Verbs Exercises For Class 8 With Answers

  1. To break off-The speaker broke off in the middle of his speech. 
  2. To break up-The meeting broke up at 4 p.m.
  3. To break ice-There was dead silence at the meeting. At last Anil broke the ice.
  4. To call for– His misconduct calls for a stringent punishment.
  5. To call in-The doctor was called in late at night.
  6. To call off-The worker called off their strike.
  7. To call out-The woodcutter called out for help but the farmers paid no need to him.
  8. To call up– I know you by face, but I cannot call up your name. 
  9. To bring disgrace to-His evil ways bring disgrace to his family. 
  10. To bring forward– Bring forward the balance from the last page of the cash book.
  11. To bring in-This house brings in an income of one thousand rupees monthly.
  12. To bring round– I had to advice him very hard in order to bring him round to my views. 
  13. To be well-off– She is well-off these days. Her misery is almost over.
  14. To be down with– He is down with malaria these days.
  15. To beat against– The waves are beating against the rock.
  16. To break down– We can not reach school in time due to break down of school bus. 
  17. To break in– Rakesh is breaking in the horse.
  18. To break into– The daughter broke into his shop last night.
  19. To call names– Calling names is not a good habit.
  20. To carry about– It is unwise to carry about a loaded pistol. 
  21. To carry away– The current carried away the baby.
  22. To carry on– Carry on your work, please.
  23. To come about– How did it come about after all? 
  24. To cut down– Cut down your expenses otherwise you will be in debt soon.
  25. To hand down – Customs are handed down from generation to generation.
  26. To hold on– If you hand on courageously, you will win.
  27. To keep back– Don’t keep back anything from me.
  28. To put down– The revolt was put down with an iron hand.
  29. To cut off– Aman cut off in the prime of his life.
  30. To my satisfaction– He has proved his case to my satisfaction. 
  31. To do for– Only one hundred rupees will do for this month here in after.
  32. To draw back– Ram has drawn back his name from the competition.
  33. To fall back– The enemy was formed to fall back at last. 
  34. To fall in– The soldier fell in a line in front of their officer.
  35. To get abroad– The news of his arrest get abroad in no time.
  36. To go by– several weeks have gone by the culprit is still at large. 
  37. To give away– The chairman gave away the prize at the function.

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