Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 1 : The Lost Child

1Emergedcame outनिकलनाjut, supervene, escape
2Brimming overto be full of somethingलबालब भरा होनाchoke, deluge, drown.
3Lagged behindwas left behindपीछे रह गयाcreep, dally, dawdle.
4Fascinated byattracted toसे मंत्रमुग्धengross, captivate, absorb
5Lined the waywere set up along the way.रास्ता तय कियाcued, lined up
6Lingeringlasting for a long timeविलंब करने वालाremaining, surviving, persisting
7Farthermore distant in spaceबहुत दूरat a greater distance, beyond, longer
8Suppress put an end toअंत करना finish, suppress, nip
9Coldwithout any feelings, emotionsउदासीनindifferent, nostalgic, effortless
10 Tyranta cruel and oppressive rulerअत्याचारीfelon, despot, oppressor
11Meltedbecame tender and lovingPale: dull, colourlessपिघला हुआliquefy, thaw, unfreeze
12Gaudyextremely bright and showyभड़कीलाgarish, spectacular, shy
13Abreastside by side and facing the same wayबराबरappositional, closely
14Teeming outto pour or empty outबाहर निकाल रहा हैfilled, overflowing, packed.
15Grovea small wood or group of treesवृक्षवाटिकाorchard, plantation, spinney
16Capersa playful skipping movementकेपर्सromp, jig, frisk
17Throngshuge crowdsभीड़multitude, mob, horde
18Converginggatheringपरिवर्तित करनाmeet, intersect, cross
19Heeded paid attention toमन लगानाmake shift, bestir, notice
20 Overwhelminga very strong emotionएक बहुत ही भावुक भावनाprofuse, enormous, immense
21Forbiddennot allowedमना किया हुआ unaccredited, undistinguished, unauthorized
22Coarseunpleasantअपरिष्कृतunrefined, crude, unsophisticated
23Hither and thitherhere and thereइधर उधरback and forth, thereabouts
24Intentlycarefullyआशय सेattentively, closely, keenly
25Congestedfull ofअधिक भरा हुआcrowded, cram-full, thronged
26Heftylarge and heavyभारीheavy, sturdy, massive, weighty
27Thrustpushधक्ख्काpress, drive, plunge
28Knockedhitखटखटायाthump, belittle, bounce
29Brutalharsh, roughक्रूरruthless, ferocious, violent
30 Trampledcrushedकुचल डालनाstamp, walk over, squash
31Surgingpowerfulबढ़ रहा हैcascade, spill, overflow
32Sootherelax, comfortशांत करनाcalm, propitiate, assuage
33Pleadedrequestedनिवेदन कियाplead, propound, court
34Double pitched strain: usage of a lot of forceप्रतिरूपreplica, model, representation
35Borecarriedबेधनाimpale, transpierce, penetrate
36Reiteratedrepeatedदोहराया गयाrestate, retell, recapitulate
37Disconsolatevery unhappy and unable to be comfortedनिराश frustrated, hopeless, desperate
38Chargea person or thing entrusted to the care of someoneदायित्व सौंपनाlevy, demand, exact
39Festivalday of celebrationत्यौहारholiday, feast, gala,
40Lanesnarrow roadsगलियाँstreet, alley
41Gailygayप्रसन्नता सेfain, rejoicingly, heartily
42Claddressedपहने हुए bushy, fleeced
43Humanitythe human raceमानवता mankind, human quality
44Bambooa tall plantबाँस का पेड़cane, rattan, wicker
45Bullock cartsoxen carriesबैलगाड़ी……….
46Obedientwilling to obeyआज्ञाकारीcompliant, dutiful, meek
47Murmureda low soundबुदबुदानाmumble, gabble, bubble
48Flappingto swingफड़फड़ानाbeating, winging, flying
49Tenderhave a tender heartकोमलsoft, downy, flabby
50Dragon fliesan insect with a long thin bodyलंबे पतले शरीर के साथ एक कीट………….
51Bustlingmoving here and thereहलचलstir, ado