Article Writing For Class 9

Question 1. Nowadays, youths are taking up different roles and responsibilities. They also have varied interests. Recently, you came across the following pictures in a magazine. Using the information you gather from the picture and ideas of your own, write an article on “The Changing Role of Youngsters”, in about 100-150 words.   

Class 9 Article Writing



The present scenario has created a huge impact on the young minds. They have varied interests now as compared to the earlier generation. The earlier generation studied with the aim of earning for their family. They had limited professions to think about and to choose from. They abided by the social norms. Their life was monotonous with only to view, study, get a good job, earn sufficiently, get married and to be settled with his/her family. They were not at all concerned with the other aspects of life. They did not find any other obligations in life too.

But today’s generation has a broader viewpoint. They are considerate towards every issue, be it social, political or personal. They think about career along with the political operations in the country. They fight for justice. They join hands for noble causes. They want to keep us freedom, justice for everyone, and equality for men and women in the country. If anything goes wrong in the country, the youngsters come ahead to curb the situation. They protest for fulfilling their demands. They want to develop not only their living standard but also the level of the country in global context. They want peace instead of wars and atomic disasters. They have started taking up different roles and responsibilities.

The youth has turned out to be an informed group in the country. They want to be a part of politics for the welfare of the country. They are completely against the worthless systems. However, this changing role of youngsters would make them more responsible and more considerate not only towards themselves but also towards the society. It might bring in an era of reforms.


Question 2. You were moved to see the children, who are the future of the nation, picking up rags and roaming about streets, etc. Write an article with a suitable title, in about 100-150 words. Class 9 Article Writing


The ragpickers of India present a pitiable sight. It is poverty that forces them to resort to rag picking. Day-in and day-out they may be seen on the roads, the lanes and the bylanes of a city or town, looking for cast-off clothes or something else that could be sold. More often than not, it is children who take up rag picking. But some young men and women are also forced to take up the shady trade to make both ends meet. Why should innocent children, who should be at school at this age, do this filthy job? It is because their parents are too poor to support them. So, they neglect them and abandon them to face the cruel world on their own.

These people roam about streets and bazaars, picking up from the dustbins, any waste-worn out or torn and tattered clothes and they don’t hesitate to search for rags even in bad smelling garbage or sewage or cesspools. They carry bags on their backs and store their findings in them. Very often, the individuals divide a city into zones, and each zone is allotted to a particular group by mutual consent. The intrusion of one group into another zones is resented, and sometimes even result into fights.

Very often, young men who take up rag picking are the ones who come from villages to cities in search of jobs. They take up rag picking out of sheer helplessness and desperation.


Question 3. Write an article on ‘pollution due to Urbanisation’, in about 100-150 words. 

Class 9 Article Writing


Urbanization has become a common feature in many societies. It has improved the standard of life and increased future prospects. However, it has come with its own share of problems. One that is a cause for serious concern is pollution, which is associated with it.

The intensive process of urbanization has sharply aggravated the problem of water supply to the towns. A considerable part of the population in the towns of the developing world, especially slum dwellers, use the rivers and reservoirs for their daily needs. In the Ganga, about 40 thousand semi-burnt dead bodies of the people and animals are cast in it every year.

The pollutions of the environment including natural reservoirs is increasing sharply in the town of developing countries as a result of industrialization. The industrial undertaking often throw wastes into the reservoirs of the towns without appropriate purification. Rapid industrialization has also affected the quality of the air, especially in the major towns where the level of population has frequently surpassed the maximum international norms permissible. Investigation of the pollution of the air in Bombay, Delhi and Kolkata, conducted in the 70 has shown that the concentration of dust here was twenty-five times higher than in the towns of western Europe.

Pollution of the air in the towns is increasing both as a result of the growth of industrial potential as well as the steadily increasing auto mobilization. If this continues, then the day is not so far, when there will be no fresh air to breathe.

Question 4. Teen years are fun years. Write an article commenting on the statement, in about 100-150 words. You are Nikhil/Nikita. 

