Word Meaning, Summary, Important Questions Of Chapter 2 The Thief
| Class 10

Hindi Meaning Of Difficult Words | Chapter 2 The Thief

1 Leanthinदुबला lanky, weakly, spindly
2 Borrow take and use with the intention of returning it.उधार loan, debt, advance
3 Fits and Startsnot working on something consistentlyस्वस्थ और प्रस्थानbits and pieces, changeable, choppy.
4 Handperson हाथ….....
5 Lend the use of somthing on the understanding that it will be returned.देनाgive, bestow, confer
6 Misjudgedform a wrong opinion or conclusion about.ग़लतmisconstrue, overrate, underestimate.
7 Perhepsprobablyशायदmaybe, presumably, obviously
8 Successful having the knowledge or skillसफलprosperous, well-turned
9 Wrestlerto strive by grapplingपहलवानgrappler, matman, fighter.
10Ableworthyयोग्य capacitate, potentially viable, samarth
11Acceptanceapprovalस्वीकारassent, promise, profession
12Achieveobtainपानाinstate, take, obtain
13Affordto bearजुटाना adjoin, add
14Aheadforwardआगे further, antecedently, ateriorly
15Aistback side of stomachपूर्व दिशा…............
16Appealingattractive or interesting.आकर्षकpersonable, captivating, flashy
17Approachedwent nearसंपर्क कियाdetain, greet, address
18Bazaar marketबाजार mart, exchange, souk
19Be offrun awayबंद होadvance, leave.
20Beama ray or shaft of light.किरणray, shaft
21Betraydeceive, dupeप्रकट करनाunfold, reveal, evince
22Bita little smallछोटा अंश portion, segment, section
23Bundlea collection of things or quantity of material tied or wrapped up together.बंडलbundle, armful, truss
24Careerprofessionव्यवसायbusiness, profession, vocation
25Carriagesany of the separate sections of a train that carry passengers.गाड़ीcoach, saloon, bogie
26Casuallypurposelessly संयोग सेhaphazardly, perchance, happy-go-lucky
27Chillycoldसर्दrefrigerant, refrigeratory, parky
28Cinemaa theatre where films are shown for public entertainment.चलचित्रmovie theater, movie house, cineplex
29Clock Towera tower, typically forming part of a church or civic building, with a large clock at the top.घंटाघरclocher, cupola, dome.
30Cloudedmake or become less clear or transparent.धूमिलfoggy, cloudy, mat
31Confidencegood booksविश्वासconviction, ascertainment, appearance
32Consideringthinking overमानते हुएconclusion, opinion, decision.
33Crawledmoved slowlyघिसटनाlug, drag
34Creptmove slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed.रेंगना pullulate, spawn, rumble
35Curiouseager to know or learn something.जिज्ञासुanxious, Eager, appetent
36Dampslightly wet.नमhumid, dank, dewy
37DashedQuickly ran towards somethingधराशायीrush, race, sprint
38Deserted(of a place) empty of people.वीरान secluded, waste, godforsaken
39Discomfortuneasinessअसुविधाinconvenience, drawback, privation
40Drewpull or dragड्रयू bring out, draw out, produce
41Drizzlelight rain falling in very fine drops.बूंदा बांदीtrickle, droplet, stream
42Edgeouter limitकिनाराstrand, brim, confines
43Employers a person or organization that employs people.नियोक्ताओंexecutive, superintendent and supervisor.
44Enoughsufficientबहुत हो चुकाadequate, ample, abundant
45Experiencedhaving the knowledgeअनुभवversed, dextrous, proficient
46Fairlyenoughकाफीappropriately, properly, choicely
