Article Writing For Class 10

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Question 1. You are Pratibha Rahul of Class X. Write an article in 100-120 words on ‘Ill effects on students of too much of television’. You can use the following clues :

  • Increasing addiction

  • A great variety of programmes

  • Easy availability

  • Neglect of studies

  • Drop in academic performance

  • Result-poor physical and mental health

Answer.  Ill Effects on Students of too much of Television

                                        By Pratibha

It is strange but true that students nowadays are increasingly getting addicted to television. A vast variety of programmes such as comedy shows, serials, movies, plays, songs and videos are being telecast through more than five hundred odd channels. Television sets, cable charges, settop boxes have become cheaper. Television programmes are beamed through mobile phones too, thereby making them affordable for the students. Students, as a result, have got addicted to television and have started neglecting their studies. Their performance has also started dropping. The result is a drastic drop in the students’ physical and mental health. This alarming trend indeed calls for remedial action.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 2. Write an article in 100-150 words on ‘Importance of Morning Walk.’ You are Amit/Anita. Use the following clues:

  • makes you rise early

  • fresh air

  • blood rushes through your body

  • energy for the day

  • hungry for breakfast

  • good for studies

  • all day active

 Answer.             Importance of Morning Walk

                                             By Amit

Morning walk is of great importance in our daily life. Due to it we tend to get up early in the morning put on our sports shoes and shorts and go to a nearby park. We are able to breathe in the fresh morning air which is refreshing, cool and invigorating. We can feel our pulse going up, blood rushing through our body after a brisk morning walk. The walk energises our body for the day. We start feeling hungry at breakfast time. It has been observed that people who go for a morning walk have been found to be good at their studies; their retention abilities are better than those who do not go for a morning walk. They also stay active throughout the day.

Question 3. Colours play a very important role in our life. They have a healing power also. Read the pie chart given below and write an article in 100-120 words on colour therapy. You are Shruti /Sharad of Bhagirath Public School.

Answer.                Colour Therapy

                              by Shruti Class X

Colours add joy to everyone’s life. When infused properly into our lives they can enhance our qualities. Let us see what properties each colour possesses. Green is responsible for creating balance and harmony in life. It represents love and communication and acceptance since it’s nature’s colour. The shades between blue and indigo stand for calmness, peace, love, honesty, kindness, emotional depth. truth and devotion. Red can increase physical vitality and stamina. Orange stimulates creativity, productivity, pleasure, optimism, enthusiasm and emotional expression. Yellow is said to increase fun and humour. Violet stimulates intuition and imagination. So let us bring colour in our lives and reap its benefits. We all have our favourite colours and now that we know what characteristic they stand for we can hope to inculcate those qualities in our life.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 4. You are Raghav/Ragini. Write an article in 100-120 words on the importance of breakfast as a healthy food habit.

Answer.             Importance of Breakfast

                                       by Ragini

A good, healthy, nutritious breakfast really sets you going for whatever challenges you may face the rest of the day. Some people hold jobs where they do not get time for even a quick bite but are not plagued by hunger pangs if they have had a hearty and wholesome breakfast. We Indians tend to indulge in three meals per day and most of us lead sedentary lifestyles. This makes us overweight, lethargic and less energetic. A glass of juice, a toast, a couple of boiled eggs and may be tea or coffee will go a long way in sustaining us for the rest of the day. A heavy meal only makes one drowsy and one cannot concentrate on anything. Starting your day with a good breakfast is one of the best health decisions you can make. If you miss breakfast you could end up having more calories in your body. That is unhealthy for everyone, especially growing children.

Question 5. In monsoon season, outbreak of malaria and dengue is quite common. Write an article in 100-120 words on the topic “The Killer Disease -‘Dengue’. You are Srishti/Siraj.

