Class 11 English (Hornbill) Prose Word Meanings

Chapter 1 The portarait of a lady

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)
1Criss- crossa pattern of intersecting straight linesआड़ा - तिरछा
2Hobbledwalked in an awkward wayलड़खड़ाना
3spotless whiteshe wore clean, white coloured dressesबेदाग सफेद
4Stoopbend one’s body forwardशरीर का झुकाव
5Rosarya string of beads for keeping count of number of chants made of a religious prayerजपमाला
8Untidily not neatअव्यवस्थित ढंग से
9Puckereda face contract into wrinklesसिकुड़न
10Inaudibleunable to be heardन सुनाई पड़नेवाला
11Serenitythe state of being peaceful and calmशांति
12Contentment a state of happiness and satisfactionसंतोष
13Wrinkled having lines or foldsसिकुड़न
14Portraitpainting or pictureचित्र
15Mantelpiecea structure of wood, marble, or stone above and around a fireplace.अऋगीठी के चारों ओर की लकड़ी की बनावट
16Revoltingunpleasantविप्लव करनेवाला
17Absurd Illogicalबेतुका
19Fablesfictitious stories with a moral teachingदंतकथाएं, कल्पित कहानी
21Monotonousdull and boringथकाने वाली
22Botheredto be concernedपरेशान
23Fetch go for and then bring back something for someoneलाना
24Slatea flat plate of slate formerly used for writing on in schoolsस्लेट
25Plasteredcovered with a layer of plasterऔषधि का लेप
26Earthenmade of baked or fired clayमिट्टी का
27Staleno longer fresh and pleasant to eatबासी
28Scripturesthe sacred writings of a religionधर्म-पुस्तक-संबंधी
29Growlingmaking a low guttural sound in the throatगुर्राहट
31Years rolled bytime passedगुजरा हुआ वक़्त
32Distressedsuffer from extremely sorrowपीड़ा
33Lewd Association Indecent or Obsceneमनहूस
34Harlots Prostitutesवेश्याएं
35GentlefolkPeople of noble birthकुलीन समाज
36Snapped break suddenly and completelyअचानक टूटना
37Seclusionthe state of being private and away from the peopleएकांतता
38Spinning-wheela household machine with a wheel attached to it for spinning yarnचरखा
39Veritableuse to describe something which is very interesting or unusualप्रामाणिक
40Bedlam confusionभ्रम की स्थिति
41Chirrupingsthe noise of a small birdचहचहाना
42Perchedalight or rest on somethingअड्डे पर बैठना
43Shooed make a person or animal go away by shouting or saying ‘shoo’डरा कर भगाना
44Sentimentala feeling of nostagliaभावुक
45Beadsa small piece of glass or stone threaded with others to make a rosary or necklaceमणिका
46Cherishedhold something dearदुलारा हुआ
48Imprintimpression or stampछाप
49Claspedhold tightlyमजबूत पकड़
50Frivolous not having any serious purpose, light-heartedतुच्छ
51Rebukedisapproval of something or someone निन्दा करना
53Saggingsinking downwardsझोल
54Dilapidatedin a state of despair or ruinबरबाद किया हुआ
55Persuadeto talk someone into doing something, requesteमनाना
56Overstrainingoverdoing somethingअत्यन्त प्रयत्न करना
57Omittedleave out or exclude somethingछोड़े गए
58Protestedexpress an objection against something or someoneविरोध किया
59Palloran unhealthy pale appearanceविवर्णता
61Crudein a natural state, roughly madeअपरिष्कृत
62Cremateddispose of or burn a body after it is deadअंतिम संस्कार
63Blazea very large burning fireज्वाला
64Shrouda piece of cloth used to wrap a dead personकफ़न
65Corpsedead bodyशव

