Target 14-Listening for Chronology (page 53)

Questions 1-5

Question 1

WI T’in interested in renting an apartment in this building

MI: OK, first you’ll have to fill out an application. Then, before you submit it, you’ll need to get 

two references.

WI: References.?

Mi: Yes from former landlords at your boss seal who can vouch for your response.

All right. so you do that you’ll have to have some money ready for a deposit As

soon as we have an available apartment we notify you and we ask that you pay a deposit

to hold it for you 

Wi: I have to pay the deposit before signing the lease.

Mi: We course well refund it if you decide not to take the apartment, but the deposit holds it

for you while you look the apartment over and decide whether or not you want it.

Question 2

Today we’ll take a look at the life of classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart

abominestra in 1756 father. Leopold was a well-known music teacher and pub.

wished an important Redbook on violin playing shortly after Wolfgangs Binh lung Wolfgang

showed his genius at an early age, beginning to write his own musical compositions at the

use of this sone factor that led to his father’s decision to take Wolfgang and his sister

performing toes around Europe, beginning in 1782. After a childhood of touring Europe,

Mexican visited Vienna in 17a) and decided to settle there. He had been greatly saddened

during his tour of 1777 when his mother who was accompanying him, died while they were

abroad He looked forward to a new life in Vienna

Question 3

Wi: How did your trip to the beach go?

Mi Fantastic Well, most, of course, we had to leave home at five in the morning

Wi: Ouch so early.

Mi: Yeah. but then by lunchtime, we were almost there.

Wi: So where’d you have lunch. At that burger place right?

Mi: No We just had a roadside picnic to save time. We’d made our sandwiches the night before we left.

Wi: you’re so organized.

Mi: I guess WheerSo anyhow back in the car after lunch we started arguing about a place to

ste finally agreed on the White Sands Motel

Wi: I’ve been there. It’s alright

Me: Yeah it’s a good thing we left home only because by the time we got there, there was

only one to let at the motel so we were lucky to get it. We went swimming as soon as we checked in


I have to do this research project for my sociology class, and I don’t know how to begin

W2 is that Professor Mer’s class I took it last year. It’s a great class

WE Rally Can you help me get started?

W2:Sure, well. I mean, I guess so Well I’d say the most important thing is to get a partner. It’s much

cashiering with someone else

Wi: So the first thing is to get a partner

W2: You probably should choose a research topic first, then find a classmate who’s also interested

in your topic. Then you need the professor’s approval

Wi: Approval for what

W2: No wait. OK, first you and your partner design your research. I mean you write up your ques

tionnaire and decide whom you will interview and all that

wi: Then we get the professor’s approval for our research design?

Wi: yes. And then you can start your research

 Question 5

WI: Welcome to Waterside Gardens. We’ll begin our tour by walking through the rose garden, just

as soon as everyone has shown me his or her tickets. Following the rose garden, we’ll view the

pond area. We’ll visit the greenhouse after everyone who so desires have had a chance to pho-

autograph the butterfly garden. It is our most picturesque area. And that’s it. I hope you’ll enjoy

the tour.

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