Answer.                The Killer Disease – Dengue

                                              by Siraj

Dengue is one of the most deadly diseases found in India. It is a fatal disease and can cause an epidemic. This fever spreads due to the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water are the main cause of Dengue. Dengue generally begins with a feeling of weakness. If a person is down with dengue he should immediately contact a doctor so that the fever can be prevented from spreading. If it is not treated properly and at the right time it can even prove to be fatal. We can prevent the outbreak of dengue by taking some measures. Water in the coolers should not be allowed to stagnate for long and must be changed regularly. Clothes should be worn such that they cover the arms and legs. Insecticides should be sprayed regularly. Mosquito repellents and nets can be used at night to prevent mosquito bites. Healthy food should be taken in order to improve the resistance and immunity of the body. Prevention is better than cure.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 6. Ministry of Surface Transport and Delhi Police are together organizing writing competition on the topic “Need for Road Safety” as part of their “Road Safety Week” celebrations. Write an article in 100-120 words on it. You are Kamal/Karuna.

Answer.             Need for Road Safety

                                      by Karuna

More and more vehicles hit roads every day making the roads virtually death traps. Delhi has recorded an average of 42 road mishaps. Ill-planned, narrow and encroached upon roads and blatant violation

of rules have made the situation worse. Statistics show that 70% of all road accidents occur due to human errors. Modern lifestyle which entails mad rush and craze for outdoing others is no less responsible for the tragedy on the roads. Lane sense is alien to the drivers and road signs are mere decoration. Jumping red light is an act of heroism for most of them. The need of the hour is an efficient traffic management. Encroached upon roads must be reclaimed; road signs must be made accurate and reinstalled where no signs exist. A sustained public awareness about the rules of the road and strict implementation of law can effectively ensure road safety.

Question 7.You are Astha/Ashwin of class X. Write an article in 100-120 words on ‘Cricket is a Religion in Our Country’ for your school magazine.

Answer.          Cricket: A Religion in Our Country

                                  by Ashwin Class X

Cricket is the most popular game in our country. It is played in every nook and cranny of the country. A victory for India is celebrated with much aplomb and a defeat is mourned by the country, the cricketing champions are worshipped as gods in the country. The obsession with cricket in India can be sensed by the recent World Cup win by India. The celebrations were carried on for days and days. Thousands of Indians prayed that India would emerge as victorious in the match and when India did win the cup, people everywhere in the country burst crackers and distributed sweets. The players were showered with love and adulation. Our country may be divided into classes, castes and religions but it is the love for cricket that unifies the entire country and hence cricket can be described as a religion itself.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 8. See the picture and verbal inputs given below and write an article in 100-120 words on “Save the Tiger”. You are Ravi/Ruchi.

Tigers – danger of extinction population decreased from 40,000 to just 4000 clearing of habitat for agriculture – demand for tiger skins – threat to their lives – depletion of their poaching and chief prey like deer, wild pigs and wild cattle not enough food – According to Dr. K. Ullas Karanth, if protected and given sufficient access to abundant prey, tiger populations can quickly stabilize – needs continued funding from conservation groups like the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Answer.                    Save Tigers

                                      by Ravi

Tigers face the danger of extinction as their population has drastically decreased from 40,000 to just 4000 or may be less than that. The cause of such a big decline is inexorable poaching and clearing of habitat for agriculture. The biggest threat to tigers in India is depletion of their chief prey like deer, wild pigs and wild cattle. As a result, although about 300,000 square kilometres of tiger habit still remains, much of it is empty of tigers because there is not enough food for them to survive and breed successfully. According to Dr K. Ullas Karanth, if protected and given sufficient access to abundant prey, tiger population can quickly stabilise. With India’s large network of protected areas and continued funding from conservation groups like the Wildlife Conservation Society, the finding provide hope that tigers can survive extinction in the wild. So there is hope for our tigers.

Question 9. Write an article in 100-120 words on the topic “Beggars are a Great Nuisance”. You are Rachna/ Rachit.

Answer.                Beggars are a Great Nuisance

                                                By Rachit

Alms giving is considered as a religious act in our country. Our saints and gurus survived on Bhiksha, i.e. Alms. But that was a different tradition sanctioned by the religion. Now it has become a profession and in some cases a crime where abducted children are forced to beg, Some rogues cripple S kids and force them to beg from morning till evening and then snatch all their money. Most of these beggars are able-bodied men and women who can work if they want to, but rather they go for easy money by opting for begging. They like to live an idle life and depend on charity from other people. These beggars present a very unfortunate and shabby picture of the country. They escort the foreigners asking for money and at times even snatch their bags and belongings and humiliate the country. We should all help the poor people but should make sure not to help those who bring shame to the country.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 10. People in Metro cities face the problem of stray animals. A few heartily want them to be fed, given shelter, loved but some show cruelty towards these speechless creatures. Write an article in 100-120 words on how we can tackle this problem.