Class 9 Article Writing


Teen years are definitely fun years. It is an age of fun and merry-making. In all other stages, one is burdened by responsibilities of life. The teen years is the time, children grow into distinct individuals that are energetic, thoughtful and idealistic. An individual’s teen years may be the best years of his/her life and it is important for him/her to take time to live that period of life fully. Upon reaching adolescence, a teenager interacts with a great number of new and old faces, those that will change the individual as they grow. A teen is full of imagination, wild fancies, thrill and enthusiasm in life. Enthusiasm makes them think that they could master the universe by virtue of their firm determination, indefatigable energy and sound memory. It is rightly said that only a healthy body can have all pleasures of life. Teens are blessed with all faculties that help them fulfill their dreams and aim. It’s the most important stage in life for the attainment of one’s goal. A teen can make every day fruitful with his/ her persistent efforts, directed at all great things of life.


Question 5. Recently, you have come across the term ‘Brain Drain’. You feel this to be apt in Indian talents. Write an article, in about 100-450 words, reflecting your views about this.        

Class 9 Article Writing



Brain Drain refers to the mass migration of highly qualified and trained people who leave a country to permanently settle in some other country. Brain Drain is an extremely serious problem for developing countries like India. The destiny of such countries lies in the solution to this great problem. After independence, India was engaged in a difficult struggle against poverty. They required armies of trained personnel – the scientists, technical know how and specialists in the field of planned development. Instead of contributing to the prosperity of India, they immigrated to other countries to make their prospects better. The intelligentsia in India found it very difficult to reach their goal, as the obstacles were many and the bureaucratic bungling was irritating. Hence, the alarming exodus started in the 50s, and in the 70s the ‘brain drain’ appeared to be complete. Hundreds of people migrated to U.S.A. and Europe, which assured them a secure and comfortable living of satisfaction and glory in their respective fields. If the immigrants had all those assurances, they would have migrated. They could have uplifted the eighty percent of Indians who languish in dark hovels -poor, ignorant and superstitious to take them out of the morass. There may be many obstacles in their way, but their dedicated services and patriotic zeal will help them rise above and restore the lost

Question 6. Newspapers and television report the involvement of children in crimes. This tendency of violence is on a11-time rise. Write an article on crime and the involvement of juveniles, in about 100-150 words.

Class 9 Article Writing



Violent crimes and juvenile homicide are on an all-time rise in recent times. Children and adolescents are involved in violent behavior, such as physical fights, bullying, using weapons, rape, verbal threats to harm others and chronic impulsive aggression. Violence in children emanates from multiple factors like inconsistent or harsh discipline, community deprivation, exposure to violence, response to stress during a vulnerable period, violent video games, high expectations and unrealistic goals set by parents, teachers and peers. Watching television has a massive impact in the minds of the children, whereas playing violent video games influence the players and they easily identify with the violent characters. These games reward the players to graduate to the next level. Children with certain learning disabilities are easily termed as lazy or difficult by parents, teachers or peers. All these could lead a child to be deviant in his behavior. Nurturing such children back to the normal stream can be done only by love, understanding, proper guidance and clinical therapy. Parents play an important role in the developmental stages of a child. Care should be taken to be the role models and engage children in activities that help them control their impulses, so that we groom a civilized and productive citizen for the future.

Question 7. Write an article on ‘The Role of Media in our Daily Lives’, in about 100-150 words.                     

Class 9 Article Writing



One of the most remarkable changes seen in the past decade has been the active role of the media, especially the electronic media, in giving us information. News is no longer just a collection of facts but is selectively highlighted, with sensationalism. Even a simple fact like the winning or losing of a cricket match is presented as a drama. Sensationalism sells and the electronic media thrives by selling everything in a melodramatic and exaggerated way. The media also tends to trivialize issues sometimes. There are programs where well-established social/cultural/traditional mores are dismissed as being outdated and irrelevant. “Living in” is depicted as the modern way of life. Youth should remember that the old-fashioned virtues such as truth, justice, honesty, concern for others, uprightness and integrity, dependability, encouragement and kindness will never go out of fashion. These characteristics will always be valued and ensure satisfaction and peace for the person living in the society. Many TV serials show human nature in poor light. There is much plotting and scheming and family intrigues. Each of us must remember that what we view is meant purely for the purpose of entertainment and not for emulating. Internet has now become a popular source of information, entertainment and even earning. In fact, Internet, fax, satellite telephones, have all pushed our lives into a fast forward mode. At the press of a button or the click of a mouse, we are transported instantly into another site which may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Scientific discoveries and inventions have changed our lives. They have made it easier for us to accomplish many tasks through remote control. Gadgets and machines have taken over manual activities. All information in visual form tend to have a greater impact on the mind. Overload of information can sometimes create confusion too. So we should use various media, judiciously.