47Feedgive foodचाराbait, fodder, sorghum
48Flatteryfalse praiseचापलूसीapplesauce, taffy, smoothie
49Formerearlierभूतपूर्व ago, before, previous
50Greatfulobligedआभारीbeholden, thankful, testimonial
51Gruntingmake a low, short guttural sound.घुरघुरानाmumble, murmur, mutter
52Hesitatedpause in indecision before saying or doing something.झिझकnibble, vacillate, feel shy, shrink
53Hurrieddone in a hurry, rushed.जल्दी में हुआpush on, run, dash
54Introductionformal presentationभूमिकाestablishment, initiation, launch
55Line of work the principal activity in your life that you do to earn moneyव्यवसायdepartment, employment, field.
56Maidana parkमैदान colleen, damsel, lassie.
57Marksspotsनिशानstreak, fleck, dot
58Matteraffairमामलाcase, shebang, deed
59Mattressquiltsगद्दाcushion, pallet, futon.
60Mealcooked foodभोजन meal, diet, feed
61Midnighttwelve o'clock at night.आधी रात darkness, blackness, nigritude
62Modestlyin an unassuming manner; without vanity or arrogance.विनयhumbly, plainly, quietly.
63Flatteryfalse praiseचापलूसीadulation, sycophancy, smooth things
64Nervousuneasyबेचैनrestless, feverish, preoccupied
65Never minddon’t worryकोई बात नहीं हैdisregard, forget
66Of latefor some daysविलंब सेrecently, lately, newly, freshly
67Opportunitychanceअवसरoccasion, time, juncture
68Pattedtouch quickly and gently with the flat of the hand.पीठ थपथपाईclap, touch, stroke
69Pleasantgiving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment.सुहानी Easeful, delightful, delicious
70Profitgainफायदा milage, expedience, mileage
71Publisherone who gets books printedप्रकाशकpredicant, gospeller, pulpiteer
72Purposeobjectiveउद्देश्यcause, occasion, reason
73Queerstrange; odd.विचित्रunusual, funny, peculiar
74Quietlycalmlyचुपचापsilently, stilly, gently
75Remainedto continueबने रहेendure, abide, carry on
76Robbedtake property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force or threat of force.लुट गयाflay, loot, despoil
77Sankto declineह्रास होनाdrop, fall, descend
78Scarsspots of woundनिशानburn, birthmark, naevus
79Sheltera place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger.आश्रय refuge, concealment, asylum
80Sighedemit a long, deep audible breath expressing sadness, relief, tiredness. गहरी सांसexhale, groan, moan
81Situationconditionपरिस्थितिcircumstances, condition, case
82Slidglidedगिरावटslither, skim, skate
83SpiritsEffortबढ़ावा देनाsoul, psyche, pneuma
84Startledfeeling or showing sudden shock or alarm.चौंकनाsurprise, frighten, scare
85Stilleven nowफिर भीstock-still, immobile, silence
86Straightdirectसीधेoutright, square, sheer
87Stretchedextendedताना हुआstrung, ding-dong
88Strey wanderingभटका हुआdigress, deviate, random
89Suppliesa stock or amount of something supplied or available for use.आपूर्तिCompletion, fulfilment
90Terribleextremely bad or serious.भयानकeerie, dreadful, dire
91Throwingtossingफेंकने cast, toss, pitching
92Trustsrelies onविश्वासconfidence, belief, faith
93Tuckpush, fold, or turn so as to hide or secure them.टकease, insert, slip
94Undetectednot detected or discovered.न खोजा हुआ uncharted, undiscovered, unexplored.
95Unlinedplain झुर्री रहितseamless, unseamed, smooth
96Upperfloor window or door.अपरhigher, loftier, overlying