Answer.                  Problem of Stray Animals

                                                 by XYZ

Animals have an equal right to live on the earth as the humans. But many of us treat them deplorably. In the metros, we do find people kindly treating animals but many find them a nuisance to the society and often the stray animals are pelted with stones to death. Stray animals, no doubt, create a great problem to pedestrians as well as bikers and other vehicle drivers. In fact, we often hear the news of an innocent child or a senior citizen being killed by these stray animals. There must be a way out to tackle this problem. A great number of organisations like the PETA have come up to help the animals, yet many more such initiatives are required to protect them. Animal shelter homes must be built to keep them. Owner of some animals should be fined if they let their animals roam here and there.

Question 11. Mobile phones are being used both in urban and rural areas. But craze for mobile phones among students has been increasing day by day. They seem busy on mobile phones most of the time. Write an article in 100-120 words on ‘Excessive Use of Mobile’.

Answer.                    Excessive Use of Mobile

                                               By XYZ

Mobiles have broken distance barriers where communication is concerned. Both rural and urban dwellers use mobile phones. Though mobiles have made communication easier yet they have become a cause for concern as the youth of the country are obsessed with the gadget. They are found mostly fiddling with their phones, lost in the games, listening to music, sending across messages. The gadget, though small, has multiple uses keeping the youth engaged and unmindful of the duties he has to attend to. Excess of anything is bad, hence too much of communication also is dangerous as it leaves no room for privacy and personal space thereby disturbing mental peace. Mobile, when used in limits, is a boon to the society. Parents must make their children aware regarding using the mobiles sensibly.

Article Writing Class 10


Question 12. Weekly markets in the residential areas are popular. Local people prefer to visit and buy things ar such places because they get them at cheaper rates. Write an article in 100-120 words on weed Market.

Answer.                        Weekly Market

                                            by Robin

Prices touch the sky every day in this age, thus weekly market with its cheap rates holds a major appeal among the people of a locality. These weekly markets have a special place in the hearts of the local people because they are not only a welcome relief from increasing prices and an opportunity to save some money but also a place where they might run into their acquaintances and exchange greetings Moreover, the local people have been the residents of the locality since long and share an excellent rapport with the vendors. The weekly market also wears a festive air with its glimmering lamps and bustling crowds. It is a place where a person can find all the things of daily use at reasonable price.

Question 13. Water is essential for life on the planet. Wherever there is water there is life. Look at the visual given below and write an article in 100-120 words giving your views on, Why it is Important to Save Water’. Suggest ways to save water.

Answer.                             Save Water

                                               by ABC

Problem of water scarcity is aggravating day by day. People can feel shortage of water all over the country. If certain measures are not taken to stop this situation, there can be dire consequences. Groundwater level is getting lower and lower as rainwater is not seeping into the earth due to concretization. Water is also getting polluted. People are misusing the water. It’s time to act wisely and conserve water. Traditional methods of conservation of water must be revived. Public should be made aware of the need to save water-a precious resource. Rainwater harvesting is a good idea to recharge the groundwater. Remember, water is life.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 14. Internet is a computer-based global information system. The modern day internet, better known as the “Worldwide Web” has completed two decades of existence. It has brought new opportunities to government, business and education. Write an article in 100-120 words on uses of Internet’.

Answer.                            Internet

                                          by Sohan

Internet has revolutionised communication. It has taken communication to new levels and has affected every aspect of human life. It has broken barriers between countries, communities and castes. People share their important life events with the entire world through several social networking sites, revolutions get stirred up via this medium. Funds are raised when disaster strikes up in one part of the world from the other parts of the world. People have come closer through the internet. New businesses have cropped due to internet and people are more aware of new developments around the world. Many sites offer you to create your portfolio and let your talent exposed to a number of recruiters. But the most important blessing of the internet is that it has given an easy access to knowledge to one and all. So, careful and judicious use of internet can be advantageous in many ways, but at the same time getting addicted to it may prove harmful too.

