Target 15-Nouns

Target 15-Nouns singular and Plural Noun English nouns are either counted or non-count count nouns are things we can be counted. You can put numbers in front of them. They have both singular plural Forms. I read one  book last week read a book last […]

Target 14-Pronouns

Target 14-Pronouns Pronouns are used to replace or refer to nouns so that you don’t have to keep repeat in the same word over and over. Pronouns The subject he she                   it          […]

Target 13-Comparison and Contrast

  Target 13-Comparison and Contrast You can define an object or describe a person by comparing or contrasting the object with something else. You can define a pear by comparing it with a peach or contrast- ing it with a banana. This is a very […]

Target 12-Chronological Order

Target 12-Chronological Order chronological order organism ng wound the sequence of time. You write about what happens first, then what happens second what happens after that, and what finally happens. Useful Words for Time alter                     […]

Target 11 Synonyms

Target 11 Synonyms Using a variety of vocabulary insurance rather than repeating the same words over and over hele te held the reader’s sunt You can do this by using a synonym. the word that is similar in meaning synonyms bute to keep your writing […]

Target 10-Repeating and Rephrasing

Target 10-Repeating and Rephrasing In a well-written essay, there is a clear relationship between sentences and between ideas. They all fit together well. This is coherence. Repeating words and rephrasing ideas are two ways to provide coherence to an essay. Repeating Repeating words and phrases […]

Target 9-Transition: Connecting and Linking

Target 9-Transition: Connecting and Linking You can use transition words and phrases in your writing to connect the paragraph to the next Transition words can show time, degree. Comparison They help your reader follow your ideas from one sentence to the next of tumor contrast, […]

Target 8-Stating Your Opinion

Target 8-Stating Your Opinion For writing Task 2 on both the Academic and General Training tests, you will probably be asked for your opinion. The introduction to your essay should tell the reader what your opinion is. There is no right or wrong opinion Whatever […]

Target 7–Writing the conclusion

Target 7–Writing the conclusion A good essay has a good conclusion. The conclusion briefly supports your thesis and reminds the reader of your intentions. It returns to ideas you presented in your introduction and uses them to conclude with a summary, generalization, prediction Question or […]

Target 6-Writing a Paragraph

Target 6-Writing a Paragraph In Target you loomed to write your thesis statement. The thesis statement is what Your essays about. An essay is made up of paragraphs. Each paragraph has a topic sentence and supporting details A topic sentence te is what each paragraph […]