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About The Poet | Chapter 2 The Thief


The story deal with a valuable relationship. Two unknown people came together to a level of strengthened bond that a thief could think of leading a respectable life. He learnt how to cook and was educated by Anil. The understanding between the two made Hari Singh think of giving up thievery and living a dignified social life. He could have easily spent his life, where his fate was inevitable, as one day he would have been caught and put behind bars. But the essential goodness was evolved in him by a generous and understanding writer. He bestowed faith in him and reformed him.

Short Summary Of Chapter 2 The Thief
In English


The narrator narrated the whole story and introduced himself as a thief. He described Anil as a young man of  twenty five years. They met at a wrestling match. His calm appearance gave an opportunity to the thief to get friendly with him. His smile was a bait. Hari Singh followed Anil after the match was over. He asked Anil for work. He was ready to work for Anil if he could feed him. Anil agreed to engage Hari Singh if he could cook food for both. The thief didn’t know how to cook so he made terrible food. Anil taught him how to cook, read and write. The thief made the morning tea and bought the daily supplies. Hari Singh tried to dupe him by making profit. Anil was not a rich man, sometimes he borrowed money but repaid the loan whenever he earned money through his writings for magazines. The thief thought it as a strange way of making money.

One day, Anil sold a book to a publisher and brought home a bundle of notes. He put the money under his mattress. Hari Singh could not resist the temptation of getting the bundles of notes. He got up quietly when Anil went to sleep. He took out the money and slipped away. He had six hundred rupees in his possession. He knew he could live decently for some time at least. He reached the railway station and just as the Lucknow Express picked up speed, something held him back. The train was soon out of his sight and Hari Singh was left alone on the platform. He was not sure about his future, yet he knew he should not hurt the sentiments, who trusted him. Before moving back he thought of staying somewhere else but he knew that he had no acquaintance. He couldn’t go out to stay in a hotel for fear of being caught.

The thief thought that Anil would be sad not for the loss of money but for the loss of trust he had reposed in him. It was a cold night. It was drizzling when he went to the maidan and sat down on a bench. His clothes got drenched. He went back to the bazaar. There he took shelter under the clock tower. It was midnight. He thought and realized that he had lost a chance of being a respectable man. Anil was taking pains to teach him reading and writing. So, he decided to go back to Anil and reached his home. Anil was still asleep. He put the money back at its usual place. He slept till late hours.

Anil had made tea before Hari Singh woke up. Anil offered him a fifty rupee note. He also promised him to pay him regularly. The note was still wet. Anil understood everything but he did not expose the thief’s doing. Instead, Anil said that they would start writing sentences that day. Hari Singh felt guilty and smiled with shame.



The central character of the story is a thief. The whole story revolves around him and his perspective is presented in the lesson. His journey of evolution from a petty thief to a respectable man is full of lessons. The narrator reveals the clever findings of the victim, his entrapping them and finally how he manages to elope them and escape unhurt from the scene. It is likely that he would have done the same to Anil also. But the goodness and helping attitude of Anil reforms Hari Singh, who has run away with money. However he couldn’t bound Hari. He returns back to serve his master for his own betterment. Hence the title ‘The Thief’s Story’ is justified.



This story tells us how a thief changes into a good man. The center point of the story is Hari Singh, who is a thief. He is the narrator of the story. He is fifteen years old. During a wrestling match, he meets Anil. Anil is about 25 years old. He is a simple and honest man. He takes Hari Singh to his house and gives him shelter. He knows that Hari Singh saves money from the daily supplies, but he does not say anything to him. He teaches him how to cook. One day Anil brings a small bundle of notes after selling a book to a publisher. Hari Singh decides to steal that money. When Anil is sleeping, he takes the money and reaches the station. But his conscience stops him from doing so. He drenches in the rain and sits down under the clock tower. Now his mind changes and he doesn’t want to break Anil’s faith. He returns and puts money back under Anil’s mattress. Next morning Anil gives him a fifty rupee note and tells that now he will pay him regularly.



Hari Singh was very happy and excited when he learned to write his name. He was very excited when Anil promised to teach him to write whole sentences. He knew that being an educated man would add to his abilities. But when he left Anil’s house he realized that stealing was completely different to getting educated and so his desire to receive education made him to return to Anil. Thus a person’s life could be changed if he meets a mentor who could guide and help him to choose right path in life.



  1. Hari Singh

Hari Singh was an experienced and successful thief even at the age of fifteen years. He was clever and intelligent thief who couldn’t be caught. He had been changing his name, every time he committed a theft. He was a meticulous planner. He trapped his victims. He would then win his confidence to get a job. After sometime he used to run away after stealing money from there. He got a job of a cook though he could not cook well. He was a greedy boy. He was cruel enough to rob a simple and trusting man like Anil. He was able to steal six hundred rupees from his house. But he decided to return back to Anil to have a dignified life received only after educating himself.

  1. Anil

Anil is an epitome of goodness in a human being. He was generous and friendly. He could not afford a servant, but he took Hari Singh out of compassion. Hari did not know how to cook but Anil did not let him feel dejected. He also taught him how to read and write and did not seem to mind Hari’s holding back a rupee or two when he went out to buy supplies. He trusted Hari and did not hide the money. He evolved essential goodness in Hari. Hari stole the money but felt pangs of guilt. He could have boarded a train, but did not. He decided to be with Anil and become an educated and respected man.


Approached- came near;

Flattery-in sincere,

Modestly- in a humble way:

Appealing- attractive,

Terrible- fearful;

Cheating-taking away dishonestly,


Crawled-walked on knee

Hesitated- full of doubts;


Unlined-absence of worry or anxiety:

Undetected- without noticing



Answer the following questions:

  1. What is he “a fairly successful hand” at?

Ans. He is a fairly successful hand at stealing He is s experienced thief. He is so clean and swift in his work that he robs people.

