Target 12-Listening for Comparisons and Contrasts


Wi For your new job?

MI: It’s great. Much better than my old job

W1Really That’s wonderful. You’re earning more money now, aren’t you?

Mi: Yeah, the salary’s a lot higher but I have to work more hours.

Wi: Too bad. I remember you had a really good schedule at your old job

Mi: Yes, I miss that. But the job itself is pretty similar. I have the same kind of responsibilities that

I had before

Wi: That makes it easier. Are you still working in the same place?

MI: No, now I have to go to the other side of town. But at least I can still take the bus as I did for

my old job

Wi: Well, that’s convenient

Question 2

WI: The new Riverdale Library will have its grand opening next month. The new library, which has

been under construction for the past two years, stands on the same site as the old library. But

there the similarity ends. The new library is much larger than the old two-story building, boast-

ing four floors of books and two floors of offices, as well as an underground parking garage,

which everyone agrees, will be a great improvement over the old outside parking lot. With so

much space to fill we have greatly expanded the size of our book collection. You will continue

to enjoy the same services as before Online book renewal free Internet access, and the Ask-a.

Librarian Hotline that you enjoyed at the old library will also be available at our new facilities.

Question 3

Mi: I’m interested in joining the health club but I see you have two types of membership

WI: Yes, we have both full and associate memberships. The full membership costs almost twice as

much as the associate, and many members feel it’s worth the extra cost.

MI: What’s the difference between them?

Wi: With both types of membership you are entitled to the use of all our club facilities and you

can take advantage of all our fitness classes as well. You also get used to the locker room with

both memberships, but full members get extra locker room privileges, such as your own

locker exclusively for your use and laundry service as well. May I sign you up for a full mem-

membership today?

MI: I’m not sure. The associate membership sounds fine to me.

WI: Let me point out that with the full membership you also get a complimentary individualized

fitness plan tailored just for you. Associate members may take advantage of this service as

well but they have to pay extra for it.

Me: I’ll have to think about it

Bis changing room

 Question 4

MI: Toads and frogs begin their lives in similar ways. The eggs hatch in or near water, and the

babies, called tadpoles, spend the first part of their lives living in the water. When they become

adults, frogs continue to live in the water, while adult toads usually live on the land. When you

come across one of these animals, how can you tell whether it’s a toad or a frog? The easiest

way is to touch its skin. Frogs have smooth skin while the skin of toads is generally rough and

bumpy. Their shape is somewhat different also, with toads being plumper and broader than

frogs. What is a more typical sound on a summer evening than a chorus of croaking frogs or

toads? Both these animals make their croaking sound by inflating a sac in their throat

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