Question 8. Based on the visual input, write an article on ‘Child Labour’, in about 100-150 words.

Class 9 Article Writing



Child labor has been an international concern because it damages, spoils and destroys the future of children. Child labor is a serious social problem, not only in India but also in other developing countries. India is a highly populous country and a large number of people are below the poverty line (BPL). Children are seen engaged in child labor to increase the income of poor families, as well as to reduce the labor cost in a production organization. The parents of these children are not aware of the possible harmful effects of child labor. Besides poverty, illiteracy is also a major reason for child labor. Children are often engaged as domestic workers. In some culture, there is a tradition of heredity-based occupation which will help him/her learn the traits of the business. Child labor laws, when strictly enforced, can curb child labor. Government should also take care of this. There should be an increase in employment opportunity for adults, and government ensures that every child gets the opportunity to go to school. Benefit and interest of no child should be engaged as labor, both from legal point-of-view as well as the child’s future is concerned.

Question 9. Based on the visual input, write words. rite an article on ‘Right to Education, in about 100-150 words.            

Class 9 Article Writing



Right to Education is the importance of learning to enable an individual to put his potential to optimal use. Education makes man a right decision-maker and a thinker. During the post independence period, education has been unprecedented by any standards. The government later committed to ensure universal elementary education for children aged between 6-14 years through its flagship program, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, with the chief aim that education enables one to earn his/her living. The RTE act aims at school and social mapping, re-deployment of teachers, retention and admission to drop-outs, grievance redressal and funding. Under RTE, education would be stress free, teachers would be accountable and rights of children would be protected. The RTE goes beyond free and compulsory education to include quality education. Since RTE Act provides tools to quality education, we should join hands to ensure that quality is provided. Education is a fundamental human right that helps us to lead a decent and effective life.


Question 10. Look at the visual input and write an article on the topic sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating in children leads to obesity, in about 100-150 words     

Class 9 Article Writing



 A chubby child or even a plump teenager is no longer considered a healthy child. Changes in diet coupled with inactive lifestyles have sparked off childhood obesity which is on the rise. Being glued to the TV screen or smartphones results in a sedentary lifestyle. Parents should take care to incorporate more outdoor activities in their children’s lives and limit the use of phones/tablets. Childhood obesity can be a hereditary too. Moreover, obese children are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and other co-morbid conditions. Almost 75% of the obese children grow up as obese adults. Childhood obesity brings along many psychological side-effects in the childlike low self-esteem, increased loneliness, sadness, depression and poor academic performance.

They become victims of discrimination and social stigmatization, lack of self-confidence and are victims of bullying in school. Obese kids get tired easily due to hormonal/ nutritional imbalance i the body, which again leads to a sedentary lifestyle le and thus, the vicious cycle of obesity continues. Understanding the relationship between sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits modifies these behaviors which are fundamental in reducing the threats caused by them.

Question 11. Recently, you came upon a news item about the lack of fitness. Write an article for a newspaper, highlighting the importance of exercise and yoga in daily life. Write in about 100-150 words.

Class 9 Article Writing



Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, contributing to the longevity and fitness program includes aerobic, strength, core, balance and flexibility training. including yoga, along with cardiovascular and strength training helps you to be fit in all of these components as well as reduces stress. Regular exercise protects you from heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, certain cancers, Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. As according to age, exercise helps you stay functional. Exercise is intrinsic to weight management and efficient functioning of lungs and heart. One may experience less depression and anxiety with regular exercise. Yoga is a way to improve strength. Regular yoga practice correlates with reduced anxiety and stress, and may provide relief from the symptoms of arthritis, asthma, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease and irritable bowel syndrome. One of the key aspects practicing yoga is flexibility. Flexibility training keeps your joints4 ligaments, tendons and muscles supple. it also reduces the risk of injury and muscle soreness. Regular flexibility training may promote better posture. Yoga’s tendon to breathing techniques and meditation can also improve your health. Yoga also helps to increase lung capacity because they stretch out the area around the shoulders, back and ribs, providing more room for the chest and the lung expansion. The meditative aspect of yoga can be a powerful.

