Target 11-Listening for Classifications (page 46)

Questions 1-5

Question 1

WI: It’s easy to upgrade your ticket from economy class to first class. It costs just a little bit more,

and it will enhance your travel experience in several ways. While we have robbery seats in both

economy and first-class, our first-class passengers are also offered pillows and blankets so

they can nap in comfort. Snacks are served in economy class, while full meals are served to

all first-class passengers. As an economy-class passenger, you’ll be offered the most current

magazines for your entertainment, but you’ll have to bring your own DVDs if you want to

watch movies. In first-class, we show complimentary first-run movies.

Question 2

MI Do you want to go to the movies tonight? There’s a great film showing at the Royal Theater

WI. The Royal Theater? I never like the movies there. They only show violent types like horror and

war movies

MI: So what kind of movie do you like?

WI: Oh, romantic movies and classic movies, like the ones they show at the Deluxe Theater

Question 3

MI: Although butterflies and moths look very similar, they aren’t exacıly alike. There are several

ways to tell the difference between them. The most well-known difference is that butterflies

fly during the day, while moths are night fliers. Additionally, when butterflies rest, they fold

their wings back. Moths at rest hold their wings in a horizontal position. The antennae are

different also. Butterflies have thin antennae, and moths often have feathery antennae.

Question 4

Wi: I have so much to do to get ready for the party. I have to clean the house, cook.

Me: You’ve bought all the food already haven’t you?

Wi: Yes, the shopping’s done. And I’ve planned all the decorations, 100.

MI: When did you mail’ the invitations?

WI: Mail the invitations? Oh, no! I guess I’d better do that today.

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Question 5

WI: Trees for landscaping your garden can be divided into three categories. Some trees we plant

to add beauty to the yard. They are chosen for their beautiful flowers or interesting leaves.

These are the ornamental trees. If you live in a sunny location, then you’ll probably want to

plant some shade trees. These are usually tall, broad-leafed trees. Finally, we have the ever-

greens. Every garden should have at least one to provide a bit of green year-round. Most evergreens are cone-bearing trees with needles instead of leaves.

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