Question 15. Air pollution means mixing of harmful gases in air. It is caused by the smoke emitted from factories, vehicles, burning of coal or wood for fuel. It is harmful to human beings, animals and plants. Write an article in 100-120 words on harmful effects of pollution.

Answer.                         Air Pollution

                                          by Ramit

Air pollution is the pollution of the gaseous layer that surrounds the earth (atmosphere). It is mostly caused by carbon emissions from burning of fuel from cars, plastic, industrial smoke, etc. thereby causing us to fall sick. Air pollution is a big threat to mankind as it has led to the depletion in ozone layer which is responsible for locking the oxygen in the earth and saving the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Air pollution needs to be fought against as it might lead to the extinction of life on the earth. It can be prevented by controlling the carbon emissions by vehicles and preventing the harmful industrial smoke from mingling into the air. If we want our future generations to be able to breathe in fresh air, we must take some concrete steps.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 16. On the basis of the following visual write an article in 100-120 words on ‘Glaring Disparities in Food Consumption’. You are Bhumi/Badal of Class X.

Answer.     Glaring Disparities in Food Consumption

                                    by Bhumi/Badal

There is a widespread inequality in India. On one hand, we see malnourished children and on the other hand, we see an obese child suffering from overconsumption. Both are suffering, one due to lack of food and the other due to excess consumption of food. One may not live at all and the other will lead a life replete with numerous health problems. These images bring to mind the difference in the income level of the people in the country, which makes us question further whether there is justice in our economic system. It also teaches us the necessity of not wasting food, as we have no right to throw away the food when many are dying of hunger. If each one of us does our little we might not have any malnourished children in the country.


Question 17. You are Anita/Anant of class X. Draft an article in 100-120 words on the Significance of Leisure in Your Life’. Take help from the following clues.

Leisure relieves from stress – gives strength to pursue hectic life -. people spend their leisure time with their family – play a sport or watch a movie. – leisure to develop our interests and enhance our creativity – sad reality – leisure an unaffordable luxury – no time for it – career and profession prevent us from indulging in leisure – people who have a healthy amount of life are more productive – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – should take out time for ourselves.

Answer.            Significance of Leisure in Our Life

                                           by Anita/Anant

Leisure relieves us of stress and gives us the strength to pursue hectic life. Some people spend their leisure time with their family, while others prefer to play a sport or watch a movie. Without leisure we wouldn’t be able to carry on with life. We need leisure to develop our interests and enhance our creativity. Rest helps relaxing and regenerating our body whereas happily spent leisure doing activity of one’s interest rejuvenates the mind and body. But the sad reality is that leisure has become a luxury. In today’s age, very few of us can afford it. The demands of our career and profession prevent us from indulging in leisure. According to a few studies conducted, the people who possess a healthy life are more productive and hence are better equipped to deal with the problems of life. Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So we all should make it a point to take out time for ourselves.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 18. You are Vidya/Vijay of class X. Organic farming is a revolution in agriculture and is also a need of the time. Read the following hints and draft an article in 100-120 words.

Organic farming means – farming with only the use of natural substances no involvement of any chemical or synthetic fertilisers or hybrid fruits and vegetables — organic farming is a healthy option – Organic fruits and vegetables are priced higher than the regular ones – available in the top super markets can be grown in one’s backyard — in an overpopulated country to cater to the needs of the huge population the farmers have to resort to using artificial substances — Organic farming on a large scale is out of question for India – little drops make an ocean do our bit and try and grow our own vegetables in whatever quantities we can.

Answer.                   Organic Farming

                                    by Vidya/Vijay

When we say organic farming we mean farming with only the use of natural substances. This means that it doesn’t involve any chemical or synthetic fertilisers or hybrid fruits and vegetables. As we all know that the artificial growth boosters have an adverse effect on health and cause many diseases, organic farming is a healthy option. They can also be grown in one’s backyard areas. India is an overpopulated country and caters to the needs of the huge population the farmers have to use artificial substances. So organic farming on a large scale is out of question for India. But it is said, “little drops make an ocean’, so we should all do our bit and try and grow our own vegetables in whatever quantities we can.