Question 12. The population is increasing at a very fast rate. Due to this, India is facing many problems. Write an article, in about 100-150 words. Use the following cues.

 population in India – increasing – causes – problems – no progress – unemployment – crime – unavailability of resources – education

Class 9 Article Writing



Period after 1945 is generally referred to as a period of population explosion when India experienced unprecedented and accelerated growth, leading to population explosion. Studies reveal that while China’s population would double in 60 years, India’s population would double in 34 years.

Overcrowding of cities has brought about a •virtual breakdown of transportation, electricity and other services. It has also led to the rise in crime and an increase in violence in the urban and the semi-urban areas of the country. If population continues to increase at this rate, we will have an army of unemployed, hungry and desperate people who will threaten the very foundations of the social, economic and political systems and institutions of the country. The impact of the population boom deprives people of their basic needs. 49.1 percent people in India have no electricity in their households, 69.7 percent have no toilets, 51.5 percent have no pakka houses and 19 percent have no safe drinking water. Population explosion is a social problem which is deeply rooted in the social life of the country. h can be controlled by educating the masses, raising the status of women, by fixing a minimum age of marriage, imparting sex education, and more employment opportunities.

Question 13. The picture given below shows the plight of traffic in big cities. Thousands of people face the problem of traffic jams every day. As a responsible citizen, you feel that a systematic public transport system can easily bring down the difficulties of a common man. Write an article, in about 100-150 words, on the need for public transport.

Class 9 Article Writing



Transport is a means of carrying goods and people from one place to another.

Transport plays an important role in today’s modern world. It helps in removing the distance barrier. An efficient transport system is essential for sustainable economic development of the country and plays a significant role in promoting national and global integration. An efficient transport helps in increasing productivity and enhances competitiveness of the economy. Transportation results into the growth of infrastructure, industrialization and massive production. It reduces congestion, travel time and protects mobility. Public transportation’s role in reducing traffic congestion is significant. It is an important alternative to rising gas prices and lower rates of respiratory and heart diseases. The health effects of mobile source pollution can be severe and even life-threatening, as it affects the quality of life. Public transportation fosters a more active lifestyle, encouraging more people to walk, bike and jog to transit stops. Public transportation is critical to a nation’s future. A stronger economy, conservation of energy and resources, reduced congestion, less global warming and improved air quality and health, critical support during emergencies and disasters, increased real estate values and development, mobility for small urban and rural communities, increased access for groups of all ages and circumstances, lower health-care costs–all contribute to a better quality of life.

Question 14. You have come across a scene as shown in the visual below and decided to write an article for the school magazine on ‘Cruelty to Animals’. Write the article, in about 100-150 words.

Class 9 Article Writing



God created all living creatures on earth with the same feelings of pain, happiness, anger, depression, etc. Since animals and plants do not speak, we humans abuse them to such a great extent that if they could respond back, we would have suffered much more. Man kills animals for pleasure and monetary benefits like getting their skins, tusks and fur. For scientific ‘earnings, animals are used on a large scale and they undergo great sufferings of pain and agony, just for the reason that they cannot respond back. To bring down the cruelty shown on animals, there are many legal bodies that work for animals and their well-being, and they take action when a cruelty is being reported or seen. Animal cruelty could be recognized when you see wounds on an animal’s body, when there are several outgrown nails, when there are extremely thin animals that seem undernourished, keeping animals out in extreme climatic conditions, animals being crammed into tiny cages that are not their size, kept in unhygienic conditions and so on.

Animals also have the right to live on earth in a peaceful manner, and we ought to learn to love, and not harm them.

Question 15. 10. Riding without helmets, speeding, rash driving and jumping red lights are some aspects of underage driving. The underage drivers fail to realize that they are putting to risk not only their own but also the life of other road users. Write an article, in about 100- 150 words, highlighting the solutions to the menace of underage driving.

Class 9 Article Writing



A woman was seriously injured in Chandigarh in July 2008, after a teenager rammed into her while riding on the wrong side of the road. Why do such cases keep happening? Who is responsible? What is the solution? Youngsters from wealthy families often take out their parents’ car for a drive. Courtesy their hormones, they drive fast, rash and honk wildly. Their reflexes are not as sharp as the reflexes of the adults and when required to react fast, they bungle. Obtaining a license is also a very easy task if some money is paid to a tout. One can get a license without even a test. Minors can obtain a license with fake proof of age. In such cases, the police only impose a nominal fine and these dangerous drivers are black on the road. When minors are involved in an accident, their parents need to be made accountable. Many a time, it is the parents who encourage their kids. They proudly announce that their 12 or 14-year-old child can drive a car. They themselves teach their kids how to ride two-wheelers. Ideally, youngsters should not have access to the keys of the vehicle. In case of negligent driving by minors, parents should be booked too. Laws dealing with such crimes should be made stricter and implemented stringently. The punishment should also be severe to curb such crimes. Removing these underage drivers from the roads doesn’t mean that accidents will stop happening, the number of accidents will surely reduce and make our roads safer.

