Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 2 : The Sound of Music

1Better claimpreferableबेहतर दावाassertion, case, interest.
2Divergedseparated and took a different direction अलग हुए part, disunite, divide
3Equally laylying in the same mannerबराबर से बिछाए गएfairly, justly, uniformly.
4FairAs good as the other one, स्वच्छ clean, neat, fresh
5Grassyunusedशस्यपूर्णcarpeted, lush, verdant.
6Hencehere, in the futureइसलियेconsequently, therefore, accordingly
7Sighdeep breathविलापexhale, groan, moan
8Troddenwalkedपैर उठानाstep, stride, pace
9Undergrowthdense growth of plants and bushes means the forest) छोटा सा जंगलshrubbery, vegetation, greenery
10Wanted wearhad not been usedपहनना चाहता थाdespise, Detest, abominate.
11Yellow wooda forest with decomposing leaves पीली लकड़ी…………