Question 19. You are Rakesh/Reena of Class X. You have read somewhere that positive self-concept is necessary for self-development and a smooth life. We should accept ourselves as we are. Read the following hints and draft an article in 100-120 words on ‘Self-acceptance.

Answer.                     Self-acceptance

                                   by Rakesh/Reena

People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Their beauty comes from the fact that they are different and not uniform. We should have the same thinking when we judge ourselves. We do not gracefully accept what we perceive to be flaws in ourselves. As a result, we have a very low self-esteem and low self-confidence. We try to see the good qualities in others and understand that everyone is not perfect. Why can’t we be of that kind to ourselves also? Why do we have to make ourselves unhappy about not being perfect when we really don’t expect others to be perfect? The key to joy is self-acceptance. It is a path to a life full of joy. Self-love is after all the best form of love.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 20. You are Radha Ravi of class X. Write an article in 100-120 words on, ‘God Helps Those Who Help Themselves’. Some hints are given below for your help.

– Self-help is the best form of help – align ourselves to receiving divine help – foremost responsibility to do our best in whatever we strive to do – God lends a helping hand. But if lazy, God will not help – God has given us the ability to help ourselves — successful men are the ones who are the most hardworking – toiled hard to fulfil their ambitions – God paved the way for their success — success awaits those who work hard -work hard and please God – make success stories of life.

Answer.       God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

                                          by Radha Ravi

Selfhelp is the best form of help. When we do our own work instead of depending upon others, we align ourselves to receiving divine help. Our foremost responsibility as God’s creation is to do our best in whatever we strive to do. Only then God lends a helping hand. But if we choose to be lazy, God will not help us in anyway because He has given us the ability to help ourselves. If we observe we will see that the most successful men are the ones who are the most hardworking as well. They toiled hard to fulfil their ambitions and God paved the way for their success. Thus, we know success awaits those who work hard. Thus, let us all work hard and let God make success stories of our life.

Article Writing Class 10


Question 21. Games play an important role in our life. They are not only the means of entertainment but keep us physically fit also. Some like indoor games and others outdoor. Write an article in 100-120 words keeping in view the importance of games. Take help of the picture given below.

Answer.                  Importance of Games

                                             by ABC

Games are a vital part of life, apart from being a source of recreation, they also help us keep physically fit. Medical researchers say that many muscles, which are not normally used by the body, become active when indulged in games like Tennis, Badminton, Squash, and Cricket, etc. Games aren’t simply restricted to outdoor games. There are plenty of indoor games which help in developing one’s mental faculties. We also have computer games which keep the kids engrossed. There are also online games, which have bound a great number of people. Thus, we, the kids, are faced with choice, be it indoor or outdoor


Question 22. Absenteeism is a major threat to quality education. If a student is not regular in his school, his all round development is not possible. Draft an article in 100-120 words on the topic “Absenteeism is the major cause of falling standards in education”.

Answer.                        Absenteeism

                                            by XYZ

Absenteeism is a major threat to quality education. It has been a grave concern over the years Regular attendance in school is a crucial factor affecting a child’s ability to learn and grow. It is the foundation for further academic and social development. This is why absenteeism in sheets to be addressed from the very beginning. Students who miss school fall behind their peers in the classroom. This, in turn, leads to low self-esteem. Most of the students who are unable to cope with it drop out of school. Absenteeism is a common problem in Indian schools. The causes of absenteeism are many such as health problems, ignorance of parents, school phobia, anxiety, fear of bullying by senior students, etc. There is an urgent need of considering the problem of absenteeism holistically in order to find out its reasons and come up with a solution since education shapes the future of the students as well as the country.

Article Writing Class 10

Question 23. You are Shampa/Sam from High Valley School. Write an article in 100-120 words on the topic Tobacco Chewing Should be Banned’ for your school magazine.