Question 16. Read through the news clipping given below about air pollution. Taking hints from the clipping write an article in 100-150 words on Vehicular Pollution.

Nearly 40,000 people die of air pollution every year in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Kanpur and Nagpur; 7,500 in Delhi alone.

A study found a rise in coronary ailments within 24 to 48 hours after pollution levels increased in Delhi.

Class 9 Article Writing


  Vehicular Pollution

       by: Harsh

Increased vehicular traffic, haphazard urban settlements and poor roads lead to frequent traffic snarls and road accidents as also vehicular pollution, which has assumed alarming proportions. It is estimated that nearly 40,000 people succumb to air pollution every year in major cities of India. High-level emissions of smoke and poisonous gases cause global warming and depletion of the ozone layer, affecting the weather pattern. Summers are warmer and prolonged. Poisonous particulate matter in the air leads to respiratory and eye-related problems. Even a rise in coronary cases linked to an increase in pollution levels, was reported. The very first measure to counter this is to change our lifestyles. Radical and urgent steps need to be taken such as ban on the plying of very old vehicles, starting pooling systems in private cars, adopting zero waste system. Thus, it is imperative that pollution control norms are implemented and defaulters booked.


Question 17. You are Kashish/Kailash, a strong believer in the theory that one must eat healthy food to live well. However, you are disturbed that your friends are junk food addicts. What is worse, are the advertisements that make eating junk food practical, easier and cheaper by way of attractive discounts, like the one given below. Write an article for your school magazine Awaz talking about the problems of unhealthy eating, leading to various body disorders like obesity, lack of concentration, lethargy, etc. Give a suitable heading to your article. (100–150 words)

Class 9 Article Writing


Say Goodbye to Junk Food

       By Kailash

A new craze among teenagers is an inclination towards fast food. However, its consumption in high quantities can create disorders in the body and lead to obesity. Fast food is high in fat content Their taste, more than nutrition, is what lures youngsters to these foods. If the quantity and quality are not within the desired limits, the extra fat is stored in the body tissues. So, improving eating habits is necessary for good health. Fiber-rich diets help maintain brain and body health because fiber content is required for good digestion and for keeping the metabolism healthy So, parents must regulate the eating habits of their children. School authorities should also monitor the sale of junk food at the school canteens and school campus.


Question 18. You are interested in investing in a new housing complex that promises a green lifestyle. Write an article in 100-150 words on the need for green housing complexes. You may take help from the picture given.

Class 9 Article Writing


Need for Green Housing Complex

        by : Anuj

Living in a concrete tower complex, much above ground level, does not lead to environmental destruction if certain precautions are taken. The buildings can be surrounded with ample green spaces like parks, walking tracks, water bodies, yoga and related mind-body enhancement rooms. Terrace gardens on a few floors, a jogging track on the rooftop and even tree plantings along boundary walls can help reduce noise pollution and provide oxygen. Environmental measures of reduce, reuse and recycle must be practiced by adopting rainwater harvesting measures, as well as garbage collection for energy production, and the use of LED lights to serve the lighting needs. Green patches all over the place for people to walk barefoot can also be considered as that provides a healing touch from the mother earth. Nearness to bus stops would reduce private car use while airy rooms and designed spaces inside homes, would create happy families, so that living becomes healthy and energetic.


Question 19. A rally was organized by the women of Welfare Organisation’. All the women were holding banners such as

Class 9 Article Writing

We are not weak

don’t treat us like this

reserve seats for women in colleges and parliament

grant women their due

stop harassment

Write an article on in 100-150 words on The Sufferings of Indian Women’ for your school magazine. You are Suresh/Shivani of DAV Public School, New Delhi.


