Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 5 : Poem – A Legend of the Northland

1Curiousstrange अजीब funny, Eerie, miraculous
2 Swiftsomething which runs very fast तीव्र intense, acute, rapid
3Saint Peteran apostle of Christ, a disciple or follower of Jesus Christ संत पीटर…………
4Preachingto give a religious talk उपदेश sermon, instruction, advice
5Hearthfire place where you do cooking चूल्हा stove, fireplace, hearthstone
6Faintto be weak, famished बेहोश dizzy, giddy, muzzy
7Kneaded to make dough from flour. गूंथी mixing, working, pressing
8Scrapsmall amount टुकड़ी particle, forsake, stub
9Provokecause to get angry उकसाने foment, aggravate, induce
10Dwellto live रहना stay, remain, bide
11Scantyvery little अल्प meager, little, diminutive
12Boringmake a hole in something with a tool or by digging. बोरिंग tedious, dull, monotonous
13Scarletbrilliant red colour लाल ruddy, sanguine, florid
14Countrybelonging to the countryside i.e. rural areas देहात pueblo, village, thorp