Target 2-Understanding Numbers (page 27)

Questions 1-5


WI: Now, Mr. Wilcox, you can send us a check or, if you pay now by credit card. I can process

your order right away.

MiI’ll pay by credit card

Wi:Great. May I have your credit card number then?

Mi:It’s 86 double 7532148.

WI:214 8. All right then, you should have your order within four business days

Question 2

MI:The university is very proud of its new theater, which is equipped with a state-of-the-art light

and sound system and has a much greater seating capacity than the old one. The old theater

had seats for just 250 people while the new one can seat an audience of 500

 Question 3

Wi: I’m updating my phone list. Do you know Sherry’s phone number by any chances?

MI:I know it by heart It’s 575-3174

WI:Great. Thanks

Question 4

ME: That room is only three hundred and fifteen dollars a night il you stay for three nights.

WI: Wow! Do you have anything more, uh, economical?

MI: Let me see……for next week….. Yes, I have another room that is just two hundred and say.

five dollars a night. For a minimum three night stay of course.

WI:That’s still a lot of money but I’ll take it.


MI:Is this the lost luggage office?

W1 Yes. How may I help you?

MI :How can you help me? By finding my luggage that your airline lost

WI: All right, sir. Calm down. May I have your name and your flight number, please?

MI:My name is Richard Lyons and my flight number is XY538.

Questions 6-10 oh three six five double eight

 S2:seven oh three six five eight eight

S3:seven zero three sixty-five eighty-eight

7.s1:seven double four one four nine two

S2:seven four four one fout nine two

S3:seven forty-four fourteen ninety-two

8.SI two oh two double nine eight three

S2 two oh two nine nine eight three

S3: Two zero two ninety-nine eighty-three

9.SI:six seven one four five three two

S2 six seven one four five three two

S3, six seventy one forty-five thirty-two

10.Sl: eight two four one five six one

S2: eight two four one five six one

S3: eight twenty-four fifteen sixty-one

Questions 11-15

11.SI: six three seven oh double five oh

S2: six three seven oh five five oh

S3 six thirty-seven zero fifty-five zero

12.SI: two six five one eight double one

S2:two six five one eight one one

S3:two sixty-five eighteen eleven

13.Si: two eight seven six two one six

S2: two eight seven six two one six

S3: two eighty-seven sixty-two sixteen

14SI: four double five three oh two one

S2: four five five three oh two one

S3: four fifty-five thirty twenty-one

15.S1: three oh five eight four eight oh

S2: three oh five eight four eight oh

S3: three zero five eighty-four eighty

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