The Sufferings of Indian Women

       by : Suresh

In Indian society, women have customarily been kept subservient to men. Traditional mindset gives preference to sons over daughters. Sex determination and female infanticide are common practices, even among the educated classes. Though women have been emerging as eminent writers, political leaders, High Court and Supreme Court judges, yet their ratio in comparison to men is negligible. Though the Constitution grants equal rights to women, most of them are ignorant of these rights. Women are still abused and exploited. Even the educated working women are not able to stand up to their rights. Need of the hour is to change the patriarchal mindset. Women must be brought into the social and political mainstream for their economic, social and political development. The gap between legal rights and the attitude of society needs to be bridged. Women of India need to be empowered for a strong and healthy society.

Question 20. Write a paragraph on each of the following:

Electronic Waste and Environmental Pollution



Electronic waste and Environmental Pollution

Electronic waste or E-waste means old or discarded appliances using electricity. It may include computers, cell phones, refrigerators, etc. that have been disposed of. The processing of electronic waste in developing countries causes serious health and pollution problems. Fast technology change, low initial cost and usage of old items have resulted in continuous growth of electronic waste around the world. Expensive electronics are extremely difficult and expensive to recycle. Electronic waste includes toxic substances that can prove hazardous if not processed properly. Informal processing of it can lead to serious effects on human health and environmental pollution E-waste threatens the future technology. But reusing old appliances is also not a choice since not all old computers can be used by a second consumer. Therefore, recycling and remanufacturing are the current solution to control E-waste. Proper disposal of e-waste is also mandatory to address the issue of environmental pollution.

Question 21. You are Mariam/Mayur. You see the following news item in a daily. Write an article in 100-150 words expressing your views on how to make the complex attractive for night tourism.

 Tall Makeover for Qutab

In another month, the Qutab Minar complex will be opened tonight tourism. Two months from then, a 50-lakh plan will transform the area.


Tall Makeover for Qutab Minar

       By Mariam

The opening of Qutab Minar to night visitors is a popular and an imaginative move. This project to transform the complex, needs to be backed by a comprehensive plan of development For a start, the parking lot should be spruced to create a satisfactory green cover around the complex. Flood-lit by night, it would create an illusion of a fairyland. Likewise, the existing green belt along the road, can be converted into a convenient parking lot. The changeover will look more serene. Another place that needs to be made convenience-oriented, is the ticket counter. Currently, there is no other utility around it. Perhaps a bookstore and a cafeteria would be a useful addition. With these amenities, visitors will have no regrets. With such facilities, the tourism will also get a boost and the Qutab Minar that stands tall as the tallest building of Delhi today will still stand taller!

Question 22. Gagan sees the following scene as he looks out of his bedroom window. He is alarmed at the way his city has changed in the past five years. He writes an article for his city newspaper expressing his alarm and pain at the present situation and cautioning people against environmental pollution. Write the article in 100-150 words.


  Environment pollution

       by: Gagan

Smoking chimneys, burning tree leaves and wastes, smoke spewing vehicles — the city almost dying. Year after year, the situation is deteriorating and if nothing is done against these hazards, conditions will worsen further. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy such as heat, light etc. The emergence of great factories and consumption of coal gas give rise to unprecedented are pollution. People of the city are also to be blamed for inviting this situation upon themselves. People living in the vicinity, should form carpools to reduce traffic pollution. People should form action committees and get closed factories that release poisonous gases as well as chemicals into the water. Residents should launch afforestation drives to make the city green. It is a good sign that the awareness to pollution has already given rise to the “Save Our Environment Movement”.

Question 23. In 2010, the United Nations declared Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s birthday (15th October) as World Students’ Day. Write an article on the importance of the youth/young students in the making of a New India. (120 – 150 words)


Importance of the Youth/Young students in the making of a new India

         By ABC

Youth are the building blocks of the society. They are the miraculous power of any country and current hope of a mankind. They are a strong base that is required to form a new and better India. Youths have energy, new motives with wide perspective along with the capability to bring a wave of change in the silent sea. No one can match with the level and aura that young students can get in to form a New India. It’s high time all these oldies took a backseat and allow young ones to come into the power. We have new ideologies and constructive views with a better vision. If we desire for success, prosperity, peace and safety to be accomplished, active participation of youth is a must. They are the one who can contribute their best by giving their best. Given the opportunity, they can work wonders. All the issues can be easily overcome provided the entire youth power and resources are utilized under the guidance of dedicated leaders. We, youth, are invincible. Try us and we will conquer the world with integrity.

