About The Vocabulary Test

  • There are 40 questions in this vocabulary test.
  • They cover all levels from elementary (A1) to advanced (C1) in a random order. You will get your score at the end.
  • Don’t use a dictionary – the idea is to find your natural level


Do you live in a house or _________?
‘Happy’ is the _________ of ‘sad’.
I _________ swimming every Saturday morning.
apartment –> flat, elevator –> lift, gasoline –> _________
You can’t smoke here – please _________ your cigarette.
Fruit and vegetables are healthy. = Fruit and vegetables are _________.
She doesn’t have brothers or sisters – she’s _________.
He’s a waiter; she’s a _________.
They never argue and they enjoy spending time together. = They _________.
Are you planning to go _________ for the weekend?
Our teacher doesn’t _________ us use mobile phones in class.
I’ve been so busy all week. I don’t want to do anything at the weekend – I’ll just stay at home and _________.
Your father’s brother’s daughter is your _________.
Do you want a _________ or a return ticket?
I don’t like my job very much. I’m going to _________ and look for another one.
Every time I wear something white, I _________ coffee or orange juice or something on it.
It’s the _________ building in the city.
imagine –> imaginative, rely –> reliable, ambition –> _________
Excuse me, I think you’ve _________ a mistake in our bill.
I love all fruit, but _________ strawberries.
What size do you need: small, medium or _________?
He studies maths at university. He’s a _________.
She’s a police officer, so she has to wear a _________ at work.
The weather was great – it was really _________.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are _________.
Argh! This noise is giving me a _________.
It’s a good idea, but it’s _________ that the boss will agree with you.
He’s so _________! I’m not _________ in anything he says.
At the weekend I _________ with some friends – we went for a curry, then had a couple of drinks.
I’m a bit lost. Can you tell me how to _________ to the university?
I’ve got all the data. Now I just need to _________ the answer.
What time is it? It’s 6.15 – a _________ past six.
Her hair isn’t completely straight – it’s slightly _________.
I don’t _________ going out tonight.
friendly –> unfriendly honest –> dishonest polite –> _________
Let’s go to a restaurant for dinner tonight = Let’s _________ tonight.
What time do you go to _________ every day?
tired –> exhausted, small –> tiny, angry –> _________
We nearly missed the plane—we were only just _________.
If I were you, I’d leave earlier, so you can avoid the _________.


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