Target 7-Listening for Frequency (page 40)

Questions 1-6

Question 1

MI: Do you like dancing!

WI: Yes, but I don’t go very much.

MI No?

WI: Well, I go about once a month or so.


WI: Do you, smoker

MI: No, I don’t

WI: Really? Not at all?

MI Mmmm, maybe once or twice a year

Question 3

M: Another rainy day. Does it ever stop raining here?

WI: It’s the rainforest. It mains every day.

Question 4

WI: Mike says he’s a vegetarian What does that mean?

MI: It means he doesn’t eat meat.

WI: No meat at all? Not even on special occasions?

MI: Not even then

Question 5

MI How’s your class?

WI It’s really hard. The professor loves giving tests.

MI: Really? Does he give a lot of tests?

WI: Oh, yeah. We have one or two a week.

Question 6

WI: Do these geese spend all summer here?

MI: Yes, and all winter, too. They don’t migrate.

WI: So you can see them here any season of the year,

Questions 7-12

Question 7

Wi: For the first part of my research, I counted the number of shoppers who entered the store

between 6 A.M. and 8 A.M.

M1: And you did this every morning?

WI: Yes, every morning for a week.

Question 8

WI: Are you interested in joining the chess club?

MI: Maybe. When does it meet?

Wi: On the last Sunday of every month.

Question 9

Wi: How often do you have your history class?

MI: Every Tuesday and Thursday.

Question 10

MI: Do you go to the movies much?

WI: I go when I get the chance, but not as often as I’d like. Maybe once or twice a semester.

Question 11

WI: How can I start managing my money better?

MI: First, you need to make a monthly spending plan.

Question 12

MI: While you’re student teaching, I’ll observe each one of you in the classroom several times.

WI: How frequent will your visits be?

MI: You’ll get a visit from me once every two weeks.

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