Target 12-Chronological Order

chronological order organism ng wound the sequence of time. You write

about what happens first, then what happens second what happens after that, and

what finally happens.

Useful Words for Time

alter                                                                           In conclusion

at time)                                                                       in the 20, 1980

at birth in childhood, in infancy, as                   In the first half of the century

an adult, in adulthood, in old age                       in the first place, second place

at last                                                                                     later

at the turn of the century (decade)                       next, then subsequently

before                                                                                        on (day)

Between………. And                                                                 previous

During                                                                                       previously

Earlier before

every (number) years, months, days)                    simultaneously, at the same time as

finally                                                                                                since

the first second third, etc.                                                             to begin with

the former, latter                                                                                    while

in (rear

You can also study verb tenses in Target 5-Verb Tenses, page 182. Knowing

the correct verb tense will help you with chronological order.


Combine the pairs of sentences using after, while, or before. There may be more than one way

to combine these sentences. You may have to change pronouns and verb tenses.

The audience left the concert hall. The orchestra played the last note.

2 Look at the menu. Order your meal.

3 The lights went out. We lit a candle.

4 We were waiting for you in the coffee shop. You were waiting for us at the bookstore.

5 They filled the car with gas.’ The car ran out of gas.

“Barnspetrol filled up with petrol.


Put these sentences into chronological order.

1 In the future, the town hopes to build an art museum next to the old factory

2 Once the factory opened, river traffic increased, bringing raw materials to

the factories and taking munitions downstream to the major river portato

the mouth of the river.

3 In the early 1900s, Winston on Hudson was just a small town on the Hudson


4 Soon, Winston on Hudson became a tourist destination.

5 Today, the town’s munitions factory has been turned into artist studios.

6   Nothing happened in the town until after the start of the First World War was

a munitions factory opened.

7 Within ten years, cargo boats were followed by passenger boats bringing wel

end sightseers.

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