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Questions 1-6

Questions 1 and 2

MI: exam. As you know, this class regularly meets from two-thirty until four Wednesday and

Good afternoon class. There have been several questions about the time for our final

Friday. Some of you have realized that during exam week there is a different schedule, thence

the questions. Our final exam will be on Wednesday of exam week. It is scheduled to start

alone forty-five and should last about an hour and a half, so you’ll be out of here at around

three fifteen or SO.

Questions 3 and 4

Wl: Could you tell me what time the train to Chicago leaves?

MI: The next train is at five fifteen.

WI: Hm. That’s a long wait. It’s only three now. What time does it arrive in Chicago?

MI: The trip is a little over six hours. It arrives at 11:30

Questions 5 and 6

W1: Hi Cindy. I wanted to see if you could meet me for lunch tomorrow.

W2: Let’s see, tomorrow’s Monday… I have a Spanish class in the morning… Yes, I think that’s

a good idea.

W: OK Let’s meet at twelve.

W2 Well, I have a haircut at 11:30. Better make it quarter past.

W: Quarter past twelve, great

W2: I’m so glad we’re getting together. I’ll be really nervous because I have a job interview in the

afternoon. You can help me get ready for it.

WI: You know what’s good for nerves? Exercise

W2:I have my exercise class tomorrow at four That should help.

“Berbice shops in the city center were burgled


Questions 1 and 2

The Coliseum of Art was established in the year & It liest opened its doors to the pic

lic on August fifteenth of that year. There was a spectacular opening celebration but

held until later in the year on December first to be exact. Now the sens for the delayed

celebration are very interesting.

Questions 3 and 4

MI: All right. Mrs. Katz. I need just a bit more information to complete your application. Mari

have your date of birth?

Wl: It’s twenty-second September.

MI: Your husband’s name is George correct?

Wl: yes and he was born on seventh July.

Questions 5 and 6

Wl: We’re thinking about going to Silver Lake this year. When do you think is a good time too?

Ml: Well, most people don’t like to go in July or August because it’s so hot then somber is for

1 think the most popular time to go is October

Wl: Is that when you plan to go?

Ml: Actually, no. We can’t get away till November this year. We’ve made our reservations for them

and we’re leaving on the seventh.


Questions 1-6

Questions 1 and 2

W2 Hey Tim. Are you going to history class?

MI: No I don’t have history today I have English

WI It’s Monday. Are you sure you don’t have history today?

MI Yeah I have English today and Wednesday My history class is on Thursday

W1 Just one day a week for history, huh? Not bad.

Questions 3 and 4

MI We’re very glad that you are considering becoming members of the Urban Exercise Chub. I’m

sure you’ll want to sign up for a membership after you’ve enjoyed this afternoon here. Since

today’s Thursday, you could have a tennis lesson. The tennis instructor is here twice a wel

Saturday as well as Thursday. You’re lucky it’s not Friday. You’ll be able to enjoy the steam

room. It’ll be closed for its weekly cleaning tomorrow.

Questions 5 and 6

W: Let me remind you of your assignments for next week. Don’t forget that the final exam has

been rescheduled, so it’ll be on Friday instead of Thursday and you have an essay due to en

Tuesday. You should have a lot to study over Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget that it

office hours on Monday afternoon, in case you have any questions.

Questions 1-6

Questions I and 2

MI: John James Audubon, the famous naturalist, and painter of birds was born on the island of

Haiti in 1785. In 1803, he went to live in the United States. He was a self-taught painter and

supported himself for a while by painting portraits. His famous work, Birds of America, was

first published in England. Later, in 1842. Audubon published a version of this work in the

The United States. He died in 1851.

Questions 3 and 4

Wi: That was a really interesting lecture on Maria Mahoney I really admire her for being the first

woman governor of our state.

MI: Yes, she was an admirable person. Let’s go over our notes. I put down that she was born in


WI: Not eighteen Nineteen. She was born in 1908

Mi: Whoops! OK, then, but I have this right She became governor in 1967

Wi: Are you sure? Wasn’t it 1957?

Me: No, 1957 is when she first decided to run for office, but she didn’t win an election until 1967.

Questions 5 and 6

MI: The university began construction of the library in 1985. It was expected to take just two

years, but by the end of 1987, the library was only three quarters completed. Finally, by the

summer of 1988, construction was finished and the new library opened in August of that



Questions 1-6

Questions 1 and 2

WI: Tourists visit the region only during certain times of the year. The winters are not harsh, but

it rains a lot then and the temperatures are quite cool. Spring is quite a bit less rainy than

winter, and the temperatures are warmer, so many tourists like to visit then Summers are hot

and dry, so hot that most tourists stay away. They return in the autumn when the weather is

still dry but not as hot.

Questions 3 and 4

WI: Wow, Josh, I can’t believe you hiked the whole mountain range. When did you start your trip?

MI: Well, you can’t leave too early in the spring, because it’s still late winter in the mountains

then. Most hikers start in the late spring, and that’s what I did too.

Wi: And then you hiked all summer. What’s summer-like in the mountains?

Me: It’s not too hot and you can see a lot of wildlife, especially later in the summer when the

birds start to migrate.

WI: It must have been winter by the time you finished the trip.

Me: Not quite. It was late in the autumn, which is almost as cold as winter in the mountains.

Questions 5 and 6

MI: I’d like to sign up for the beginning Japanese class.

Wi: I’m sorry, all our Japanese classes are full Fall is the busiest time of year here at the language school.

Mi: Him. Well, then, maybe I’ll wait until next summer to take a class.

W1:That would be fine, but I recommend enrolling early. Summer is almost as busy as fall.

Mi: Really? Well, when is your least busy time of year?

Wi: Spring is a quieter time, but we have our lowest enrollment in the winter.

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