answer. Mr. Shah lived in a posh residential complex. The residential complex had a huge tree at the centre of it. It was a tall peepal tree. The residents hung and swings on it, fed the birds and squirrels that resided in it. One day a builder decided to chop it off and build a swimming pool in its place. The residents protested but the builder convinced them that the swimming pool would look better. Only Mr. Shah was not convinced because he was a great lover of trees and supported biological diversity. He was very attached to the tree for its branches reached his window and many a happy time he spent watching the creatures that resided on it. He prayed that something should happen to prevent it from being chopped off. Just at the moment he heard a scream from his neighbour’s daughter Sweety, he rushed to his window to see her caught between the branches. Sweety was soon rescued and was declared to be in a safe condition with a few minor wounds. Sweety had slipped through the railing and if it wasn’t for the tree she would have died, Sweety’s dad was the builder himself and decided not to chop off the tree anymore. Mr. Shah thanked God for listening to his prayers and also prayed to all “Save Trees, Save Lives.” 20. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. Last week I went to market on bicycle to buy some books. I placed my bicycle outside the shop…………. Answer. Last week I went to market to buy some books on my bicycle. I placed the bicycle outside the shop. I asked for the spices mother had wanted, paid for them and turned back. To my surprise a squirrel was sitting gaily on the seat of my bicycle. I stood quietly for five minutes, watching the squirrel. It was very amusing to watch the squirrel trying to bite its tail; it soon sensed my presence and looked up to find me staring at it. I took out a carrot from the shopping bag I had in my hand and offered it to the squired that started nibbling it immediately. It did not scamper away but to my utmost surprise jumped on to shoulders. I felt proud that it chose me as a friend and resolved to keep it as a pet. But I forgot it was somebody’s pet. Just as I sat on the bicycle the shopkeeper came outside his shop looking for some Tony which was the pet’s nick name. The squirrel jumped from my shoulders to the shopkeeper who fondly patted him and remarked that Tony had kept him company for three years and it was one of the members of his family. I was very disappointed at the prospect of losing Tony but was happy that Tony had a very loving and kind master. 21. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. Yesterday I was going to school. On the way I saw a child in the middle of the road. A car was coming at full speed………………………………………………………… Answer. Yesterday I was going to school. On the way I saw a child in the middle of the road. A car was coming at full speed. I was screaming to the top of my voice. The traffic police noticed it too and signalled the car to stop. The car halted with a screech and a lady darted towards the child and picked her up in her arms. The lady looked very relieved. She went up to the traffic police and thanked him for saving her baby’s life. The traffic police repeatedly warned the lady not to bring the child when she went for shopping. Particularly, women these days are crazy to bring their children while going for shopping. She narrated the traffic police that while she was busy buying vegetables, the child had slipped away unnoticed. She had been looking for the child frantically then suddenly she spotted him in the middle of the road. The traffic police reproached her for her carelessness and asked her to be more cautious in future. She should be aware of the traffic rules and act accordingly. For her part, it is an unpardonable offence to harass the police in the context of losing a child, though she may be a parent. She promised that she would never let the child out of her sight whenever she was out of house, 22. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. Once there was an old man. He had four sons. They always quarrelled with one another. Answer. Once there was an old man. He had four grown-up sons. They always quarrelled with one another and vehement. Despite coaxing and pleading, the four brothers refused to reform and be cordial with each other. The quarrels turned serious when the brothers threatened to kill one another. The father was at a loss and decided to teach them a lesson. He purchased a bear. He showered the creature with love and provided a trainer who taught the bear to dance. The sons were surprised, perplexed and became jealous of the bear. They were planning how they could drive away the animal. They decided to kill the bear, but could not agree on a single plan of action. While one felt that the bear should be poisoned, the other wanted the bear driven out. A third wanted to leave him in the zoo, and the fourth wanted to kill the trainer. A huge quarrel broke out. On learning what his sons were planning, the father was aghast. He told them that it was a cruel act to kill a pet animal. He was about to send for the police to arrest them for cruelty to animals when the sons realized their stupidity. They were repentant and begged to be pardoned. After extracting a promise of good behaviour and brotherly affection, the father forgave them. The family came together once again. 23. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. One day a dog found a piece of meat. He reached the bank of the river…………………. Answer. One day a dog found a piece of meat. He joyfully reached the bank of the river. He knew that the other dogs in the neighbourhood were keen to have a slice of the meal but he was in no mood to share his meal with any of his brethren, as such tasty mouthfuls did not come his way every day, he decided to eat his meat in a grassy hideout. He was proud of getting such an opportunity to eat the meat lonely. A party of picnickers were enjoying themselves nearby. They spotted the dog with the meat and sent their own dog to chase him away. The dog saw his golden chance to attack the opponent. He gave a loud bark of warning which signalled all the neighbourhood curs who lived on scraps thrown in dustbins, to attack the meat. They immediately scurried out of the by-lanes and gave chase. The poor dog was hopelessly outnumbered by the advancing army of hungry canines and abandoned the juicy dinner. The roadside pariahs, began fighting among themselves tearing at each others’ ears and tails. The lonely dog watched them in dismay. The piece of meat rolled off the bank into the water and when all the dogs had departed disappointed, he went to the river, and retrieving the meat, enjoyed a quiet repast on the grassy banks. 24. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. On Sunday I was watching TV. Suddenly I heard people shouting outside Answer. On Sunday, I was watching TV with great curiosity. Suddenly I heard people shouting outside. The police were cordoning off the street and carrying out a house-to-house search. They were asking the residents if they had guests staying with them, or whether they had rented out rooms to people. The search was almost over, when one of the policemen decided to interrogate the children playing in the park. They disclosed that they had spotted three men carrying a large sack up the stairs of their block of flats and had left it on the terrace. The police were quick to reach the spot, where they found three men crouching behind the water tank. They held a large sack. On being asked to disclose its contents, one of the men tried to jump off the roof, but the police fired rubber bullets and stopped him in his tracks. The sack was opened and from it there emerged tiger and thinoceros parts. The men were notorious poachers who would hide their loot in neighbourhood terraces and public parks till they could smuggle it out of the country. The gang was busted and their links wite an international gang and underworld was traced, leading to huge arrests. The police invited the neighbourhood children to the police station, where the inspector awarded the children bravery awards for nabbing the poachers, 25. Complete the following story. Some inputs are given to help you start. …………. lion in the forest …………. the lion with an offer……….. wise and old. ……… killing animals…………… turn of one of the animals …………… strode along to the Lion by sunset ………….. rabbit calm told about another Lion…………… Answer. The Metro Goldwyn Mayer Logo Lion The lion in the forest had not ventured to the tourist camp next to the jungle. He had readymade meals available within his territory. But the hunted animals lived a perilous existence. They decided to call a council meeting and approach the lion with an offer. Each day, one of them would offer to sacrifice himself before the lion as his daily meal. In this way, peace could prevail in the jungle. When it was his turn, the old rabbit strode along to the lion by sunset and said: “My Worthy Lord, before you have your meal today, may I ask you a question?” Humphhh…’ roared the mighty beast. You are the King of the Jungle alright, but Lord, there is a lion in the tourist camp next door, who is more powerful than you. That’s a lie. I am the Lion King.’ He lives in the TV studio and only when he roars does the movie begin. I saw him last night when I watched a movie from my burrow under the tourist tent. I will challenge that imposter,’ roared the lion. Saying this, the lion forgot the rabbit and rushed towards the tourist encampment. His roaring alerted the forest guards who thought the lion had gone mad, and killed him. That evening, all the forest creatures came in a horde to see the movie. Sure enough, when the lion in the Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo roared on the screen, the animals let out shrieks to coincide with the roar.