Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 11: If I were You 

1Intruder a person who intrudes, especially into a building with criminal intent. बिना अधिकार के प्रवेश करनेवालाtrespasser, invader, prowler
2Pawshere, handsपंजे talon, rub, forefoot
3Melodramaticexcessive emotions than are required for the situation नाटक-संबंधीdramatic, theatral, stage
4Nonchalantnot showing anxiety, interest or enthusiasm बेपरवाह perfunctory, regardless, remiss
5Gypsiesnomads जिप्सी Bohemian, rambler
6Inflectiona change in the modulation of voiceEmbrace: acceptमोड़ turn, twist, bend,
7Dandystylish, fashionable रंगीन मिजाज beauteous, swell, buckish
8gratuitous doubledone without reason. बिना कारण के unjustified, unwarranted, unprovoked
9To beat itto leave immediately इसे हरा देना है leave, take off, clear out.
10Poshrich, showy आलीशान stately, spacious, palatial
11Pantomimeto mime or copy someoneमूकाभिनय gesture, mime, sign
12 Tributeto show gratitude, respect or admiration for someone or something श्रद्धांजलि homage, Deference, Distinction
13Eludeescape टलना sidestep, move away, evade
14Dodgeto avoid someone, here, कपटी prude, impostor, phoney
15 The policeQueerstrange विचित्रunconventional, curious, freakish
16Invested intaken up, adopted में निवेश lend, provide, spend.
17Cloakcape, robe लबादा macintosh, smock, gown
18Sunday-school teacherused to indicate an honest man रविवार-स्कूल शिक्षक…………….
19Disguisegive a different appearance in order to hide one’s identity भेस stalking horse, farce, affectation
20Muddled headconfused mindउलझा हुआ मन abashed, befuddled, bewildered.
21FrameRimmed किनारीbordered, bounded, edged
22Propsthings used by actors to change appearanceरंगमंच की सामग्रीbeam, support, upright
23Spot of bothersomething that causes inconvenience or troubleपरेशान करने की जगहissue, little inconvenience, problem
24Lonelysolitaryअकेलाalone, only, single
25Cottagea small banglowकुटियाhut, shanty
26Decorativefine lookingसजावटीornamental, adorning, embellishing
27Criminalone who commits crimesआपराधिकoffender, villain, delinquent
28Bearsmaintainsबनाए रखने के uphold, sustain, yield
29Consistingmadeबना होनाcomprise, contain, include
30Upstageon the side of stageमंच के पीछे काsurpass, transcend, outstrip.
31At the sight ofon seeingदेखते हीglaring, look.
32Loungesitting room लाउन्जcommon room, laze, lie
33Culturedrefinedसुसंस्कृतcultivated, artistic, civilized
34Count ondepend onभरोसा करनाlean on, bank on, trust
35Flashilygaudy mannerदीप्ति सेbrilliantly, cheerfully, colorfully.
36Bumpsstrikesहमलेjolt, collision, crash
37Originalgenuinesवास्तविकreal, actual, factual
38Unfamiliarnot intimatesअनजान stranger, unaccustomed
39Garagescovered space for parking carsगैरेजparking lot, repair shop, carport.
40Greengrocervegetable sellerफल बेचनेवालाconfectioner, butcher, draper
41Preciselyexactlyयकीननstrictly, surely, orderly
42Requireneedआवश्यकता होती हैessential, vital, indispensable
43Sarcasmbitter satireतानाwarp, quip, tautness
44Retirelive in comfortरिटायरgo off, withdraw, decamp
45Triflea baleछोटी सीpetty, frivolous, worthless