Question 24. Your neighbor’s daughter has been selected as Miss India this time. The local daily has asked you to file an article for the Neighbourhood Times on the homecoming of Miss India. Write the article in 100-150 words.


A Grand Welcome for Miss India

       By : Ayesha

With the news of neighbor’s daughter’s selection as Miss India, welcome preparations had lasted throughout the night. The elders received her with flowers and the customary ritual, as she posed for photographs in her bejeweled Miss India crown and sash. It was a moment of pride not only for our neighbors but for the entire city. Speeches that were given in her honor talked of her hard work, willpower, and determination. She had won the hearts of billions across the nation and had now become a source of inspiration for many a teenager. Flashlights and mobiles clicked scores of pictures in company with awestruck girls eager for pointers for the next contest. The boys, meanwhile, gave their Didi a pillion ride on their motorbikes to the nearest park, where a band played Congratulations and Celebrations as they pushed her high up on a swing, drowning her cries for help with good-humored laughter all around.

Question 25. This year during the coming summer vacations your parents have decided to skip the annual family holiday. To spend your time usefully, you decide to take up gardening as a hobby. Write an article up in 100-150 words on what you perceive are the benefits of taking up such a hobby.


Benefits of Gardening as a hobby

        by: Rama

On seeing the bare patch below our ground-floor flat becoming a dump yard for the community, I felt I had the right opportunity waiting for me to do gardening there during my annual holiday. Buying myself a simple set of tools, I asked the local park gardener to help me with planting a neem tree which sprouted new leaves within a week. A positive effect of this gardening exercise is that I have begun to rise early and be outdoors tending and watering the patch, which is now grassed and trimmed with a small hedge. It conceived in me a sense of purpose and confidence and it helped me make new friends, as pedestrians and passersby invariably stop to compliment my efforts and exchange a friendly chat.

Question 26. In groups of four, discuss in favour of or against the topic: “New technology is common, new thinking is rare.”


New Technology is Common, New Thinking is Rare

        by: Rama

I fully agree with the view that ‘new technology is common but new thinking is rare. In today’s technological era, new technologies have indeed made the life easier but they come with their own side effects. For example smartphones have made most of the work easier to do but it has his disadvantages too. People don’t have the logical thinking to reap maximum benefits out of it but are using it without thinking of its negative effects. We must understand that technology is more than just entertainment. It affects the way we think, learn, and interact; and to materialize this thought we must think innovatively as to how to use the technology for our benefit only not to harm us. We must find some innovative ways to deal with challenges of life rather than developing newer devices, leading to more problems.

Question 27. As part of your holiday project, you were asked to carry out a survey of a slum locality near your residence. You gathered the following information and created an analysis based on your findings. Using the information given below, write an article in 100-150 words on ‘Slum Woes’.


       Slum Woes

         by: Nidhi

The Ujala-Umeed Colony, adjacent to the market, belies its name. It is a cluster of raw leather, plastic sheets and tin sheds that announces its presence with foul smell and civic apathy. The first impression is of a constricted space teeming with people. Engaging with them one finds that 60% residents are migrants and 12% families are related by kinship or through village ties. They prefer living here as incomes are low, making room renting a distant dream. The main bread earners work in the nearby factories, construction sites (about 8%) or on road repair work (30%) and commute to the workplace by foot. Battling disease, water shortage (15%), poor sewerage with 20% open drains and ill-lit road is their daily routine. With indifferent local representatives, these people seem like a forgotten race.

Question 28. The debating society is preparing for a prestigious inter-school debate competition. As a student in charge of the debating society, write an article in 100-150 words on the general guidelines that must be followed when speaking on the stage.



  Presentation Perfect

        by: Gita

Symptoms like heart pounding, knees buckling and throats running dry, universally affect students speaking on stage. These problems can be allayed with a few remedial tips. Besides rehearsing the written matter, familiarity with the equipment is essential. The mike should be tested before you start speaking, and the laptop keyed on, to ensure that the projections are symmetrical, and the right keys pressed to get the image on screen. The pace of speaking must be rehearsed beforehand, with contents neither raced through, nor interrupted with dramatic questioning. Also, anticipating a few questions and preparing their answers, ensures that you do not fumble during the rebuttal round. A very important point to remember is to constantly maintain an eye-contact with the audience.

