Class 6 Preposition Exercise

Question 1) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions from the brackets.
  1. The attic was full_____ dusty boxes and cobwebs. (around/of)
  2. The streets were flooded________ water. (behind/with)
  3. A faint light shone ____ the tickets. (about/through)
  4. Mother stayed in the USA______ a few weeks. (since/for)
  5. Simi has not slept ______ last evening. (since/for)
  6. The cubs played_______ the bush. (around/on)
  7. The rat crept_______ the hole. (in/into)
  8. We played badminton_______ Monday. (in/on)
  9. The leopard sprang_____ its prey. (on/upon)
  10. I accidentally stepped______ the banana peel. (on/at)