Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 4 : A Truly Beautiful Mind

1Destinedfate, a predetermined set of events that has to happen in the futureनियत किया हुआintended, condemned, directed.
2Freaka person who is unusual doesn’t behave like othersसनकीwhimsical, eccentric, batty
3Utteredspokeबोलाexpress, vent, voice
4Amateurenthusiastशौक़ीन व्यक्तिnon-specialist, layman, dilettante
5Pupilstudentछात्र scholar, disciple
6Regimentationorder or discipline taken to an extremeअनुशासनdiscipline, order
7Stifledunable to breathe; suffocatedदम घुटना preclude, put, check.
8Liberalwilling to understand and respect other’s opinionsउदारgenerous, benevolent, lenient
9Allya friend or an associateमित्रMithras, mate, fellow
10Philistines people who do not like art, literature or musicअशिक्षितilliterate, nonreader
11Patenta document which gives the rights of an invention to an inventorसनदdiploma, certification
12Absolutemeasured in itself, not in relation to anything elseनिरंकुशdespotic, autocratic, unbridled
13Unravellingstarting to failविवृत्तिresolve, work out, clear up
14Falteredbecame weakकमजोर हो गयाhesitate, vacillate, waver.
15Deflectedchanged direction because it hit somethingविचलित हुईdivert, sidetrack, distract
16Emigratedleave one’s own country in order to settle permanently in anotherअपने देश को छोड़ कर दूसरे देश में बसनाdeportation, transportation, exile
17In an uproarvery upsetहंगामाtumult, mayhem, pandemonium
18Missiveletter, especially long and officialऔपचारिक पैग़ामmessage, communication, note
19Visionarya person who can think about the future in an original and intelligent wayकाल्पनिकassumed, supposed, fictitious
20Geniusgreat natural abilityनिपुणbrilliance, erudition, wisdom
21Reignssovereigntyसाम्राज्यempire, kingdom, monarchy
22Journalsmagazinesपत्रिकाओंperiodical, publication, gazette
23Cosmosuniverseब्रह्मांडmacrocosm, nature, world.
24Transformedconvertedतब्दीलchange, alter, modify
25Indicationsymptomsसंकेतsignal, hint, clue
26Agitatingprotestingआंदोलनtoss, blend, jolt
27Contraryoppositeविपरीतagainst, adverse, antagonistic
28Proposedput a proposalप्रस्तावितintroduced, moved
29Extent ofso muchकी हदexpansion, intensity, length.
30Clashedgot in disputeचढ़ गयाelated, enthused, exhilarated.
31Shakenmovedविचलितquake, shiver, shudder
32DashingsprintedतेजFast, rapid, Brisk
33Walrussea horseदरियाई गाय वा घोड़ा…………………
34Serbcitizen of serbiaसर्बिया की निवासी………….
35Constantlycontinuiously निरंतरever, incessantly, perennially
36Oddstrangeअजीबweird, peculiar, bizarre
37Tendernesssoftnessकोमलताmildness, gentleness, flabbiness
38Relativityconnectivityसापेक्षताdependence, dependency, reliance.
39Securedgot सुरक्षित, प्राप्तobtain, acquire, gain
40Colleagueco-workerसहयोगीcollaborator, comrade, companion-in-arms
41Assessingevaluating आकलनjudge, gauge, estimate
42Perfectlycompletelyपूरी तरह सेsuperbly, excellently, flawlessly
43Accurateexactसही actual, Indorsation, just
44Laudedpraiseप्रशंसा करना admire, extoll, compliment
45Bothereddisturbedपरेशानpeddle, vex, hamper
46Put offnot to put into itस्थगितdemur, hold over, horse over
47Divorcedparted the marriage bondतलाकशुदाbreak up, separate
48Coincidencedby chanceसंयोग सेaccidental, Causeless, Circumstantial
49Interpretationexplainationव्याख्याgloss, elucidation, definition
50Eclipse putting off a shadow on the sun/moonग्रहणshadowing, obscuration, reception
51Proclaimedannouncedघोषणा कीdemonstrate, indicate, reveal