  1. How does the thief think Anil will react to the theft?

Ans. Anil took on a chance in trusting an unknown person. He would be sad not because of the lot of money but because of the loss of trust he had Hari.

  1. What does he say about the different reactions of people when they are robbed?

Ans. He experienced different reaction from different people whom he had robbed. According to him, a greedy man shows fear, the rich, anger and a poor man, acceptance.

  1. What are Hari Singh’s reactions at the prospect of receiving an education? What makes him return Anil?

Ans. Hari Singh led a dignified life with Anil. However he was unknown to Anil, yet he bestowed faith in him. He was very excited when Anil promised to teach him. He knew that being an educated man will add to his abilities and he could achieve anything. But when he left Anil’s house, be realized that being educated was an entirely different thing. He knew the respect, reputation and possibilities that would come to him once be was educated.

  1. Why does Anil not hand the thief over to police? In what ways the Anil different from such employers?

Ans. Anil didn’t handover Hari to the police on the charges. He was glad that Hari had realized his mistake and the importance of education in life. Anil wanted Hari to become a literate man and lead a respectful life. His positive attitude changed Hari.

  1. Anil walked away. I followed casually”. Why do you think the narrator followed Anil?

Ans. The narrator was a thief. His only purpose was robbing the innocent people. Anil had not yet been served. He was too kind for a moment to gain his trust . He followed Anil as he was looking for an opportunity that may help him in giving shape to his plans.

  1. Why did Hari Singh return back to Anil’s house?

Ans. Hari Singh wasn’t happy even after stealing money from Anil. He realized the importance of education he was receiving from Anil. He knew that learning how to read and write and being a literate person would open doors to many opportunities. He was sure that he would then be able to earn more than a few hundred rupees he had in hand at that time. This made him go back to Anil.

  1. Did Hari like working for Anil? Give reasons in support of your answer.

Ans. Yes, Hari liked working for Anil. Initially he had intentions of cheating him. Later he was happy to carry on the chores for him and was grateful for the education he was receiving. He used to make profit of about a rupee a day as well, which was a decent amount besides being fed.

  1. Why didn’t Hari Singh feel happy after stealing money?

Ans. Hari wanted to rob Anil because he was the most trusting person Hari had ever met. He was really simple and kind. Hari knew that loss of money would not affect Anil but the loss of trust would make him sad and he didn’t want to break trust of a generous man.

  1. State the events that took place on the night of the theft.

Ans. Hari Singh was all prepared for running away with Anil’s money. The night of robbery was quite eventful for Hari Singh. After stealing Anil’s money and leaving Anil’s house, Hari went to the railway station but didn’t board the train to Lucknow. He walked slowly through the bazaar as not did not know anyone who would provide him shelter except Anil, for he didn’t have any friends. He was forced to take shelter under the clock tower. That is where he realized the importance of education and decided to go back to Anil.

  1. That morning Hari was a totally different person How?

Ans. The morning after the night of the theft was just like a normal one. Hari woke up late and Anil had made tea by then. Anil gave a fifty rupee note to Hari and told him that he would now be paid regularly. Hari was aware that Anil knew about the theft but he didn’t show anything.

  1. Had Anil really forgiven Hari Singh? Support your answer with evidence.

Ans. Yes, Anil had forgiven Hari Singh. It is evident because Anil handed over to Hari a fifty rupee note as soon as Hari woke up. Though he knew that Hari had robbed the money but his subsequent actions gave him hope of change in Hari’s character.

  1. What conditions did Anil put forward before appointing Hari Singh as a servant?

Ans. Anil did not know Hari Singh. Yet he took him to his house. Before appointing Hari Singh as a servan Anil told him that he would not give Hari Singh regular salary. He had to cook food for both and Anil could only feed him.

  1. Hari Singh did not catch the train deliberately while he could catch it easily? Why?

Ans. Hari Singh did not catch the train deliberately because his inner conscience held him back. He thought that Anil would feel sad not for loss of money but for the loss of trust he had reposed in him. Moreover, he did not want to lose the chance of learning. His inner self was transformed.

