Imaginative Essay Topics For Class 8

Sample 1 If I Met Aladdin’s Genie for a Day! 

How lucky Aladdin was! He had a genie to fulfill all his dreams. With his help he became a fabulously rich man, married a princess and lived happily ever after! Suppose, just suppose, I also meet a genie! I can, so don’t laugh! Everything and anything is possible in this world. I would not ask the genie to make me rich or find a beautiful princess for me. I have better things to do in life.

The first thing I will ask the genie will be to make me a very, very intelligent boy, a better genius than Einstein. I would never feel small in class again, I will astonish all my teachers with my knowledge and ready answers. 

My second wish will be that the genie takes me round the world. I would go through space without space suits or shuttles. I’ll visit the Moon, Planet Mars and stun the world with new scientific information I will collect. The teachers who think I’m a dud in science, will be amazed, or thunderstruck with my knowledge. 

My last wish will be to discover the secrets of all diseases. Why should we humans suffer so. much! I will find one single cure for all diseases! I want everyone to lead a happy, adventurous healthy life. I don’t like to see sad faces around me.

But please, will somebody find the genie for me!

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