Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 8 : Poem – On Killing a Tree

1Jabsudden rough blowठोकरstumble, impingement, wallop
2Leprous hidediscoloured barkउजड़ी हुई छालcastaway, castoff, offscouring
3Hackcut roughly by striking heavy blowsअनाधिकारी प्रवेशcut, chop, lop
4Anchoring earthtrees are held securely with the help of the roots in the earthएंकरिंग अर्थfastening, fixing, hitching,
5Snapped outchopped outबाहर निकल गयाrecover, cheer up.
6Scorching and chokingthe drying up of the tree after being uprootedचिलचिलाती और घुट रही हैardent, burning, fervent
7Consuming the earthgetting food from the earthपृथ्वी का उपभोग करना………….
8Crustouter layer of the earthपृष्ठभागoutside, exterior, heel
9Absorbingsuckingशोषकabsorbent, drying up,
10Sproutinggerminatingअंकुरितgermination, sprouting
11Healrecoverठीक होनाcure, restore, curative
12Curledtwistedमुड़ा हुआentwine, wrap, crimp
13Twigssmall branchesटहनियाँoffshoot, stem, scion
14Exposedto take out in openउजागरreveal, uncover, bare
15Sensitivequick to the touchसंवेदनशीलsentient, susceptive, tender
16Chokingunable to breathघुटblock, obstruct, stop up
17Witheringfadingमुरझाना shrivel, droop, languish