Target 4-Distinguishing Similar Sounds (page 31)


bath-path        match-mash         math-mass           flow-flaw  

cub-cup           tear – dare             din – ding            cat-cut

lice – rice         wer-wed                jam-yam             chit-cheat

chip-ship     thumb – some          west-vest             set – sat


1. This peach isn’t ripe.                                         18. This blanket is thick and warm.

2. My back hurts.                                                 19. You can follow this path.

3. Please staple these pages together.          20. Don’t miss the train.

4. We took a cab.                                                21. She loves to sing.

5. Rain has been falling all night.                     22. The sun is bright today

6. They will arrive tonight                                23 The food is all gone.

7. The clown made us laugh.                           24. We need another chair

8. Please turn at the light                                  25. He’s feeling worse

9.You can choose either one.                            26. The vine grew up the tree.

10.I need another sheet of paper                     27. A viper hit him.

11.Put the sauce in this dish                              28. It was a weird story.

12.They didn’t eat much                                    29. Let me help you.

13.I tore my dress on a nail                               30. Set it on this table.

14.She dyed her hair black.                              31.  Put on your coat

15.It’s a very bright color                                  32. Please take a seat

16.We need one more thing

17.The sink is full of water

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