Target 8-Listening for Similar Meanings (page 41)


Ml: How many tickets will you need?

WI: There will be three adults and two children at our party

Question 2

Wi: How’s your French class? Do you like the instructor

Mi: Yes, she’s great, but she gives us a lot of work to do in class.

Wi: Then you have to wait weeks before you get your papers back, right?

Mi: No, she always checks out assignments on the same day we do them.

Question 3

Ml: I’ve heard that this area of the country is really growing.

Wl: Yes, the population is increasing at a rate of about 10,000 people a year.

Question 4

Wl: I understand that this area has suffered harsh weather conditions in recent years.

MI: Yes, for example, last year a severe drought killed much of the vegetation in the region.

WI: That must have had a devastating effect on agriculture,

Question 5

Mi: I give you a check for the first month’s rent right now, can I move in tomorrow?

WI: I’m sorry, but the apartment won’t be available until next week

Question 6

MI: Let’s see I got your address and phone number Oh, I need to know your occupation.

Wi: Put computer programmer.

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