Target 16-Parallel Structures

Parallel structures are structures that follow the same pattern when you write

Parallel structure, your wing has a rhythm that is easy to follow. It helps make you

Ideas easier to understand.


Parallel    Play and study two ways Children can use a computer

                 Playing and studying are two ways children can use a computer

                   in both of the above examples, the subjects are parallel to these

                  For example, they are simple nouns. In the second example, they

                are two gerunds.

Not parallel     Playing and study are two things children can use a computer ter

In this example, one word is a gerund and the other is not. The

words are not parallel and the sentence is awkward.



I reached out my hand, grabbed a glass, and noticed that my watch

was gone.

The verbs are parallel because they are all in the same tense

Not parallel      The village has grown and become more prosperous

The two verbs connected by and should be the same tense is grow

ing and becoming it is not necessary to repeat an auxiliary verb

(such as the verb be in a continuous tense).


Parallel  Maple syrup is a popular and tasty treat.

This example is parallel because it uses two similar words, that is two adjectives, to describe maple syrup

Not parallel   Maple syrup is a popular treat and also tastes good. This example is grammatically correct, but it is not parallel it uses two words that are not a similar-an an adjective, popular, and a verb,   Latest-to describe maple syrup.


Parallel voice   The house was painted and the roof was repaired

        This example is parallel because it uses s passive voice in both


Not parallel       The house was painted and we repaired the roof.

                           This example is grammatically correct, but it is not parallel. It uses

                          passive voice in the first clause and active voice in the second



Look at the two underlined words and phrases in each sentence below. Change the second one

to make it parallel with the first.

1 Many children like looking for information on the Interneplayingo play online games

2 People watch TV for entertainment and to be informed

3 I will be in your neighborhood tomorrow and am going to bring you the check then.

4 A life that is all work and no playing every dull indeed,

5 The TV programs I am recommending are very amusing and also educate

6 Now, the citizens of Palm Grove can earn a good living from tourism, but they are no

longer able to enjoy the simple, peaceful life they once had.

7 Home-cooked meals are more nutritious, and I like the taste better, too.

8 The hotel district was expanded, and people removed the fishing docks

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