Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 8 : A House Is Not a Home

1Awkwardstrangeअजीबslatternly,squat, gauche
2Freshmana student in the first year of high school, college or universityनए सिरे सेbeginner,starter, probationer
3Isolatedlonelyअलग किया हुआdiscontiguous, removed, take-down
4Purringsound made by catम्याऊँ करनाbabble,stammer, purr
5Swattingto hit somethingमुंहतोड़ प्रहार मारनाclobber, smash, slug
6Stoking the firefeeding and tending the fireआग बुझानाfeed,incite, sustain
7Gropingto search blindlyअंधेरे में टटोलनाfumble, scrabble, fondle
8Engulfedflooded, surrounded byनिगल जानाdevour, swallow up, get down
9In towbehindखीचनाaccompanying, following, in attendance
10Destinedfuture developed as per a predestined planनियत किया हुआdoomed, intended, condemned
11Outcasta person rejected by societyनिर्वासितbanished, expatriated, expelled
12Geekan unfashionable or socially inept personअव्यवस्थितbuffoon, freak, nerd
13Zombiea dull and apathetic personज़ोंबीincubus, lamia, succubus
14Surrealunreal, strange, bizarreअवास्तविकunreal, bizarre, unusual
15Ripped awaytorn apartफाड़ कर अलग करनाpull out, get rid of, extract
16Vulnerableweak, easy to influenceजो सहज में घायल हो सकेunsafe, unprotected, exposed
17Plightsad storyदुर्दशाtrouble, difficulty, mess
18Milling aroundmoving around aimlesslyलक्ष्यहीन होकर घूमनाbatting, cruising, floating
19Shovepush hardधक्काFlick, impingement, impulse
20Curbedge of the pavementफुटपाथkerbstone, kerb, restriction
21Freaked behaved irrationallyमुरझाया हुआmottled, speckled, dapple
22Tragedymishapदुःखद घटनाdisaster, calamity, catastrophe
23Diminishfade offकम हो जानाdetract, lower, slacken
24Gratitudethankfulnessआभारobligation, indebtedness, debt
25Teenagerbetween the age of thirteen to nineteen yearsतेरह से उन्नीस वर्ष की आयु का व्यक्तिadolescent, youth, young person
26Involvedmade busyशामिल किया गयाmixed, mingled, contiguous
27Probablypossiblyसंभवतयाpresumably, perchance, maybe
28Rescuedsavedबचा लिया गयाrelease, liberate, extricate
29Documentswritten recordsदस्तावेजdeed, exhibit, present
30Yellingcryingचिल्लानाshout, exclaim, scream
31Emergedcame outउभर आयाspring, dawn, roll in
32Dazedstupefiedचकित हो गयाamaze, astonish, startle
33Piledheapedढेर हो गयाflock, flood, pack
34Curl upto sumarizeघबरानाhuddle, bundle, burrow
35Grievepainपीड़ाsmite, injure, plague
36Rubbledebrisमलबाdebris, rubbish, refuse
37Robeovercoatलबादाcloak, macintosh, smock,
38Focusingpay attention ध्यान देनाnote, mind, attend, reck
39Leaptjumpedकूदनाleap, gambol, caper
40Apparentlyclearlyस्पष्ट रूप सेby all accounts, seemingly, evidently
41Sorelyvery muchअत्यंत कष्ट सेacutely, painfully, severely
42Senioritybeing older or of a higher rankवरिष्ठताrank, standing, primacy
43Affordprovideदेनाgive, grant, pass
44Nonethelessdespite the factफिर भीeven so, however, but
45Fireplacehearthचूल्हाstove, hearthstone, kitchener
46Occasionallynow and thenयदा-कदा seldom, sometimes, from time to time
47Entertainmentamusementमनोरंजनholiday, sport, shindy
48Flamesareas of brightly burning gas लपटेंlightness, flame, lightship
49Spreadbecome lagerफैलानाdilation, expansion, prevalence
50Certaincompletely sureनिश्चितFixed, Definitive, Definite
51Holdcatchपकड़clasp, clutch, seizing
52Firemana person whose job is to extinguish fireआग बुझाने वालाfirefighter, engineman, ladderman
53Logicallywith logicतर्क मेंcogent, coherent, consistent
54Wrapto put something aroundलपेटनाroll, girdle, enfold
55Hugto embraceआलिंगनcuddle, squeeze, bear hug
56Argueto make disputeतर्क करनाdiscuss, dissert, dissertate
57Vanishto endमिटनाbe erased, die down, wear down
58Inhaledbreathe air inसाँस लेना heave, respire, draw
59Strucksuddenly came in mindमारनाstrike, bludgeon, smite
60Horrorfearअत्यंत भयterror, fright, panic
61Sufferingfacingपीड़ित soreness, hurt, distress
62Realiseto feelमहसूस करनाperceive, discern, notice
63Regardlessin spite ofदिलचस्पी न रखनेवालाanyway, anyhow, in any case
64Kicked offtake offफेंक देनाkick off, throw down, detrude
65Casualtystruckदुर्घटनाcollapse, occurrence, disruption
66Embarrssedagitatedशर्मिंदाshamed, ashamed, shamefaced
67Achefeeling of painदर्द का अहसासthrob, gnawing, stabbing
68IdentificationrecognitionपहचानIdentity, id, recognisance
69Withdrawto take outनिकालनाdraw, out, scoop
70Cleared offcleanedसाफ किया हुआcleared off, forthright, intrepid
71Apartmenta set of roomsमकान का एक कमराflat, home unit, crib
72Responsibleanswerableउत्तरदायी liable, amenable, respondsible
73Gyma hall with equipment for doing physical exerciseव्यायामशालाgalore, gymnastics, opulence
74Sweatsuitsweaterव्यायाम पोशाकjogging suit,
75Genuinerealवास्तविकoriginal, factual, virtual
76OutpouringoutflowingबहावFlow, affluxus, Effluence
77Concernto worryचिंताanxiety, care, aftercare,
78Instantmomentतत्क्षणinstantaneously, forthwith, Incontinently
79Reliefcomfortआरामamenities, relief, convenience
80Focusattentionकेन्द्रित होनाcentre, focal point, focal point
81Insecurityunsafeअसुरक्षाself-doubt, diffidence, rickety
82Curbslopeनियंत्रणrestraint, restriction, check
83Overwhlmingoverpoweringभारीenormous, immense, inordinate