Target 3-Understanding the Alphabet (page 29)

Questions 1-6

1.M1:My name is Tomas, t-0-m-a-s. I use the Spanish spelling.

WI: Oh, without the h.

2.Wi: I live af 534 Maine Avenue. That’s Maine with an “e” on the end.

M1. with an e. Not like Main Street with no e.

3.MI:Is that Patty, p-a-t-T-Y?

Wi:No, with an i. Pa t-t-i.

4.Wi:Excuse me. You spelled my family name wrong. It’s Roberts. The last letter is s.

Mi:Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you said Robertson.

5.Mi:All right then, you live in the city of Springfield

Wi:No, that’s Springvale, v-a-l-e.

Wi:OK, that’s Mr Nixon, n-i-x…

Mi:No, no, no Dixson, d-1-3-5-0-n.

Questions 7-12

MI: If you’re paying by credit card, I’ll need your full name,

WI: Sure. It’s Miranda Green. That’s m-i-r-a-n-d-a.

MI: A-n-d a Great. And what’s your credit card number?

WI: 7-oh-4-3-2-1-8.

MI: 2-1-8. OK, you wanted two tickets, right?

8.WiI’m looking up the number of the Bijou Theater. How do you spell that? With a g?

Mi:No, with a j. It’s B-1-j-o-u.

Wi:B-i-j….Found it. Write this number down for me: 2-3-2-5-4-double 8.

MI: Let me just get your name. That was Miss Roberta Johnson.

WI: Not Johnson, Janson. With an a h-a-n-s-o-n.

Ml: S-0-n. Got it Now I can give you toom 203. It’s small but has a nice view. That room

is only 245 pounds a night.

Wl: I’d really prefer a larger room I don’t mind paying for it.

MI:Room 304 is the biggest we have available at the moment. It’s 335 pounds a night.

WI:That’s fine. I’ll take it.

10.WI: All right mr.park.may I have your address?

Ml: It’s 75 String Street. That’s String Street S-t-r-i-n-g.

WI:That’s an unusual name for a street Well, would you like a seat near the front of

more towards the middle?

M1:I’d like to be as close to the front as possible Row B or C would be best.

Wi:I can give you row B. Seat number 15 B.

Mi:Fifteen B. Perfect

11.WI:Good evening, class. Welcome to Introduction to Economics. I’m your instructor, Dr.

Willard. That’s W-i-double l-a-1-d. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. My

office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from three to five. My office is here in this build-

ing. It’s office number 70, on the first floor.

12.MI: Thank you for the opportunity to speak tonight about my passion, wildflowers. If

anyone in the audience would like to know more about the subject, I recommend

contacting the Wildflower Society. They’re at 17-oh-five State Street in Landover.

That’s L-a-n-d-o-v-e-I. Landover. They issue a number of interesting publications

and also host several events each year for wildflower enthusiasts.

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