Class 11 English Snapshots Word Meanings

Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Magnificence extremely beautifulछविcharm,
2Daybreakdawnभोरdayspring, daylight, cockcrow
3City Dwellera person who lives in a cityशहर का निवासीbig-city person.
4Longings an aching desireलालसाyearning, pining, craving
5Comicalfunnyहास्यपूर्णhumorous, comic, joky
6Parloura sitting space in a houseबैठकmeeting room, sitting room
7Consequently as a resultइसके फलस्वरूपaccordingly, hence
8Piousreligiousधार्मिकdevoted, dedicated, God-fearing
9Leap out jump out from a placeबाहर निकलाstand out, jump out.
10Vineyard plantation of grapevines used in winemakingअंगूर का बग़estate, farm,
11Orchardsa piece of land of the plantation of fruitsबगीचेgarden, plantation.
12Trot proceed with somethingदुलकी चालrun
13Descendanta system that develops from an earlier simple versionवंशजscion, offspring, progeny
14Streak raceदौड़contest, competition
15Enormoushugeविशालgiant, spacious, large
16Capricious inconsistent change of moodमनमौजीfickle, changeable
17Vagranta person without a settled home or workआवाराstrolling, nomad
18Fury angerक्रोधrage, indignation, dander
19Reared raisedउठानाlift, pick up, hoist
20Snorted breathed outसांस बाहर छोड़नाgrunt, blow.
21Dawned appearedदिखाई देनाbe visible, heave in sight
22Alfalfa a flowering plantएक फूल का पौधाMedicago sativa

Chapter 2 The Address

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Chink narrow openingसंकीर्ण उद्घाटनSlit, crevice
2Fleetingly for a short timeक्षण भर के लिएfleetingly, momentarily, transitorily
3Musty staleबासीstale, rancid
4Jamb side post of a window, fireplace or doorwayचौखटdoorpost, threshold
5Acquaintancestranger or social contactजान पहचानfamiliarization, knowing
6Lugging carry a heavy object with great effortघिसावattrition, detrition, dragging
7Pityingly feeling sorrowतरस रूप मेंfeel sympathy for, commiserate
8Crickcramp or spasm in musclesझटकाyank, jerkiness, twitch,
9Reprovingly criticallyआलोचनात्मक ढंग सेcaptiously, cynically, deprecatingly
10Beckoned signaledइशारे से बुलायाgesture, signal
11LiberationLiberty or Freeingआज़ादीemancipate, free, release.
12Enduredsufferedसहनाabide, suffer, tolerate.
13Vain hopelessनिराशाजनकpointless, worthless
14Cumbersome unmanageableजटिलunwieldy, ungainly, inconvenient
15Midstmiddleमध्यcentre, midpoint
16Muggy humidतर और गरमsticky, steamy, airless
17Jingling ringingखनक clank, ditty, chant

Chapter 3 Ranga’s Marriage

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1VivahaMarriageविवाहwedding, wedlock, matrimony
2VijayaVictoryविजयsuccess, triumph, conquest
3Kalyana beautiful, lovely,auspicious in Sanskritसुंदरdazzling, Graceful, marvelous.
4Cartographera person who draws or produces mapsमानचित्रकारmapper, assessor, measurer.
5Bharatvarsha Indiaभारतवर्ष………….
6Annayya (in Kannada) a respectful term for an elderभाई……..
7Beholdsee or observe देखोview, watch, survey
8Rambling lengthy and confused or inconsequentialघुमावदारconvoluted, meandering
9Janewara (in Kannada) the sacred thread worn by Brahminsजानवरbeast, kolinsky
10Consideratethoughtful, concerned विचारशीलcontemplative, rational
11Troupe a group of dancersमंडलीcomity, concourse
12Thresholddoor, gateद्वारdoorway, gateway, portal
13Betrayportray प्रकट करनाreveal, evince, declare,
14Shrivelledshrunken and wrinkled; especially as a result of loss of moistureसूखाdrained, scrawny,
15Tutored taughtपढ़ायाteach, instruct
16Cowries a marine mollusc which has a glossy, brightly patterned domed shell कौड़ी………….
17Palmyrapalm treeखजूर का वृक्ष……………..
18HarikathaStory of Lordहरिकथा…………..
19Madhavacharya an exponent of Vedantic philosophy from South Indiaमाधवाचार्य…………..
20Marvellouscausing great wonder; extraordinaryअनोखाamazing, wonderful, Incredible

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