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  • a practice from the British era
  • original aim, respect for hierarchy
  • enforcing traditions, discipline
  • Perfect-a teacher substitute
  • misuse of authority
  • vulgar aspect
  • fatalities
  • solutions


The Evil of Ragging in Educational Institutions

By Navita

Ragging is an evil heirloom, left over from the British era when it was practiced in English colleges and Universities to teach the social hierarchy and instill important values since it was believed that the students were lacking in such knowledge due to their immaturity. Unfortunately, these practices gradually became prevalent in educational institutions. The history of the best Educational Institutions in India is blackened with traumatic cases of brutal ragging, especially in Engineering and Medical Colleges. Ragging was practiced to enforce traditions and discipline fresher’s into respecting their seniors and the academic hierarchy at such institutions. In a school, a ‘Prefect’ is considered to be a teachers substitute. However, that does not mean that he/she can misuse his/her authority and indulge in the abuse of power, which happened in a recent case at a prestigious school. Schools are centers  of learning and wholesome development, but when power educations within the students, displaying its vulgar aspect, it can lead to fatalities such as continued mental trauma or even death. The solution’s is to sensitize students and bring awareness to stop the harmful practice of ragging. In order to have able-bodies and healthy-minded future citizens of India, we need to eradicate such practices.


*places of worship-religious tourism

  • foreigners- places of historical interest
  • the rich-hill stations during summers
  • the sun-kissed beaches in winters
  • leisure tourism
  • medical tourism-world class hospitals


Tourism Potential of India

By Navtej

India has been blessed with a geographical, culture and linguistic diversity , which is so rich and varied that one will need a lifetime to explore each and every part of India. The tourism potential of India is immense and still to be explored fully. Each century has brought a new culture on to Indian soil leading to a diversified commingling that has shaped modern India.

India is  well known all over the world, for its ancient civilization and the artifacts recovered and being excavated till  today, prove the genuineness of the claims.

The ancient history of our culture has left behind exquisite monuments and temples together with archaeological finds for the tourist who are interested in them. Besides this, our country has been blessed with natural scenic beauty, right from the coast lines and beaches to the majestic mountains and hill stations.

Tourism is a high potential industry over the world and there are several economies which are totally based on the tourism industry for their survivals. The amount of money involved and high value returns could be mind boggling and India likely, would successfully develop an infrastructure conducive to the promotion of the tourism industry.

There are so many places of historical interest, heirlooms left over from the various centuries. From the mosques to the temples and churches, India is a living testament to its vast and varied religious heritage. Being a democratic country, every religion in India has fully liberty to celebrate its special festivals in which the entire country participates as a whole. For those looking to just get away from the madding crowd, hill stations during summers, the sun-kissed beaches in winter and leisure tourism are the go-to options. Over the years, medical tourism has also emerged as an extremely viable option, considering world-class facilities are made available at half the prices here, enabling more people to come to India for their health care.

The options enumerated so far are just some instances of India’s diversified tourist potential. There is so much more waiting to be explored in what can truly be the dream destination for tourists.

QUESTION-3: Consumerism is increasing day-by-day. Luxuries of yesterday have become necessities of today. The result is that the more we want the more miserable we become. Write a debate in 150-200 words on ‘The only way to minimize human suffering and pain is to control our needs’. You are Navtej/Navita.

Answer: There is sufficiency in this world for man’s needs but not for man’s greed ‘ said Mahatma Gandhi. Respected panel of jury, teachers, my dear friends and not to forgot my worthy but misguided opponents. Today, I, Navita, stand before you to speak for the motion on the topic “The only way to minimise human suffering and pain is to control our needs.

We know that there is sufficiency, in this world for man’s need, but what if a man mistakes his greed to be his need? Unfortunately, this is the scenario of today. The things that were regarded luxuries by our forefathers are now termed as necessities. We can’t imagine life without certain items like a blender, a washing machine or even a mobile phone. But weren’t our forefathers able to pull of their lives even without these things? It is time that we understand, that we have become slaves of a time when diseases like diabetes weren’t even heard off why? It was because people worked hard without taking the help of such things and so kept their body’s metabolism running. Whatever be the problem, there is only one simple solution-Controlling our needs and differentiating them from our greed. The more we enslave ourselves, the more we suffer. Thank You.

4 Migration from villages to cities has led to the spread of urban slums. People living in these slums lead a miserable life. Economic disparity leads to the problems of law and order. Write a debate in 150-200 words on ‘The Solution to the problem of misery in the urban slums lies in creating jobs in the villages.’ You are Navtej/Navita.

ANS. Respected panel of jury, teachers, my dear friends and not to forgot my worthy but misguided opponents. Today, I, Navita, stand before you to speak for the motion of the topic “Solution to the problem of the misery in the urban slums lies in creating jobs in the villages.”