Then confidently walk to the stage with a spring in your step. The rest will follow smoothly.

Question 29. You have experienced a very hot summer this year. Taking ideas from the hints given, write an article in 100-150 words for your school magazine on Why is it Warmer in the Cities and What can be done to Improve the Environment in the Cities’. Give a suitable heading to your article.

buildings are a city’s wind brakes

heat from the streets / vehicles

exhausts and fumes from factories / homes / cars, etc.



    City Environment

      by: Vishwesh

City temperatures remain high for a number of reasons. The concentration of tall buildings disrupts the airflow while a Greenhouse Effect is created by the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases. The vehicular exhausts, gases and fumes that hang over the city trap the heat in. Concrete buildings and roads absorb heat and release it at night. Smoke from factories, homes, vehicles, etc also makes the atmosphere warm. Since hot air is not able to rise, the temperature in the city soars high. In recent years, all possible efforts have been made to restore normal environment in the cities. Conversion to CNG and phasing out of polluting vehicles are steps taken to sustain congenial environment in the cities. Planting more trees, holding environmental awareness campaigns, barring the heavy vehicles such as trucks from entering the city are also some more measures taken up by government to help the city environment.

Question 30. More and more people are now used to carrying mobile phones to their workplaces. However, the use of mobile phones can be dangerous at times. Write an article in 100-150 words on Mobile Culture – The Ethics’. Take hints from the information given.


while driving

when in ICU

Don’t use mobiles…

at petrol pumps

inside an aircraft

if you are near a heart patient or someone who has a pacemaker



Mobile Culture – The Ethics

     by: Shailender

Like other gifts of science, the mobile phone is being misused. It has become a toy in the hands of people-a means to display their status. One needs to understand that a mobile phone is essentially an object of utility or a necessity and not a plaything. Students ought not to carry the mobile phone in the classroom as it is a distraction. While driving, one needs to keep it switched off as it can make the driver lose his or her concentration. At public places, it should be kept on the vibration mode and one must be brief while talking. Its overuse can be hazardous to health. There have been numerous cases of young deaths where the boys and girls have been walking on railway tracks with headphones on resulting in their deaths when not listening to the sounds of the approaching trains. One needs to clearly draw a line between the use and misuse of the mobile phones.

Question 31. As President of the Tagore Society at school, you learned that this year marks the 90th anniversary of Tagore’s visit to Argentina. You have been invited by the Argentine Embassy to send in an article in 100-150 words on the topic for publication in the embassy newsletter.


   Tagore in Argentina

    by: Preet Singh

It was the 90th anniversary of Tagore’s visit to Argentina. Argentina Embassy in India was celebrating the anniversary to make the occasion. I would like to recall that ‘Gitanjali’ had just won the Nobel Prize, Tagore’s name was known in literary circles and one of his fans, Victoria Ocampo, immediately offered to house him at her villa. But Victoria’s parents were unwilling to pay for Tagore’s accommodation Ultimately, Victoria sold her precious pearl necklace to buy a charming villa by the river Plate in the suburb of San Isidro.

During the two-month stay, Victoria discovered the essence of Tagore’s poetry and its connection to the mysterious human spirit in the mankind. Thus, Tagore got highly applauded in Argentina.

Question 32. There is a widespread craze for junk food among the youth. They are consuming junk food at alarming rate which harms their health. Based on the clues given below, write an article in 100-150 words for your school magazine highlighting the harmful effects of junk food and how to avoid it.

Unhealthy & unhygienic

Popular as cheap & tasty

Cause of obesity & diseases

lacks in essential nutrients


Harmful Effects of Junk Food

      by: Mithilesh

It is found that the youth today are crazy to consume junk food at random. They hardly bother to think that junk food would take a toll on their health. In fact they should understand that junk food like pizza, burger, chowmein, etc. are not healthy food, in spite of being cheap, tasty and popular. According to many case studies, junk food consumers suffer from obesity and heart diseases. So, healthy eating habits should be developed among the youth to enjoy good health. The parents have a great role to play in this case Unfortunately, they also encourage children to have the junk food as it is convenient and popular. It is important to know how much food items lack in essential nutrients. If junk food is replaced by healthy diet with rich nutrients, the youth can be healthy physically and mentally and can prove the old adage right that “A sound body has a sound mind”.

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