Answer.                                  Tobacco Chewing Should be Banned

                                                            by Shampa

Chewing of tobacco causes mouth and throat cancer. Nicotine is a poisonous substance in tobacco. Already the society is battling with several diseases due to unhealthy lifestyle we lead. If we consume a certain product which threatens our lives and adds nothing to it then it is very apt that it should be banned. We have been taught that our body is a temple, then why allow such hazardous substances into it? People pick bad habits from one another, thus we should stop the spread of bad habits like chewing of tobacco among the people and protect ourselves from dying painfully. It is a burden on our pockets also. Quitting tabacco is the way to good health.

Question 24. Everyone likes watching TV. Nowadays children are taking more interest in TV programmes than studying. No doubt most of the programmes provide them knowledge and entertainment. But some children learn negative things and practise them in their real life. In this way watching TV can be harmful also. Write an article in 100-120 words on the topic “TV-a Nuisance or Blessing”.

Answer.                                  TV-A Nuisance or Blessing

                                                            By XYZ

With the advent of satellite television, there are a multiple number of channels showing a wide variety of TV shows portraying violence, crime, treachery, alcoholism and western lifestyle which is not a suitable content for the Indian children. There have been many cases where children have aped the behaviour of their onscreen heroes and fallen into life threatening situations. Moreover, most of television contents is tailor-made for adults and is not fit for viewing of children. Children have developed the bad habit of viewing TV for hours at a stretch thus harming their eyes and wasting time that could be better utilised in other ways. On the other hand there are experts who feel that if TV viewing is regulated it can be of great help. It gives one a chance to know about what is happening in the world. It enhances our knowledge about day to day happenings.

Question 25. You are Rani/Ronita, a student of Class X. Write an article in 100-120 words on the topic “Internet Addiction is Not Good for Health”.

Answer.                              Internet Addiction is Not Good for Health

                                                                        by Rani


Internet addiction is described as an impulse control disorder, which does not involve use of any intoxicating drug and is very similar to a mental health disorder. We all know that addiction of any kind is bad for one’s health. Internet gives us an easy access to many questions which can be answered by the push of a button or typing of some letters but the younger generation is just spoiling their eyesight sitting bent over computer, laptop or I-pad the whole day. Outdoor activities have almost become nil and people are not ready to use their brains any longer when they can easily get their answers from the net. I strongly feel that this is a serious problem that should be acknowledged by the person addicted to it and he or she must immediately seek help.

Article Writing Class 10


Question 26. High buildings, metro, shopping malls, big parks, wide roads, etc. attract people to live in a metro city, On the other hand traffic jams, pollution, crime, insecurity, etc disappoint them. Write an article on the topic Impact of Development on Life in a Big City’. Take help of visual inputs given below.

Answer.                                  Impact of Development on Life in Cities

                                                            by ABC

Sky rise buildings, sprawling malls, broad roads and fancy parks are the marks of development in big cities. But the development has also cost cities their safety as recent reports have shown the rise of crime in the bigger cities. It has also become less peaceful owing to the hectic lifestyle of the city dwellers. Also traffic hassles and high pollution level make life in big cities problematic. When natural disasters occur, the big cities are the worst affected as the high buildings, flyovers and other constructions crumble causing destruction of life and property on a large scale. Development has indeed made life unsafe and inconvenient.

Question 27. It is found that most of the students are pleased with grading system introduced by the CBSE for IX & X classes. But some are not in favour of it. They think that this system will not encourage them to work hard to get full marks as there is no competition left behind. Moreover, teachers may favour particular students. Write an article on the topic “Grading System is a Good System of Evaluation’.

Answer.                     Grading System

                                           by ABC

Grading system is a good system of evaluation because the emphasis is not on marks in the system but against the marking system whereby the student is pressurised to attain 90-98%. The system takes off pressure from the student as he doesn’t have to aim at attaining certain marks. The system may be said to be very lenient but in reality it classes students into brackets of achievement thus making it easier for teachers to deal with the student in accordance with the level of his ability. We all have heard of students who haven’t made it to their favourite courses or colleges due to shortage of a single mark or two. Thus, the grading system eliminates the risk of such a situation.