Chapter 2 We’re Not Afraid to Die if We Can All Be Together

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)
1Voyage a long journey by sea or space जलयात्रा
2Leisure free timeफुर्सत
3Honingsharpen, improving शाणन
4Seafaring regularly traveling by sea समुद्री यत्रा
5Wooden-hulleda watertight body of a ship पुराने जहाज की कोटी
6 Gales A very strong wind प्रचंड वायु, आंधी
7Masta tall upright structure on a boat or ship मस्तूल, जहाज का एक हिस्सा
8Atrocious bad; of a very poor quality घटिया, भद्दा
9Gigantichuge; of a big size विशाल
10Jiba triangular staysail set forward the mast in a ship पाल
11Enormousa very large size विशाल
12Lashedto hit with a lot of force जोर से मारना
13Mooringthe ropes, chains नौकादि बाँधने का रस्सा
14Loop a shape produced that bends round and crosses; bent फन्दा डालकर बाँधना
15Sternthe back part of a ship or a boat जहाज या नाव का पिछला भाग
16Donnedput on, wore पहना
17Oilskinsheavy cotton cloth waterproofed with oil मोमजामे का बना वस्त्र
18Impendingabout to happen किसी आसन्न घटना के बारे में जानकारी।
19Ominous silenceunpleasant or threatening silence अशुभ मौन
20Aftnear the stern of the ship पिछाड़ी
21Frightfulvery unpleasant or shocking भयंकर
22Crest reach the top of a wave शिखर
23Tremendousvery great in amount अद्भुत
24Shookpast tense of shake हिलाकर रख दिया
25Decka floor of a ship जहाज़ की छत
26Torrent a fast moving stream of water प्रवाह
27Smashedshattered or violently broken तोड़ी
28Capsizingbe overturned in the water पलटना
29Hurledthrow with a great force वेग से फेंकना
30Tautstretched or pulled tightly तना हुआ
31Boompole that controls the angle and shape of the sail पाल फैलाने की बल्ली या छड़
32Scrambled climb; claw one’s way ऊबड़-खाबड़ चढ़ाई
33Hatchdoor विपाट द्वार
34Timberswood board used in building of a shipलकड़ी का लट्ठा
35Starboardside of a ship which is on the right side when one is facing forward जहाज़ का दाहिना पहलू
36 Bulged swell उभरा होना.
37Sloshed move through liquid with a splashing sound. नशे में धुत्त
38 Bashed strike hard; hit जोर से मारना
39 Deflected turned aside हटाया हुआ
40 Canvas a strong unbleached cloth विलायती टाट
41 Debris rubbish मलबा
42 Wrenched pull suddenly, removed झटके से खिंचना
43 Forestay a rope to support ship’s foremast मस्तूल खड़ा रखने का रस्सा
44 Dinghies a small boat for recreation with mast or sailछोटी एवं खुली नाव
45Optimistichopeful and confidentआत्मविश्वास
46 Keel steel structure along the base of the shipजहाज नाव का पेंदा
47 Pinpricksa prick caused by a pinकांटे
48 Abated something unpleasant to become less intenseसभी घटावों के निकालने के बाद का शेष राशि
49 Auxiliary engine small secondary engine used to board ships to operate a windlass in the shipसहायक इंजन
50Rigging the ropes and wires supporting the structure of the shipहेराफेरी
51 Hull the framework of the vesselछिलका
52 Respite a short period of restराहत
53 Deteriorate get worseबिगड़ना
54 Caricatures picture of a person; cartoonहास्य चित्र
55 Tousled head disarranged hair of the narrator’s son, Jonathanबिखरा हुआ
56 Bunk bedचारपाई
57 Dozed off went off to sleepसो गई थी
58Bleak an area of land lacking vegetationखुला
59 Stark sharply definedकठोर
60 Anchored moor a ship to the sea bottomलंगर डालकर जहाज़ ठहराना
61 Offshore situated at the sea some distance from the shoreसमुद्र में तट से दूर
62 Ashore on the shore of the landकिनारे पर

