Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 7 : Packing

1Pride myself onam proud ofखुद पर गर्व करेंpride yourself, gloat about, plume oneself on
2Fell into here, accepted में गिर गयाaccess, arrive, barge in.
3Uncannystrange, weird विचित्रunreal, abnormal, odd
4Cocked his legsbent the legs on the knee as he sat उसके पैर को दबाया……….
5Intendedplanned, meantइरादाdeliberate, intentional, conscious
6Potter aboutdo some unimportant thingsकुछ महत्वहीन चीजें करें……….
7Loll on the sofa to recline or lean in a relaxed mannerसोफे पर लेट गया………..
8Messing aboutto waste time doing something without a particular purpose झगड़ा किस लिएdoodle, fool around, loiter.
9Sit stillsit without doing anything अभी भी बैठोstay still, be quiet
10Superintendsupervise, manage संचालन करनाmastermind, drive up, pioneer
11Strapped itclosed it उसे ढांढस बंधायाimpoverished, beggared.
12Wildmad with anger क्रोधितdesperate, fiery, frenzied
13Hauntsto repeatedly give trouble परेशान करनाupset, distemper, distress
14Miserysad कष्टsuffering, pain, gripe
15Cold perspirationsweatपसीना आनाcold sweat, consternation, dismay.
16Tumbleto fall quickly and without control गिरना molt, thud, drop
17Mortal thingevery ordinary thing नश्वर वस्तुfatal, killer, lethal
18Rummagedsearched in a hurried or careless way ढूंढ मचानाjunk, miscellany, antiques
19Chaosconfusion गड़बड़ी perturbation, jumble, disorganization
20Reignedruled राज्य करनाdominate, police, boss
21Didn’t care a hangshow no concern or interest क्या आपको कोई परवाह नहीं है………….
22Slammedshut the lid forcefully and loudly पटक दिया smacked, beat, pounded
23Hampersbaskets used to carry food, utensils, etc. डलिया basket, pannier
24Light-hearted spiritto be cheerful हल्की-फुल्की रूह carefree, debonair, devil-may-care
25Evidentlyclearly, obviously बेशक undoubtedly, positively, categorically
26Exceptiona person or thing that does not follow the general rule अपवादslander, exclusion, denigration
27Trod onstepped on पर राग atrocity, Breach, caper.
28Upsetoverturned परेशानdistress, trouble, perturb
29Scrapedrag or pull खिंचावexhaustion, gravitation, allurement
30Oathto swear upon something शपथvow, swearing, adjuration
31 Indignantlyin a manner indicating anger or annoyance at something perceived as unfair क्रोध से redly, heatedly, angrily
32Sworn atget scolded डांट पड़ती है declared, confessed, acknowledged
33Squirmto wriggle or twist one’s body ऐंठना extract, feeze, pleach
34Nuisanceto cause inconvenience or annoyance चिढ़chagrin, vexation, pinprick
35 Stumbleto trip over a hurdle ठोकर impingement, kick, wallop
36Cursescold अभिशाप anathema, calumny
37Conceithere, his pride in himself मान measure, reputation, esteem
38 Worrieddisturbed चिंतितanxious, disturbed, perturbed
39 Pretendedto behave as if something is true when you know that it is not नाटक fabled, seeming, professed
40 Land himhit or punch someone किसी को मारा…………
41Reflectionthought विचारidea, opinion, consideration
42Tossedthrow something somewhere lightly or casually फेंकनाemit, throw, shove
43A bit of a rowan argument एक विवाद disagreement, squabble, fight
44Split the differencethis means that they agreed on 6.30 because it was halfway between six and seven अंतर को विभाजित करें………..
45Trip short journey यात्रा promenade, drive, excursion
46Impressedtold with emphasis प्रभावित कियाaffected, Dominance
47Pilesheaps ढेर stack, mass, mound
48Pieseating dishesपाईज़ pastry, tart, quiche
49Squashedcrushed कुचल clamp, stifle, press
50Nervoustenseबेचैनrestless, fidgety, feverish,
51Rowquarrel लड़ाई झगड़ा squabble, dispute, strife
52Extraordinaryuncommon असाधारण exceptional, extravagant, remarkable
53Mysteriousfull of master रहस्यमय occult, secret, inscrutable
54Spinningmoving round कातना revolve, rotate, turn
55Comforteaseसांत्वना consolation, solace, mollification
56Damp wetनम moist, humid, dank

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