Migration is a major issue faced by cities. In search of better and brighter future and to fulfill their dreams, people from small towns and villages leave their life back home and move to cities. Unfortunately, their dreams shatter as they get to live in the already overpopulated urban slums, where they gradually get entangled in the deplorable conditions. Besides, the economic disparity that they face in the cities leads them to the problems of law and order. But have we ever wondered what is the root cause of migration and the problems attached to it? Yes, it is the dearth of jobs in their native place. There is a huge scope for expansion in villages and small towns but people refuse to see it. The more jobs we create in villages and small towns, the less people will migrate, thereby leading to an economically and medically stronger India.

Thank You.

Q.5 Mobile phone of today is no longer a mere means of communication. Music lovers are so glued to it that they don’t pay attention even to the traffic while crossing the roads. This leads to accidents sometimes even fatal ones.
Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in morning assembly advising the students to be careful in the use of mobile phone otherwise it is a very useful gadget. Imagine you are the Principal of your school.

ANS.  Mobile and Its Ill-Effects “I fear the day when technology surpasses human interaction, we will have a generation of idiots”.My dear students, a very good morning to one and all.  You might have already guessed why I quoted Albert Einstein. Yes, I am talking about the mania that has gripped his generation. I couldn’t help but notice youngsters swimming so deep in the waves of the gimmicks that these gadget offer, that they are unconcerned about the surroundings. Just the other day, I read in a newspaper that a girl in New York fell off the harbor because she was too involved in her phone to notice where she was going. Even while crossing roads, children don’t seem to notice the oncoming cars. And music lovers always have earphones plugged in and they don’t seem to hear the blaring horns of the traffic. A lot of youngsters are dying even before they see the down of adulthood. And if they are lucky enough to survive, they have to live with a disability for the rest of their lives due to accident.

Children, you should understand that you have a bright life ahead if you adhere to safety. Gadgets are for our help and convenience, not to lead us to death trap. Stay safe children, and make your parents proud, not sorry.

Thank You.

Q.6    Power shortage has became a norm even in the Metropolitan Cities. One way to face this situation is by preventing the wastage of power.
Write a speech in 150-200 words on the importance of power in our daily life and how to save power at school and at home. Imagine that you are the Principal of your school.


Saving Power

Good morning to one and all!

The dwindling resources of today are giving all of us nightmares and the scariest one is loss of electricity. It won’t be long before we are plunged into darkness and that too because of our own foolishness. Though electricity can be generated, it is not easy to do so and this fact needs to be recognized and realized at the earliest. We dread power failure but do nothing to save power so that we may not face such a situation. It is high time we started saving power, not only at school but at home too. Saving electricity will save fossil fuel too. We should switch off the lights and fans when not in use. We all should make use of the daylight to do most of our chores and not forget to check the switches before we leave the room.

Remember, power needs to be saved and used efficiently for future use. Wasting power is going to leave us powerless in the future and I am sure no one would like that. So, children please heed my advice and save electricity. Set an example for others in doing so and lead the country to a brighter future.

Thank you and wish you a ‘powerful’ day.

Q.7   In the year to come (if you have not already done this year) you are going to celebrate your 18th birthday. Write an article in 150-200 words on the joys and responsibilities of being eighteen. You are Navtej/Navita.


Responsibility and Joy of Being 18

By – Navita/Navtej

Turning 18 is a big deal, not just from a parent’s emotional perspective, but legally too. Eighteen is a magic birthday, a milestone into adulthood accompanied by great privileges as well as serious legal implications. At 18, teen can vote, buy a house or wed his high school sweetheart. He can also go to jail, get sued, gamble away his/her tuition via online poker, and make terrible stock market investments – just like you. That’s because an 18-year old is considered an adult in nearly every state in the union.

Some teen thinks it’s acceptable to get out of control just because they’re of the legal age. It’s not OK. I think being 18 years old should make teens become more responsible and mature instead of careless and stupid.

At 18, you have to be more accountable for your actions, so doing crazy things should not be an option. At that age, people more from you because you’re not a child anymore. You’re considered an adult. You’re at the age when you can start working, get your own apartment or go off to college and live alone. The age of 18 is a transition from your young adult years to adulthood. You have to be conscientious; it’s not the start of your wild years where you get crazy just because you are legal. You can still have fun, but remember that people are watching. You will still make mistakes as you try to find your way, but don’t forget everything you were taught.

The law is harsher on legal teens that minors, so you should keep that in mind. Being legal and grown up are two different things. Have fun while you’re young and live life to the fullest, but make wise decisions and choices because it will affect your future.

Why shouldn’t you be able to do crazy things when you’re 18? As long as you’re not doing anything illegal, no one can really bother you. I’m not saying you should go out and crash a car or get arrested, but you should take advantages of being an adult and really celebrate the moment.