Chapter 3 Discovering Tut the Saga Continues

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)
1 Heir Inheritor, successorवारिस
2Laden loadedलदा हुआ
3Speculated form a theory without evidenceअनुमान लगाया
4Tomban enclosure to bury the deadमकबरे
5Forensic Reconstructionthe process of recreating the face of an individualफोरेंसिक पुनर्निर्माण
6Pharaoh a ruler in ancient Egyptप्राचीन मिस्‍त्र के राजाओं की धर्म संबंधी नाम
7Stirred move or cause to move slightlyहिलाने का कारण
8Ghostly eerie and unnatural; unrealआध्यात्मिक
9 Resting place here, the graveशांत स्थान
10Cemetery a large burial groundकब्रिस्तान
11 Dark-bellied dark in colourडार्क पेट वाले
12Scudded across moving quickly; it refers to the movement of the dark-bellied cloudsपार कर गया
13Veiling to cover somethingपरदा
14Casket a small ornamental box or chest for holding jewels, letters, or other valued objects.डिबिया
15Glidedquite, continuous motionधीमे धीमे बढ़ना
16Probeto investigate, find outजांच
17Lingeringlong-lastingविलंब करने वाला
18Descended moved or gatheredइकट्ठा
19Cramped very small to fit intoतंग
20Rock-cutmade in a rock by cutting itचट्टानों को काटकर
21Gazedto look in surprise or in admirationघूरना.
22Murals a painting or other artwork executed directly on the wallभित्ति चित्र
24Whisperto speak in a low voiceफुसफुसाना
25Pondering think about something carefullyविचार करना
26Futile pointless; incapable of producing the result of somethingव्यर्थ
27Hastily fast; swiftlyजल्दी से
28Ransacked raid; go through a place to steal or damage somethingतोड़फोड़
29Antiquity age, oldnessप्राचीन काल
30Resurrection restoration to lifeपुनस्र्ज्जीवन
31Funerary Treasures the valuable things with which the king was buriedफन्नेरी खजाना
33Garlands of willowa wreath of flowers and leavesविलो की माला
34Ritualhere, the resins used in the ceremony of mummificationअनुष्ठान
35Resinsa sticky flammable substance that is insoluble in waterराल
37Blazing very hotप्रज्वलन
38Budgedmoved or shifted; a slight movementसरकना
39Chiselled away to cut something with a chiselछिन्न-भिन्न हो गया
40Inlaid a decorative pattern on a surfaceजड़ा हुआ
41Aprona protective garment worn over the front of one's clothes and tied at the back.वस्त्रों के ऊपर सिर्फ़ सामने की ओर पहना जाने वाला कपड़ा
42Sheaths a close-fitting coverखोल
43Iconicsomething or someone who is a symbol or it represents some other thingप्रतिष्ठित
45Concealed hidगुप्त
46Intervening occur in the time between eventsबीच
47Intriguingto arouse one’s curiosityसाज़िश का
48Startling unexpected or surprisingचौंकाने
49Demise deathमृत्यु
50 Wacky amusing in a slightly odd wayनिराला
51death rattlethe gurgling sound produced in the throat of a person who is about to dieमृत्युपूर्व भर्राए गले से निकली आवाज़
52Aftermathafter-effects of an unpleasant eventपरिणाम
53Eerie detail
strange image of Tut’s head as visible with the help of CT scanभयानक विस्तार
54Forensics the application of the scientific method to investigate a crimeविधि चिकित्साशास्त्र संबंधी
55Anatomythe branch of science which deals with the bodily structure of humans, animals or other living beingsशरीर-रचना
56Burial burying the deadसमाधि
57Shrine holy placeतीर्थस्थान
58Pallbearers a person who helps to escort a coffin at a funeralकफ़न उठाने वाला
59Swirling to spin or twistघूर्णन की
60Hydraulic lifta lift that uses a machine to lift or move heavy objects with a pressureहाइड्रोलिक लिफ़्ट
61Sprintedran at a high speedथोड़ी दूर की तेज दौड़
62Astonishing amazingआश्चर्यजनक
63Pixelsa pixel is a single point in a graphic imageपिक्सल
64Spun to turn aroundकाता
65Vertebrae series of small bones which form a backboneकशेरुकाओं

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