Target 9-Transition: Connecting and Linking

You can use transition words and phrases in your writing to connect the paragraph to the next Transition words can show time, degree. Comparison They help your reader follow your ideas from one sentence to the next of tumor contrast, and cause and effect. They can also be used to add more Nintendo Read the examples to see how the transition words from the boxes are used to refer to previously mentioned subjects. ideas in the paragraphs.

Time                           Degree                         Cause and Effect

before                 most important                        SO

after                            first                                     thus

since                       primarily                          for this reason

next                      principally                           as a result

then                       above all                 because

soon                  in the first place                         since

at the same timeless important              due to

while                              second                        therefore

meanwhile       in the second place               consequently

simultaneously       to a lesser degree               so that

Example 1

After the new highway was built, the village of Palm Grove began to grow People still worked in the fishing industry. At the same time, a few new hotels were built. Then, more and more tourists started arriving to spend their vacation time at the beach. Soon, the village was crowded with visitors from other places

Example 2

Family life is better when one of the parents stays home with the children. Above all, the children feel secure when they know one of their parents is always available to them. To a lesser degree, a parent at home helps the household run more smoothly. But primarily, having one parent whose job is to take care of the home and family helps everyone feel safer and happier.

Example 3

I was honored when you offered to lend me your watch because I know how much you value it. Consequently, I was very careful with it while I had it on. Unfortunately, the buckle seems to have been broken. As a result, the watch fell

off my wrist while I was at the party.

 Comparison                        Contrast

similar to                        different from

similarly                         nevertheless

just as                            although/even though

like                                unlike

likewise                        yet

in the same way        but

at the same time as     in contrast to

also                                     however

Example 4

Many people believe that art and music classes are just as important as academic

classes. Although there is validity to this point of view, I disagree with it. Art and

music are important, but academics are even more important. Academic classes

give children knowing what they will need in their future professions. Likewise,

academics teach children important cognitive skills. Art and music classes, on

the other hand, do not help children develop professional skills unless they are

planning to become artists or musicians.

Explanation                                 Adding More Information

in other words                                  in addition

such as                                                moreover

to clarify                                             besides

like                                                    furthermore

for instance                                           also

for example                                      as well as

that is                                         what’s more

to illustrate                                     additionally

namely                                              likewise

Example 5

The first step in the process is tapping the trees, that is, making holes in them so the sap can come out. There are different ways to collect the sap, for example, using old-fashioned buckets or using modern plastic tubing. Using buckets is more time-consuming, so most people nowadays use plastic tubing. In other words, people prefer using the more efficient method.

Example 6

Home-cooked meals are generally more nutritious than store-bought or restaurant meals. They also tend to be tastier. Furthermore, preparing meals at home contributes to the improvement of family relationships.


Read the following paragraphs. Choose the appropriate transition word or expression to 

complete each sentence. Add capital letters where necessary.

Likewise            furthermore          as a result          in other words

By the year 2000, the population distribution had shifted a great deal. Many oth

had moved to urban and suburban areas and 1……………….the rural population

was much smaller 2………………….. the suburban population had grown since 1950.

The urban population had 3……………………increased. 4 …………………..there

were now fewer people living in the countryside and more living in the cities and suburbs.

Then      unlike          such as      What’s more

I know you will have a good time at the party 5…………. most parties we go

to, at this one I plan to have live music. 6………………, the band I have hired

is your favorite kind of music. My sister-in-law is planning to prepare some really good day

7,……………., seafood soup and roast beef. Come early so that you can enjoy the

food, and 8 ……………… can dance all night!

in addition        but                above all                 in other words

Physical education classes help children develop in numerous ways. Academie

strengthens children’s minds, 9…………………..physical education strengthens the

bodies 10…………………it contributes to their good health. 11……………

physical education classes help children learn about winning and losing. This is an

important life skill. 12……………….. in physical education classes, children have

the opportunity to learn about teamwork. This might be one of life’s most important skills.

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