Target 19-Checking the Spelling

When you revise your response to a writing task, one thing you will have to check is the

spelling. You will be expected to know how to spell common English words correctly.

Check your writing carefully to make sure that you haven’t left out any letters, added

extra letters, reversed the order of letters, or made other sorts of spelling mistakes.


Read the following sentences and find the spelling errors Rewrite each sentence with correct


1 It was found that most middle-income families spent 50 percent of their household budget

on housing expenses in 2010.

2 I think you must have a lot of money to be considered successful.

3 Spending money on art and musick education gives children a big advantage that will help

them in the future.

4 I feel that this type of television program is not of interest to most people and will cause

you to lose a large portion of your audience.

5 Ino that you will enjoy the party, and I hope you will be able to attend.

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