Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 9 : The Accidental Tourist

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Lavatorya room or building containing a toiletशौचालयtoilet, bathroom, privy
2Alleya narrow passageway between or behind buildingsगलीstreet, lane, syne
3En familleFrench, meaning with one’s familyसपरिवार,,,,
4Eastera festival in Christianity religionईसाई धर्म में एक त्योहार,,,,,
5Yankedpulled with a jerkझटकाpull, tug, wrench
6Consternationanxiety, distressअड़चनperturbation, dismay, disquiet
7Budgemoveहिलनाlash, stir, lash up
8Gave wayopened suddenlyरास्ता देनाbuckled, caved (in), collapsed
9Extravagantlyelaboratelyअत्यधिक रूप सेcopiously, intensively, exorbitantly
10Ejected removedबेदखल करनाexcrete, expel, cast out
11Dumbstruckshockedहक्का - बक्का रह जानाamazed, astonished, blown away
12Flutteryresembling flapping of wings by birdsफड़फड़ाहटshaky, strained, agitated
13Cascadelike the step by step waterfallझरनाwaterfall, fall, fount,
14Oblivionsbeing forgottenभुलक्कड़ीobliviousness, oblivion, forgetfulness
15Concoursethe open central area in a large public buildingभीड़mob, horde, throng
16Disgorgingdischargingविमुख होनाbelching, ejecting, eructing
17Gashed cutगहरा घाव करनाinjure, traumatize, cut
18Lavish in large quantityअतिव्ययीprofuse, lavish, prodigal
19Exasperation irritationक्रोधexasperation, fret, huff
20Catastrophestragedy, disasterविनाशdevastation, ruin, extermination
21Clawinggraspingखरोंचनाscrape, tear, hog
22Propa portable object used on the set of a play or a movieसहाराAffiance, Sahara, stand-by
23Perchplaceजगहspace, stead, collocation
24Stupefiedastonished, shockedस्तब्धnumbed, wonderstruck, paralysed
25Urbane sophisticatedसुविज्ञknowledgeable, sophisticated, knowledgeable person adjective
26Bons motswitty remarksहाजिरजवाब टिप्पणियांgag, hoax, pleasantry.
27Suavepolite, sophisticatedविनीतcoy, humble, complaisant
28Seismic eventan earthquakeभूकंपी घटनाbasaltic, tectonic, quaky
29Venerablerespectableआदरणीय honored, reputed, respectable
30Outstandingextraordinaryअवशिष्ट relict, residuum, surviving
31Constantlycontinuouslyलगातारperennially, permanently, on end
32Beyondat or to the further sideपारon the other side, athwart
33Self lockingautomatic lockस्वचालित तालाself-securing, auto-locking, over-center
34Confusedin a fixउलझन में हैnervous, jittery, distraught
35Recentlyin a recent pastहाल ही मेंlately, at the latest, late
36Grunta low, animal like noiseसूअर की आवाज़groan, cry, squawk
37Abruptlysuddenlyअचानक abrupt, suddden, unexpectedly
38Hystericsa wildly emotional or exaggerated reactionमिरगीepilepsy, apoplexy, hysteria
39Panicfearघबड़ाहटterror, fright, nervousness
40Freenot under the control of anotherआज़ादindependent of, unoccupied, quit
41Occasioneventअवसर time, juncture, eventuality
42Attendantair hostessविमान परिचारिकाservant, auxiliary, assistant
43Repeatedlyagainदुहराते हुएfrequently, time after time, often
44Drenchto make very wetगीला करनाmoisten, wet, ret
45Thoughtfullywhile thinkingसोच समजकरcogitatively, deliberatively, thoughtfully
46Attractiveniceआकर्षकseductive, circean, absorbing,
47Scatterto spreadफैलावDissemination, ecstasia, evolvement
48Resistantoffering resistance to something प्रतिरोधीcounteractive, antagonistic, hostile
49Ache painदर्दdolor, ruth, twinge
50Trousera piece of clothing that covers the whole of your both legsपायजामाslumber suit, trouser
51Hooda type of cap एक प्रकार की टोपीcasque, cap, bonnet
52Unexpectedlyall of a suddenअचानकabruptly, abrupt, achanak,
53Frustrationannoyanceनिराशाhopelessness, discouragement, depression
54Accumulateto gatherसंग्रह करनाaccumulate, amass, aggregate
55Entitleto give the right to have or do somethingहकदार बनानाpermit, grant, allow

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