Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 9 : Poem - The Snake Trying

1PursuingChasing, followingपीछा करनाensue, give chase, chevy
2CurvingsTwistingवक्रताbend, turn, loop
3GlidesMovesसरकना slide, drag, lapse
4StrokeHitting of the stickआघातblow, punch, slap
5ReedsWater or marsh plants with thick stemsकंपिकाstalk, grass, plant
6VanishesDisappearsग़ायब होनाevanesce, evanish, be lost,
7 Escapeto get clear awayपलायन escape, elopement, scamper,
8Gracefulattractiveसुशोभितadorned, inwrought
9Harmlessnot dangeousहानिरहितsafe, innocuous, benign
10Observedwas seenदेखे गएnotice, see, perceive