Also, if doing crazy things at the age of 18 is legal, then I don’t think it’s that “crazy”. For example, you can buy cigarettes when you’re 18; what’s so crazy about that?

May be in your parent’s point of view things like smoking, getting a tattoo or gambling all your money away is crazy and irresponsible, but they aren’t necessarily against the law. At the age of 18, you can do whatever you want. However, if you make the wrong move, you should also be adult enough to face the consequences. One thing to remember is that if you still live with your parents, you have to abide by their rules. So if they say no, you might want to listen to them, so you don’t end up on the streets.

As long as you’re safe and smart about what you decide to do when you reach the legal age, then go ahead and go crazy. Be adventurous! You only live once.

Q.8 Write an article in 150-200 words on how we can make India a carefree and enjoyable place for women when they can go wherever they like to without any fear of being stared at, molested or discriminated against. You are Navtej/Navita.


How Safe are Women?

By Navtej/Navita

       One woman killed for dowry, minor raped by an acquaintance, eve-teasing in broad day light, road rage leads to death of a woman driver – these are the headlines of everyday newspaper and horrendous reality of living in the capital city of India. On one hand we talk of women liberation and on the other, we are so cruel to them. Is this what humanity, What Indianness is all about? The land where women are considered to be the manifestation of goddess Durga and Shakti, there they are worshipped in so many forms, should witness such ghastly crimes against women – folk is shocking.

     What is surprising is that incidents occur in big cities, where most of the people are educated and broad-minded, having an understanding and aware as compared to rural India where houring an women in any case are not liberated.

        It’s high time that awareness is created amongst people; organization of the Police Force is done on such humanitarian issue. We should stop treating these women as object but rather look at them as home-makers, mothers, sisters, colleagues and friends. With increasing pressures on family life, with increasing education and awareness, it is evident that women need to work. We all like the money, the comfort, then isn’t it our duty to make their safety our prime concern? We must consider safety options for them, increase police patrolling in lonely places and sensitive areas like colleges, hostels and universities. Women police and personnel should be mobilized and women should be given training in Self-Defence and Martial Arts. Police should adopt sensitive approach in handling cases of atrocities against women so that women can come out to lodge complains more openly. Punishments should be given for heinous crimes like rape and dowry deaths should be more stringent that they can prove as deterrents. All these measures, if heeded can go a long way in making life of  women safer and better.


Q.9  Last week, as you were coming back from school you happened to see a huge plastic bag full of leftovers of food being flung into the middle of the from a speeding car. You wondered how people can be so devoid of civic sense. Write an article in 125-150 words on why we lack civic sense and how civic sense can be inculcated in children at a very young age. You are Shiva/Shamini.


Lack of Civic Sense-By Shiva

Negligent attitude of the people seem to be the order of the day in today’s harsh world. Modern society has given birth to indifferent and offensive individuals. People no longer think of the after effects of their negligent activities. They are driven more by their selfish needs.

        People seldom follow traffic rules in India and are seen littering  the streets with piles of trash. They show no respect for public property. Vandalism, road rage and intolerance are rampant on the streets. Perseverance and patience are rate virtues to be seen in people behind the wheels.

       Inculcating a strong civic sense is the need of the hour. Parents must instill civic sense in children at an early age. They must be taught the values of cleanliness, discipline, patience and tolerance. Parents must encourage their children to keep their surroundings clean as well as should practice what they preach to their children. Children should be taught to respect and abide by the rules as they are the future of the country. Our country can progress only if we teach right values to our children. As civilized citizen, it becomes the duty of a parent to fathom this dire need and start off this task at the earliest, as family is the beginning institution for a child to learn right things.

Q.10 You saw a stray dog beaten to death by a group of boys. Their act infuriated you and you scolded them for their cruel act. You decided to write an article on cruelty to animals. Write the articles in 125-150 words. You are Nikhil/Naina.


Cruelty to Animals-By Naina

Animals should be treated with love and compassion. However we often fail to this duty.

Instances of animal cruelty are on rise in our society. Poachers, mercilessly kill animals for their skin, fur and teeth. This has led to the extinction of several species of animals which, has affected the ecological balance of our planet. Several companies use animals for testing medicines and cosmetics. Similarly, animals are often ill-treated and forced into performing circus tricks and other activities for our entertainment. Even “The Tiger” one of the endangered species, is on the verge of being extinct.

 We must understand that co-existence and harmony between humans and animals is essential for our planet’s survival. We must be more responsible and protective towards animals. Ill treatment with animals is act of barbarism which is beyond the limit of one’s conscientiousness. We must learn to love them and treat them as loving creatures. Animals lack power of expression like humans but they posses feelings of pain and agony. It is time that we reform our ways towards the animals. Immediate steps should be taken by the government to ensure proper care, protection and shelter for these animals.



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