Target 17-Sentence Types

Using variety in your sentences keeps your writing lively and interesting. It also shows

the range of your writing ability. One way you can vary your sentences is by using

a variety of sentence types. There are four types of sentences simple, compound-complex, and compound-complex.

Simple Sentence

A simple sentence has one subject and one verb.

Television offers a variety of programs.


Compound Sentence

A compound sentence has two or more simple sentences linked by the conjunctions

and, or, and but.

Some people are not bothered by violent TV programs, but others avoid them

simple sentence 1                                                                  simple sentence 2

Complex Sentence

A complex sentence is made up of a simple sentence (an independent clause) and one

or more subordinate clauses.

If we don’t like a particular TV program, we can easily change the channel.

subordinate clause                                                           simple sentence

Compound-Complex Sentence

A compound-complex sentence has two or more simple sentences and one or more

subordinate clauses.                                                          simple sentence

While many people avoid watching violent TV programs, others don’t mind them

subordinate clause

and they watch them frequently,

simple sentence 2


Combining the function prices change the order of the sentences

Compound Sentence

I like home-cooked food

I also enjoy eating at restaurants


2 I think art appreciation is important

I don’t believe valuable school time should be spent on art classes


Complex Sentence

3 Children should learn to use computers

They will need computer skills later in life


4 I don’t think there should be laved against violence on TV

I don’t enjoy watching violent programs.

even though)

5 Some people are willing to spend a lot of money on stylish clothes.

Others prefer to dress less expensively


6 Children don’t have opportunities to visit art museums.

They will never learn to appreciate art

Compound-Complex Sentence

7 lown a TV

I rarely watch it

I don’t have time

(but because


Choose conjunction from the list for each number and use it to combine the sentences. Don’t

change the order of the sentences.

1 Everyone arrives

We will sene dinner

(as soon as while, because)

2 I don’t have a lot of money

I generally buy expensive clothes.

(because, although and)

3 I know a lot about music.

I took music lessons as a child.

(but, if, because)

4 I own a car.

My husband has a motorcycle

(while, before, and)

5 I enjoy watching television

I don’t watch it every day

(but, and, as soon as)

6 Some of the restaurants in my neighborhood serve delicious healthful meals.

Others serve only tasteless junk.

(because, while, if

7 Riding the bus is convenient

You live close to a bus stop

(although, if, but)

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