  1. How did Anil come to know that Hari Singh had run away with his money?

Ans. Perhaps Anil might have woken up at night and discovered that Hari was not present in the house.

Moreover, he found the wet notes under his mattress

  1. How did Hari Singh make money though he was not paid by Anil?

Ans. Hari Singh did all the market chores for Anil. He saved money from the things he purchased as Anil never asked him to give.

  1. Why was Hari Singh grateful to Anil?

Ans. Hari Singh was grateful to Anil because Anil taught him to read and write whole sentences and to add number. Soon he would become an educated man and would be able to achieve anything in life. He shifted from a petty thief to an honorable man.

  1. Why did Hari Singh keep on changing his name?

Ans. Hari Singh changed his name every month. He made up excuse to be employed by Anil. He did not want to be traced and trapped.


Answer the following questions:

  1. What were the intentions of Hari Singh when he first met Anil? How far was he successful in attaining it?

Ans. Hari Singh met Anil at a wrestling match. He tried to be friendly with him so that he could steal his money. He followed him and asked him for a job. Anil kept him as a cook. However, he got the idea when Hari cooked his first meal as he threw the food to stray dogs. Still he smiled and assured him to teach him cooking.

Hari Singh started stealing money from the amount given to him for buying foodstuff. His master couldn’t pay him. Secondly Anil would waste the money on his friends. However, he realized that he would become educated and returned back to Anil.

  1. What was Hari Singh brooding at while waiting at the railway station?

Ans. Anil was a considerate person and allowed Hari to stay with him. Hari Singh was thief. He stole six hundred rupees while Anil was sleeping. He went to the railway station after stealing the money, but did not board the train. His conscience pricked him for robbing a man like Anil who had trusted him. He knew that Anil would be hurt when he would know about his stolen money. Moreover he knew that Anil would be broken. He roamed around aimlessly and remembered the good times he had spent with Anil. He felt lonely and sad at the thought of leaving Anil. So, he immediately decided to go back to Anil.

  1. Anil’s simplicity could have shattered inhumanity, yet his essential goodness and loyalty has changed the outlook of a thief’. Comment on the statement.

Ans. Hari Singh was not a trust worthy and loyal fellow. He stole money from Anil. But his affection and care changed Hari Singh. He came to Anil with a false identity. Anil had faith in human nature. He employed him just out of sympathy and compassion for him. He trusted him and ignored his misdeed. He handed over all the responsibilities without any verification.

In a way he gave him a chance to improve but he couldn’t change him completely. Hari Singh’s first reaction after seeing the money was to run away with it. But the impact of Anil has made him return. Anil knew the fact also but said nothing. It made Hari Singh decide to leave the style of deception as a way of life.

  1. But to be a really big man, clever and respected man was something else’. Hari Singh finally accepted the importance of education and honest living. What do you think about the role of education in changing people like Hari? Comment on it by highlighting the values one imbibes through education.

Ans. Hari Singh finally realized the significance of education in life. He understood that stealing would only provide him money temporarily. Also, there was the risk of being caught. Education provides one with AN respect, and Hari Singh finally realized that educating people can help them immensely. Children typically turn to stealing out of desperation. They fail to see this difference. Education leads them on the path of truth and rational thinking. Thus, education is an essential aspect of any child’s life, and can help culminate in an honorable way of living.

  1. The chapter shows Hari Singh’s journey from a thief to an honest man who values friendship and other human values. Do you think it was Anil’s selfless friendship that helped Hari to redeem himself? Give reasons in support of your answer.

Ans. The story reveals Hari Singh’s transformation from a thief into an honest man. It was Anil’s selfless friendship that helped Hari to redeem himself.

Gradually, the thief, Hari Singh, realized friendship and trust. Anil reposed faith and trust in him. When he robbed Anil, he felt guilty of breaking his heart. Therefore, he could not board the train and as he didn’t want to lose him again, life has bestowed a chance to make his life. Moreover, he understood and even valued Anil’s friendship and feelings toward him as he knew that after discovering the theft, Anil would not be sad for loss of money, but for loss of trust.


  1. Why did Hari Singh target Anil?
  2. How did the new name help Hari Singh, the thief?
  3. Why did the thief not stop at the ticket office?
  4. Anil was the most trusting person the thief had ever met. Justify.
  5. The quality of Anil as a man and an employer is praiseworthy. Justify.

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