Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 2 : The Adventures of Toto

1Feeding-trougha large container for feeding animalsभरण के माध्यम सेfeed pan, crib.
2Tongahorse cartतांगा…………….
3Anglo-lndiana person relating to both britain and indiaआंग्ल-भारतीय………….
4Pickledfood that is preserved in vinegarमसालेदारflavoured, marinated
5Scooping up liftingखोद कर निकालनाdraw, out, exclude
6Pega hookखूंटीstubble, nog, fid
7Ornamentaldecorativeसजावटीfancy, ornate, attractive
8Nakeduncoveredअनावृत्तunclothed, undressed, disrobed
9Wrenched brokeमरोड़नाcrooked, sprained, torn
10Socketattachmentसॉकेटcompartment, hole, sack.
11Shredscut into thin slicesकतरे हुएcrumble, kibble, pulverize
12Sociablyin a friendly mannerमिलनसारी सेaffably, amiably, companionably
13Abodehomeनिवासdwelling, habitancy, quarters
14Turnstilea metal gate that moves round in a circle when it is pushedघूमने वाला दरवाज़ाfence, port, conduit.
15Annoyanceto anger someoneचिढ़chagrin, vexation, pinprick
16Vainan unsuccessful attemptव्यर्थpointless, meaningless, unusable
17Quadrupedan animal which has 4 feetचौपायाfiend, glutton, monstrosity.
18Fare ticket priceकिरायाrent, hire, flatting
19To get his own back (idiom)to take revengeप्रतिशोध लेने के लिए…………..
20Proddedpushedउकसावा देनाpoke, jab, dig
21Stable building set apart and adapted for keeping horsesस्थिरstatic, stationary, constant
22Affordbearजुटानाprovide, supply, present
23Hauled himpulled him outउसे सौंप दियाcarried, moved, transported
24Spite a desire to hurt, annoy or offend someoneअपमान करनाpeeve, dishonor, desecrate
25Chatteredthe sound made by the monkeyकटकटानाprattle, jabber, jibber-jabber
26Mischievousnaughtyशरारतीwicked, Satanic, impish
27Docilegentleविनम्रcourteous, submissive, tactful
28Sparkledshoneचमकनाglisten, brighten, scintillate
29Pearlylike pearlsमोती के रंग काfrosted, iridescent, milky
30Displayedshownप्रदर्शित किया गयाexhibit, show, present
31Frightenedterrifiedभयभीत fearful, afraid, scared
32Wickedevil lookingदुष्ट vicious, cyprian, Desperado
33Delicacytasty dishमिठासweakness, debility, infirmity
34Fussedmade too much noiseउपद्रव कियाworry, fret, flap
35Fastenedstuck intoजकड़ा हुआbolt, lock, secure
36Releasefreeमुक्तिdischarge, liberation, emancipation
38Well-to-dorichदौलतमंदwealthy, podded, moneyed
40Tamepetपालनाdocile, tamed, disciplined
41Canvasthick clothकैनवासscrim, sailcloth, tarpaulin
42Strawhayस्ट्रॉmulch, fodder, silage
43Curiousinquisitiveजिज्ञासुstrange, odd, peculiar
44Pokedtook outढकेलना jostle, scrouge, propel
45Grinto show teeth in smileमुस्कराहटsmirk, smile, wry face
46Taken abacksurprisedअचानक आ लिया हुआashamed, bewildered, bugged.
47Triumphantvictoriousविजयीsuccessful, winning, conquering
48Apparentclearस्पष्टpronounced, glaring, straightforward
49Halterropeरस्सी से बांधनाharness, head collar, bridle
50Draggingpullingखींच रहा हैrub, friction, attrition
51Cunninglycleverlyचालाकी सेartfully, dexterously, forwardly
52Graduallyslowlyआहिस्ता आहिस्ताmoderately, cautiously, gently
53Sticking outkeeping outबाहर चिपकेextrude, jut.
54Hopping upjumping upकूदनाbenumbed, comatose, dazed.
55Stuffingfilling upभराई filling, padding, packing