Target 5-Listening for Descriptions (page 33)

8 Questions 4-8

Question 4

WI: It’s really easy to get here. Just take the bus to the corner of the High Street and Regent

Avenue. Then it’s the second house from the corner.

MI: Second house from the corner, OK. It’s not the two-story duplex with two doors, is itt

WI: No, that’s across the street. Mine’s small, it’s only one story. There’s only one door so knock ar

ring the bell. I’ll be waiting for you.

Wi: This is the noon news report for Friday, April 12. Several stores in the downtown area of

Jamestown were robbed’ early this morning. Police are on the lookout for the suspect, who is

described as about 45 years of age, bald, somewhat overweight, with a beard. If you see any-

one meeting this description, please contact the Jamestown police.

Question 8

Wi:May I help you?

Mi:Yes, I’m looking for a present for my girlfriend. It’s her nineteenth birthday. I was thinking

maybe some jewelry.

WI: can help you choose something that would look nice on her. What does she look like?

Mi:Well, she’s very pretty. She has really long dark hair and she’s very thin. She almost always

wears earrings

Wl:We have many nice earrings to choose from. Or, what about something different? Would she

like a necklace?

Ml:I don’t know. Maybe …

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