Target 7–Writing the conclusion

A good essay has a good conclusion. The conclusion briefly supports your thesis and

reminds the reader of your intentions. It returns to ideas you presented in your

introduction and uses them to conclude with a summary, generalization, prediction

Question or recommendation. Look at the following examples, noticing the relationship

between the introduction and conclusion


In your conclusion, you can restate your thesis or topic sentence.


There are several ingredients to success. Earning a lot of money may be one

of them, but money alone doesn’t equal success. To be considered

successful, a person should also develop useful skills and he or she should

achieve a level of personal happiness, as well. These are things that money

doesn’t buy


Success involves much more than money. Learning skills and having a happy

life is an equally important part of a successful life.


You can use all the information you provided and generalize it.


Many modern couples are beginning to recognize that it is better to have a

parent at home to take care of the children rather than relying on a full-time

babysitter or preschool. I agree that this is a good idea. First, no one can care

for a child as well as his own parents. Parents also have to face the fact that

child care costs are very high. Finally, I believe that family life is better

when one of the spouses devotes his or her time to maintain the home and



All in all, I would have to say that life is better for families when one parent stays

home with the children. Both the parents and the children benefit.


You can summarize the information in your essay it to suggest what might happen next


These days people around the world we the internet to get news and

Information There are both advantages and disadvantages to this situation

On the one hand, the internet has many advantages because it provides instant

access to huge amounts of information that might be it to get otherwise

On the other hand, the Internet has certain problems, media the fact that

much of the information you and it is unreliable


in the future, we will rely on the internet for quick access to all of our news and information. This will bring us many benefits as long as we remain aware of the potential pitfalls.


You can suggest that your readers do something, based on the information you presented in your essay


Providing children with art and music classes as part of their school day means

taking time and money away from other areas of their education Some see this

as a disadvantage. On the other hand, art and music classes broaden children’s

minds and experiences and provide support to those who have talents in these

areas. These are advantages that far outweigh any disadvantages, in my opinion,


While art and music classes cost time and money, they provide children with important experiences. Every school should devote at least some resources to this part of their curriculum


You can conclude your essay with a question. The question is not really asking for an answer. The answer is contained in the question,


Physical education is an important part of every child’s education. In the first place, children learn better if they spend part of each day getting some physical

exercise. Additio lly, physical education teaches children important skills such

as teamwork. Also, it contributes to their overall physical and mental health.


Physical education is an essential part of any educational program. What would

happen to our children’s energy level if they didn’t get a chance to be active

every day? How would they learn to be part of a team if they didn’t play sports?

How would they stay healthy? Physical education meets all of these needs.


Read each has of the following conclusions and decides whether it is a restatement generalization,

Prediction recommendation, or question.

1 We each have our own ideas about what is too violent and would be difficult 

To make laws about violence on tv that would statist is better to let each 

Individuals make his or her own choice about what to watch.   

2 contently there is a trend toward eating locally grown organic food, whether at home or

in restaurants. it this trend continues, today’s children will grow up to be healthier than

adults are now and chronic disease may become a thing of the past.

3 If art museums are funded by public money everyone will have access to them.

 what would our world be like without any art? What would bring beauty into our lies

And give us a greater understanding of who we are? Art museums are a valuable part of 

4 On the  whole people prefer watching family-oriented TV shows in the evenings

Dramas pares, and poisons are better left for late at night when the children are asleep.

5 Marzo mocopters are becoming a part of daily life and people need to learn

how to use them to their advantage. If children don’t have enough experience with com-

puter they are young they won’t learn the skills they will need later in life.


in a well-written By the writer makes good use of vocabulary. Certain vocabulary words

run berthed to make the ideas clearer and exter to follow. Vocabulary can be varied to make

the writing more interesting to read and to express ideas more precisely.

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